Hotels, Motels, & Inns

Hotels, Motels, & Inns

Atlantic House (est. 1850) by Enoch Nutter.

Atlantic House – 1900 Booklet
Atlantic House and Cottages
One Hundred Years of a Maine Hotel – 1850-1950 – Atlantic House

The Black Point Inn (Prout’s Neck*)

Black Point Inn Pamphlet – (ca. 1924-2928) – S.F. Boyd, Mgr.**
Black Point Inn Pamphlet – (ca.) 1929
– Mrs. S.F. Boyd, Mgr.**
Black Point Inn Pamphlet – 1940 – John W. Simpson, Mgr. 
Black Point Inn Brochure & 1988 Schedule of Rates
Black Point Inn Brochure – 2001.

The Checkley (Prout’s Neck*) – Est 1873 by Ira Foss 

The Checkley Pamphlet – 1906 ($2.50 & $3.50 per day)
The Checkley Pamphlet – (between 1907 and 1919) ($3.00-$5.00 per day)
The Checkley Pamphlet – (circa) 1920
($3.50-$9.00 per day)
The Checkley (green multifold) Pamphlet (post-1934)
The Checkley Pamphlet – 1936.  

Cammock House (Prout’s Neck*) – Est. by Silas Libby (1811-1878)

Danish Village (U.S. Route 1) 

Forest House (Prout’s Neck*) – (aka Est 1927 by J. C. Seavey)

Higgins Inn (Higgins Beach) – 3 Pamphlets – c. 1920sc. 1903’s – (abt. 1954-59).

The Jocelyn House (Prout’s Neck*) – Est 1890 by Frank B. Libby –

Jocelyn Dinner Menu19 Aug 1900 (Mr. George W. Smith, steward, on cover).
Jocelyn House Pamphlet, (before 1908) – Frank B. Libby, Proprietor. 
Jocelyn House Pamphlet, (Before 1909.)

The Kirkwood (Scarborough Beach) – Est. 1870s by James Gunnison – This hotel closed in 1905. It then reopened in 1920.
– – – Brochure – 1920s – Warren E. Ewing (Mgr.)
– – – It was torn down in 1931.

Lee House – 

Libby Farm Cottages – Cliff Libby 

The Lodges – Two building complex at the entrance to Winslow Homer Road.

Prouts Neck Country House (Prout’s Neck*) – Gladys Jordan

Prouts Neck House (aka Middle House) (Prout’s Neck*) – Est. Thomas Libby (1743-1824)

Silver Sands Hotel (Higgins Beach) – Destroyed by a storm on January 7, 1978.

Southgate (aka Ocean Cottage) (Prout’s Neck*) – Est 1878 by John Kaler

West Point House (Prout’s Neck*) – Est 1870s by Thomas J. Libby (1840-1894)

West Point House – 5×7″ Brochure – R. R. Jordan, Proprietor

Willows (aka Sea View House) (Prout’s Neck*) – Est. 1871 by Benaiah Libby (1814-1878)

The Willows – State of Maine, Publicy Bureau pamphletInside text (Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Larrabee Owners and Managers)
The Willows5″x7″ one-fold brochure – (Mr. & Mrs. Howard C. Larrabee, Managers and Owners)
The Willows5×7″ brochure – Mrs. Howard C. Larrabee [Post 1940].
The Willows, Prouts Neck, circa 1950 postcard below reads, “Under New Owner-Management. Owner-Manager, Michael Mavodones. Always cool, even on the hottest days of summer. You’ll appreciate the service; enjoy good Maine food and comfortable airy rooms.”

A photo of The Willows at Prouts Neck circa 1880

The Willows, circa 1880 – Photo Courtesy Prouts Neck Historical Society.

The Willows, 1937 – Photo Courtesy Prouts Neck Historical Society

The Willows, Prouts Neck, circa 1950. (See reverse text above.)