1970 Scarborough Business Directory – by Scarborough Jaycees

Hotels, Motels, & Inns


  • Atlantic House (est. 1850) by Enoch Nutter.
  • The Black Point Inn (Prout’s Neck*)
  • The Checkley (Prout’s Neck*) – Est 1873 by Ira Foss 
  • Cammock House (Prout’s Neck*) – Est. by Silas Libby (1811-1878)
  • Danish Village (U.S. Route 1) 
  • Forest House (Prout’s Neck*) – (aka Est 1927 by J. C. Seavey)
  • Higgins Inn (Higgins Beach)
  • The Jocelyn House (Prout’s Neck*) – Est 1890 by Frank B. Libby –
  • The Kirkwood (Scarborough Beach) – Est. 1870s by James Gunnison – This hotel closed in 1905.
  • Lee House – 
  • Libby Farm Cottages – Cliff Libby 
  • The Lodges – Two building complex at the entrance to Winslow Homer Road.
  • Prouts Neck Country House (Prout’s Neck*) – Gladys Jordan
  • Prouts Neck House (aka Middle House) (Prout’s Neck*) – Est. Thomas Libby (1743-1824)
  • Southgate (aka Ocean Cottage) (Prout’s Neck*) – Est 1878 by John Kaler
  • West Point House (Prout’s Neck*) – Est 1870s by Thomas J. Libby (1840-1894)
  • Willows (aka Sea View House) (Prout’s Neck*) – Est. 1871 by Benaiah Libby (1814-1878)

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Dunstan Corner (West Scarborough)

Bob White’s Carriage House (Dunstan) – Menu

Clark’s Normandie (Dunstan) – Flickr Photo

Dunscroft Inn (Dunstan) – Flickr PhotosMenuPhoto 

Dunscroft Drive-in (Dunstan) – Flickr Photos

Moulton House (Dunstan) – Menu

Normandie (Dunstan) – Flickr Photo

Phoenix (Pine Point Beach) – Digital Maine

Snowberry Lobster House (Pine Point) – Menu

Snug Harbor (Dunstan) –  Flickr PhotosMenu 

The Tarry-a-While (Dunstan) – Menu

Valle’s Steak House (Dunstan) – Menu 1941Children’s Menu (1957)Menu 1957 –  Menu 1961

Miscellaneous Businesses 

Murray’s Pharmacy (Dunstan) – Calendar: Dec 1956.

Portland Drive-In Theater (Oak Hill) – Poster: Community Drive-in Church every Sunday morning.

Scarborough Downs – Photo: “Dorothy G” in the Winner’s Circle. Owner-W.T.Beattie, Jocky-A.F.Martinez, Trainer-A.Hutchins.

F. H. Snow Canning, Co. (Pine Point) – Photo from the 1937 Town Report.

W. H. Graffam Store (Dunstan) – Photo W. H. Graffam Store, ca. 1920s.

Wayside Furniture, Inc (Dunstan) – Calendar: Jan 1951


*Thanks to Linda McLoon and Rodney Laughton for the Prouts Neck hotel information and establishment dates. 

**Samuel F. Boyd, manager of the Black Point In died 25 January 1929 after 5 years managing the Inn. This pamphlet/brochure must be from 1929 or later.