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If you have an interest in Scarborough history, its people, or landmarks, please consider a membership in the Scarborough Historical Society.

  • Student $5
  • Individual $15 ($10 over 65)
  • Family*  $25
  • Business $50
  • Life $100 (Family $150)
  • Corporate/Benefactor
    • Level I  Cammock      $100-$250
    • Level II Jocelyn          $250-$500
    • Level III Scottow        $501-$1,000
    • Level IV Owascoag Society $1,000+

* Note: Family membership includes: 2 adults and children to 18.

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For membership via US Mail: Please print our Membership Form, complete it, and mail it with your check or money order to:

Scarborough Historical Society
PO Box 156
Scarborough, ME 04070-0156


Your Tax-Deductible Donation is always welcome.

Phone: Scarborough Historical Museum: 207-885-9997

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