Books available online of interest when researching Maine/Scarborough Genealogy & History. These books are not available at the museum but are known to be important for genealogical research of Scarborough ancestors.

At the Museum

Town Register – Scarborough – 1905 – Includes early Scarborough history, businesses, “military matters” (French & Indian, Revolutionary, & Civil wars), school, church, landmarks, and the 1905 Town Census. This town census is particularly interesting because it includes many non-residents and where they live when the individual’s parents still live in Scarborough. Married daughters are also identified and include their married surname. Available at Digital Maine, as a local download, and as a searchable book at Internet Archive.  

Town Reports – Provide a wealth of information including school business, road building, information about the poor, and Birth, Marriage, and Death information (1893-1944) Many have been scanned and are available online. 

Finding Aids

Bill Tolman Memorial Database

Deeds – File Cabinet #17

Ephemera Finding Aid – A searchable database that lists various ephemera and their location in the museum. 

Obituaries – Obituary Index – An index of Scarborough individuals who have passed. Many have a location identifier to an online file containing an image of the obituary. 








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Higgins Beach
Hubbards Rocks Locales - Hubbards Rocks
North Scarborough
Oak Hill
Pine Point
Pleasant Hill
Prouts Neck
Scarborough Beach
Scarborough Downs Locales - Scarborough Downs
Scarborough Marsh
Stratton Island

Prouts Neck


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