1871 – Atlas of Cumberland Co, Maine 

Post about the availability of the 1871 Atlas of Cumberland Co, Maine online at Digital Maine and at David Rumsey Collections. Includes maps of ScarboroughBlue Point, Coal Kiln Corners, and Dustan Corner from 1871.

1907 – The New Commercial, Sportsmen’s and Route Survey of Maine

“Showing all Postoffices, Railroads, Electric Roads, Principal Highways, Lighthouses, Camps and Trails, with Index showing population latest census” by the Home Educator Company is available from the Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center, Boston Public Library at:

1907 – The New England Commercial Route Survey

“Showing all Postoffices, Railroads, Electric Roads in operation and proposed, GOOD RODS, population (showing latest Massachusetts Census) and a comprehensive distance table by the Home Educator Company is available from the Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center, Boston Public Library at:  

1916 – USGS Map of the “Portland Quadrangle”

This map is the 1943 reprint and includes from 70° 15′ to 70° 30′W and 43° 30′ to 43° 30′N. The map includes all of Portland and Scarboro and much of Westbrook, South Portland, Old Orchard, Saco and parts of Windham, Gorham, Buxton, and Cape Elizabeth. This map is of particular interest as it shows the locations of the various railroad lines in 1916 including the various electric rails, such as the “Portland and Saco Electric,” various schools, such as the “Broad Turn School,” and places of interest such as the “Buggy Meeting House.” This map is available at Digital Maine and the USGS.

Black Point (and Prouts Neck)

Black Point – Prouts Neck

From the 1844 copy of a plan made by John Godsoe, Surveyor, for the use of ye Supreme Court in ye case of Prout and Trickey – June AD 1741.

The map shows houses, roads, and rivers south of a line between the Nonesuch River and the Spurwink River from about a mile north of the Black Point Road and Spurwink Road split.

Thanks to the Prouts Neck Historical Society

Download map from Digital Maine.

Coal Kiln Corner

Map of families near Coal Kiln Corners circa 1960s
Map of Coal Kiln Corners – 1871

Pine Point

Pillsbury Shores – 1961


Scarborough Maine – Past & Present – Map at Digital Maine.

This map shows the approximate locations of some of the homes of early inhabitants of Scarborough are shown superimposed over a present-day roadmap. Two maps entitled “Black Point in the Province of Maine” and “Blue Point and Dunstan” from the History of Scarborough from 1633 to 1783 by William S. Southgate were used as a basis for plotting the locations of these home:

Homesteads identified include: Alger, Arthur; Alger, Andrew; Alger, John; Boaden, Ambrose; Collins, C.; Fogg, Lt. D.; Foxwell, R.; Harmon’s Landing; Jocelyn, A.; Jocelyn, H.; Libby, John; Moore’s Brook; Moulton, John; Roberts, Giles; Sheldon, Godfrey; Small, Dea.; & Winnock, John.

Town of Scarborough, Maps (At ScarboroughMaine.Org) 

Scarborough’s online Geographic Informational System (WebGIS) includes Parcel Viewers, Zoning maps, FEMA Maps, and 14 Printable Maps including a map of Cemetery Locations.    


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