Thank You Flaherty Farms & Greenhouses!

Flowers for our window boxes and watering trough this year were generously donated by Flaherty Farms & Greenhouses. When you stop by Flaherty’s, please remember to mention them.

Photos by Don Taylor

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Website Updates – June 2019

New items added to the website during June 2019.

Main Room

Bookcase (Back)

Scarborough Annual Report – 1897 (Includes Vital Records)
Scarborough Annual Report – 1898 (Includes Vital Records) Digital MaineArchives.Org.


I posted the March 2017 video of Wally Fengler speaking about the Woolly Mammoth found on his property in the 1950s. 

Rear Room

Photo Gallery

Created Photo Album – Schools

Created Photo Gallery – Scarborough Grammar School

Added 12 photos of Blue Point businesses and Churches to the Locale Gallery.
Added 8 photos of Dunstan businesses to the Locale Gallery.
Added 24 photos of Prouts Neck to the Locale Gallery.

I created Photo Albums for three locales on Google Photos and posted 26 photos to them. 

I created a new Photo Album for People and added Students of SHS Class of 1943 from the Donald S. Bradford Collection.


Locales Posted to Google Photos


I updated the Ephemera Finding Aid on Google Sheets and in TablePress with a new 6/9/19 version of the database. I also added the Ephemera Finding Aid and Ephemera Posts to the Library | Rear Room menu.


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Thank You, Hillock Well Drilling!

Hillock Well Drilling at Beech Ridge Schoolhouse (Photo: Karlene Osborne)

Many thanks to the Stanley E. Hillock Co. of Mitchell Hill Road, who graciously donated their expertise and services to the Beech Ridge Schoolhouse project and determined the condition of the well. On June 6, 2019, Joe Gallant and his brothers, whose grandfather started the business, excavated the area around the well pipe and welded the broken pipe after finding that the well is 68 feet deep. They cut the pipe to the building so that the building can be lifted in July. They also have determined that the water flow is insufficient and will return to the site to clean out the well and see if it will be necessary to drill deeper.


Photos by Karlene Osborne
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Website Updates – May 2019

New items added to the website during May 2019.

Main Room

Bookcase (Back)

Scarborough Annual Report – 1895 (Includes Vital Records)
Scarborough Annual Report – 1896 (Includes Vital Records)


1871 – Atlas of Cumberland Co, Maine 
Post about availability of the 1871 Atlas of Cumberland Co, Maine online at Digital Maine and at David Rumsey Collections. Includes maps of ScarboroughBlue Point, Coal Kiln Corners, and Dustan Corner from 1871.


Added May 2019 presentation.


From Volcanoes to Glaciers: The Geologic History of the Scarborough Marsh Region by Steve Pinette.

Back Room

Photo Box 2

Added Churches Gallery, which includes Baptist, Catholic, Congregational, Free, and Methodist Churches.

Added a “Locales Gallery” with photos from the Dunstan and Black Point folders. 
Added 32 more images to the Locales Gallery, mostly Higgins Beach.


A scrapbook from ca. 1935 that contains hundreds of clippings with over 100 that mention Scarboro. Learn more about it here or download it from here.

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Four “Old Timers” talk about Coal Kiln Corner

On April 18, 2019, four “old timers,” Roger Delaware, Bert Cox, Clay Skillings and Wayne Chick talked about the neighborhood and people who lived in the Coal Kiln Corner area of Scarborough, Maine during the 1960s. Roger both lived in the area and delivered heating fuel to the people of the area.

This audio documents many of the memories these men had regarding the people of the area.

Download recording “Coal Kiln Corner” or click play in Media Player.

Coal Kiln Corner – Adapted from a map by Roger Delaware in 2019.

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Downeast Ancestry

Downeast Ancestry Issues are Available at Family Search

Downeast Ancestry was a wonderful publication published six times a year between 1977 and 1992 that focused on Maine Genealogy. You will find articles, such as “Jonathan Berry Sr. and Jr. of Scarborough, Maine,” (October-November 1990). Scarboro is mentioned in virtually every issue, so it becomes necessary to focus your searches. For example, Downeast Ancestry mentions “Dunstan” in five different issues. Another feature was that subscribers asked questions about genealogical research areas. Looking at those queries may provide a contact person who was researching the same people you are.

The issues are copyrighted, so I can’t present them here, however, all of the issues are available online at Family Search. Log into Family Search (an account is free), then search in the catalog for Downeast Ancestry. Volumes of the publication had five issues then a sixth issue was an Index both by surname and location. We have a CD at the museum with all the issues of Downeast Ancestry available for use.

If you prefer paper, we have copies of many (but not all) of the issues at the Museum which you can view and use. If you like electronic versions, below is a list, with a hot link, to all of the index issues. Just log into Family Search (an account is free), then click the links below to view the indexes.

Downeast Ancestry – v. 1-2 (1977-1979) – v. 1, no. 6 (Apr. 1978)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 1-2 (1977-1979) – v. 2, no. 6 (Apr. 1979)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 3 1979-1980 – v. 3, no. 6 (Apr. 1980)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 4-5 (1980-1982) – v. 4, no. 6 (Apr. 1981)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 4-5 (1980-1982) – v. 5, no. 6 (Apr. 1982)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 6 (1982-1983) – v. 6, no. 6 (Apr. 1983)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 7 1983-1984 – v. 7, no. 6 (Apr. 1984)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 8 1984-1986 – v. 8, no. 6 (Apr. 1985)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 9 1984-1986 – v. 9, no. 6 (Apr. 1986)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 10 1986-1987 – v. 10, no. 6 (Apr. 1987)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 11 1987-1988 – v. 11, no. 6 (Apr. 1988)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 12 1988-1989 – v. 12, no. 6 (Apr. 1989)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 13 1989-1990 – v. 13, no. 6 (Apr. 1990)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 14 (1990-1991) – v. 14, no. 6 (Apr. 1991)
Downeast Ancestry – v. 15 1991-1992 – v. 15, no. 6 (Apr. 1992)

Note: Downeast Ancestry Volume 16 had 2 issues and did not have an index.

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Scrapbook ca. 1935

This scrapbook is from the estate of Margaret Small; it is attributed to Lena Peterson Walker, wife of Charles Walker. That attribution has not been proven. The scrapbook includes materials as early as 1913 and as late as 1935. The scrapbook is filled with Scarborough stories and obituaries with “Scarboro” being mentioned well over 100 times.

The scrapbook pages were scanned; the clippings that had been pasted in sideways were electronically clipped out and reoriented. Then, all the pages and reoriented clippings were run through Optical Character Recognition software (FineReader) and then uploaded to Digital Maine, where it is a downloadable, searchable, document.

Scrapbook ca. 1935 is available for download here.

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Atlas of Cumberland Co. Maine

Atlas of Cumberland Co. Maine

From actual surveys by and under the Direction of F. W. Beers
Assisted by Geo. P. Sanford and others.

Published by P. W. Beers & Co.
93 & 95 Maiden Lane
New York

Main Room – Maps

This atlas provides important images of specific towns and hamlets in Cumberland County Maine. The Atlas of Cumberland Co., Maine is available on Digital Maine, thanks to the Maine State Archives. Of particular interest are maps of Scarborough, Blue Point, Coal Kiln Corners, and Dustan Corner.

Besides being available on Digital Maine, most of the maps are available on the David Rumsey Map Collection site,  Besides high-quality downloads of the maps, David Rumsey will print images for you from 14 to 60 inches long on the long side. Their prints are on “matte archival photographic paper” suitable for framing. Search their site for: Atlas Cumberland Maine 1871The results will include 52 images from the Atlas of Cumberland County, Maine.  

List of images available on Digital Maine with hot links to the pages.

Maps – 1871 Atlas of Cumberland County, Maine
Baldwin and Sebago
Bridgton town of Bridgton-insert of North Bridgton and business notices
Brighton Corner Nason’s Corner Stroudwater village Woodfords Town of Deering City of Portland
Brunswick and Harpswell
Brunswick Village
Cape Elizabeth
Casco Casco Business notices Town of Casco Thomas Pond Webbs Mills
Falmouth West Falmouth Falmouth Corners
Fold out map of the City of Portland showing parts of Ward 1 and 2
Fold out map of the City of Portland showing parts of Ward 7
Fold out map of the City of Portland showing parts of Ward 7
Fold out map of the City of Portland showing parts of Wards 2 3 and 4
Fold out map of the City of Portland showing parts of Wards 5 6 and 7
Fold out map of the City of Portland showing parts of Wards 6 and 7
Fold out of Buzzell’s Hill Knightville Ferry Village Point Village
Fold out of Cushings Point including Portland Harbor
Freeport insert South Freeport
Freeport South Freeport
Freeport,, insert south Freeport
Gorham Great Falls
Gray Gray Corner Dry Mills
Harrison Bolsters Mills Harrison Business notices
History of CumberlandCounty
Ligonia Turners Island
Little Falls Gambo Falls Steep Falls West Gorham Windham Hill Windham Centre
Map of State of Maine
Morrill’s Corner Woodfords
Naples Edes Falls Town of Naples Naples business notices
New Gloucester, Blue Point, Coal Kiln Corners, Gloucester Hill, Falmouth Mills, Upper Gloucester, Dustan Corner
North Windham Windham Popeville
North Yarmouth Crocketts Corner Walnut Hill
Otisfield Baldwin Corner Spurrs Corner
Plan of CumberlandCounty Maine
Poland Corners Cumberland Center Cumberland New Casco Falmouth or Presumscott Falls
Porters Landing Yarmouth Mast Landing
Portland and vincinty Portland Harbor Back Cove
Portland City Subscribers’ Business Directory (Page 1 of 2)
Portland City Subscribers’ Business Directory (Page 2 of 2)
Pownal North Pownal
Raymond Raymond Village South Standish Standish Corner
Saccarappa CumberlandMills
Table of air-line distances Cumberland County Maine
Table of Contents
Title page
Westbrook and Deering
Yarmoth, Porter’s Landing, Mast Landing
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Clipping by RICHARD HALLET  [Accession # 89.9.1441]

Surname File – Ring

Query 556

Ring Surname mentioned in Richard Halley Column – Query Answers #556 – 89.9.1441.

Evidently, no one knows anything about the Ring family of Scarborough. There were apparently several different families. Those of Yarmouth are another branch not related to the Scarborough family. It is most confusing because there seem to be two separate families in Scarborough with similar names. Here is what I know. Seth and Elizabeth (Libby) Ring of Newington and Portsmouth, N. H. had 10 children—Joseph, Benjamin, Eliphalet, Seth, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Josiah, George, and David.

Joseph married Anne Peacock and moved to Scarborough. Benjamin married Lucretia Mills and lived in Georgetown. Eliphalet married Mary Steward. Seth married Sarah McPhreters and lived in Georgetown. David was baptized Nov. 24, 1734. Eliphalet, Seth, and Mary moved to Halifax. Joseph Ring settled in Scarborough and had Seth and Sarah, who are recorded as having been born in Scarborough. What happened to him? Were there other children? Did the David who was baptized in’ 1734 marry, and was this the same David Ring of Georgetown and Bath?

Another David Ring born about 1700 was of Gloucester. He married first, Susanna Day and second, Martha Winslow in 1722. They had four children: David, born 1723; Thomas b. 1724; Elizabeth, b. about 1730; and Hannah, baptized in 1733.  These last two children were baptized in Scarborough. No further record of this Ring family can be found. Does anyone have dates of birth and marriages of any Rings related to the foregoing Rings?

                      J. B. V.

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1817 – Election Announcement

From the Ephemera…..

By Linda McLoon

Next year we will be celebrating the bicentennial of Maine’s separation from Massachusetts in 1820. Before Maine became a state, the town of Scarborough answered to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In this document dated April 7, 1817, Scarborough selectmen ordered one of the town’s constables to announce an upcoming election in which one or more Scarborough residents would be chosen to represent the town at an upcoming meeting of the General Court in Boston.

Notice the requirements for being an eligible voter:

  • Being male
  • Minimum of 21 years of age
  • Resident for at least one year
  • Owning property in the town
  • Having an annual income of three pounds


To Joshua Libby, one of the Constables of the town of Scarborough


You are hereby required in the name of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to notify and warn the male inhabitants of said town, being twenty-one years of age, residents in said town for the space of one year next proceeding, having a freehold state within said town, of the annual income of three pounds, to meet at the meeting house in the first parish of said town on Monday, the fifth day of May next, at three o’clock in the afternoon for the purpose of choosing one or more representatives to represent them at the General Court, appointed to be convened and held at Boston on the last Wednesday of May. 

Given under our hands and seals at Scarborough the seventh day of April AD 1817.

Selectmen of Scarborough

         Benjamin Milliken
         Benjamin Larrabee, Jr.
         Joseph Fogg

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