VHS Tapes Converted to DVDs

Friday Forum – Scarborough Historical Society DVDs 

Scarborough Historical Society DVDs.

“Parts 1 and 2” refer to how many DVD Discs were converted from VHS to DVD by the Community Services Staff.

These DVDs are in a 3-ring binder above the standard file cabinets and are available for watching at the Museum.

  1. Jim Scamman – Harold & Mary Johns (Parts 1& 2)
  2. Ribe, Denmark – Fred Thomas – October 1994
  3. Frank Hodgdon – Genesis: A Brief History of Piper Shore (Parts 1 & 2)
  4. Bob Lindquist – Preserving the Past and Museum walkthrough
  5. Mark Matteau and Jim Scamman=-Fleritage Sunday 9/29/1996
  6. Mark Matteau and Heather Richards – Heritage Sunday (Parts 1 & 2)
  7. West Scarborough United Methodist Church =- Renovations and Repairs (1988,1989 and 1990). Fairs held (1990,1991, and 1992). Frank Hodgdon – Genesis: A Brief History of Piper Shore (Parts 1 & 2)
  8. At Governor William King Masonic Lodge, First Annual Governor William King Day 2/9/1996 ((Parts 1& 2)
  9. SHS Information Piece – 06.02
  10. SHS – School Visits on 5/18/99. The group was double-sized and overwhelmed the staff. (Parts 1 & 2)
  11. SHS – 3rd-grade classes of Mrs. O’Brien and Mrs. Kelly visited on 5/11/1999. (Parts 1 & 2)
  12. Mrs. Dora Shaw’s 100th Birthday – November 9, 1986
  13. Scarborough My Home Town – 3/97
  14. SHS School Visits in 1999 (45 minutes)
  15. Harold Snow- Snow’s Canning Factory 2/6/2
  16. SHS – School Visits -1999 (45 minutes)
  17. SHS – School Visits, Last Days – 5/27/1999
  18. SHS – School Visits – 5/24/1999 3rd, 4th and 5th grades (Parts 1 & 2)
  19. SHS – Open House – 1997
  20. SHS – 3rd grade – 4/29/1999
  21. SHS – 3rd grade – 5/25/1999 – (Parts 1 & 2)
  22. SHS – 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades – 5/14/1999 – (Parts 1 & 2)
  23. SHS Tour; Critique following – 4/29/1999

Scarborough Community Television Productions

  1. Vernacular Architecture with Eric Cantor – (Parts 1 & 2)
  2. Friends of the Scarborough Marsh – 5/25/2002 – (Parts 1 & 2)
  3. Friday Forum -1995
  4. Friday Forum 1995 (Parts 1 & 6)
  5. SHS – Ground Breaking -11/6/1995 – Also, Friday Forum: Dunstan History – Sgt. Greene Grave Site.
  6. Friday Forum – 5/26/1995 – (Parts 1 & 2)
  7. SCTV – Friday Forum – 1/30/98
  8. Community Dialog – PSA
  9. Friday Forum -4/26/1996-House Tour –

Maine History

  1. Jordan’s Meat – the movie – 29 minutes
  2. Rockport Town -1891 to 1991 – 40 minutes
  3. Maine’s Golden School Days – 1890 to 1930
  4. The Brick Store Museum in Kennebunk, Maine – 30 minutes film of the exhibit related to the 1947 fires
  5. Friday Forum – 4/26/1996 – House Tour – (Parts 1 & 2) – repeat copies

Home the Story of Maine

  1. Home the story of Maine – The Nation’s Playground
  2. Home the story of Maine – Power Lines
  3. Home the story of Maine – The Study of Maine: A Place Apart (26 minutes)
  4. Home the story of Maine-A Part of the Main (26minutes)
  5. Home the story of Maine – The Love for the Land
  6. Home the story of Maine – They Came by Sea
  7. Home the story of Maine -Trails, Rails, and Roads

New England History

  1. On the Home Front: World War 2 – New Hampshire
  2. Making History: Fortress of Louisbourg
  3. Jefferson – Ken Burns Films- (Parts 1 to 4) First Part has a 30-minute begging of some flood!

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Celebrating Maine’s Bicentennial – Part 1

The Scarborough Public Library and Scarborough Historical Society join to bring a series of programs to our community in celebration of Maine’s Bicentennial of Statehood. The following program is free to attend and is made possible through the financial partnership of the Scarborough Public Library, the Scarborough Historical Society, and the Maine Humanities Council.

Due to limited seating, please register by calling 883-4723, option 4 or emailing askSPL@scarboroughlibrary.org.

Past and Present: Perspectives on Maine Statehood

Dr. Liam Riordan, Ph.D.

Sunday, March 1 at 2:00 pm

Dr. Liam Riordan will open our Bicentennial Series with the presentation Past and Present: Perspectives on Maine Statehood. This illustrated presentation explores the long statehood process in Maine that culminated in 1820 with formal separation from Massachusetts. That struggle engaged a range of challenging public issues that are still recognizable in contemporary Maine politics and culture.

The talk focuses on four themes that bridge 200 years in telling ways: the “two Maines” and sharp partisan conflict, the explosive pace of slavery vis-a-vis the Maine-Missouri Compromise, Wabanaki sovereignty, and the uncertain location of the international border to at least 1842.

Dr. Riordan is an early American historian specializing in the broad Revolutionary era (ca. 1760-1830) and has been a faculty member at the University of Maine since 1997. He has led community discussions across Maine about the statehood process and organized a public scholarly conference to commemorate the bicentennial of the state of Maine held May 31-June 1, 2019 at the University of Maine.

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Added January 2020



Locales – Created a new album on Flickr for Locales and added four photos regarding Hubbard’s Rocks

  • Hubbards Rocks – Barn at Hubbards Rocks Farm – 63.31.9
  • Hubbards Rocks – Farms look east toward “new house” of James Jordan – 63.31.7
  • Hubbards Rocks – Surf (PC) – NA
  • Hubbards Rocks – Surf, Scarboro, Me – New England Views on Boston & Maine R.R.


Scarborough High School Girls Basketball Team 1928-1929

Scarborough High School - Girls Basketball - 1928-29Elwood G. Bessey Principal and Coach
Evelyn Chandler
Esther Nielsen
Elizabeth Shaw
Hilda Harmon
Olive Jellison
Barbara Harmon
Gertrude DeCosta
Helen Scamman


Scarborough High School Girls Basketball Team 1929-1930 |

Scarborough High School - Girls Basketball - 1929-30Barbara Harmon | Gertrude DeCoste | Elizabeth Shaw (Backrow L-R)
Miss Knudson Coach (Home Ec Teacher)
Marguerite Shaw
Hilda Harmon
Esther Nielsen (Thurston)
Lillian CcClough (Lilley)
Dagma Nielsen – Helen Scamman


Warren Libby - Class 1930Warren Everett Libby –
[Scarborough High School] Class of 1930




Ralph Adolph Johnson“Ralph Adolph Johnson” – Photo by Marion, Lowell, Mass. There was a Ralph Adolph John, who married Almira Louise Johnson on 7 Sep 1916 in South Portland, Cumberland, Maine. At the time of the Marriage, Ralph lived in Lowell, Mass; he was 23 years old and born in Scarboro, Maine. I am confident this is Ralph Adolph Johnson (1893-1972).  There is no entry for this person in Family Search. I’ll see he is added to the Scarborough Historical Society photo collection.



Main Room

Bookcase 1 – Back – Top 

Scarborough Annual Report – 1884 posted to Digital Maine and reposted to  Archive.Org with a complete cover and pages 1 & 2.

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Owascoag Newsletter

The January-February 2020 Issue of Owascoag was released.

If you haven’t already received your copy of the newsletter please subscribe using the below form.

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February Presentation: African Americans in Maine Prior to 1800

February 2, 2020 – 2:00 p.m. 

Scarborough Public Library, 48 Gorham RD, Scarborough, ME O4074

After a short business meeting, Vana Carmona will present “African Americans in Maine Before 1800” to the historical society.

About the Presentation

Photo of the entrance into the Eastern Cemetery, Portland, ME taken by Vana Carmona.

Photo by Vana Carmona.

The Eastern Cemetery is the final resting place of Portland’s founding fathers.  We know them for their contributions to the area’s political, social, cultural, and often military fabric.  But most do not know their “other” lives:  the lives in which they enslaved African Americans or were complicit in their enslavement.  Six years ago, Vana Carmona discovered inadvertently that her ancestors were among them.  This inspired her to launch The Prince Project, her study of slavery in Maine during the period before 1800.  As a docent for Spirits Alive, which overseas stone conservation and education in the Cemetery, she has used her knowledge to organize a tour of these very people.  She uses gravestones as a basis for discussing the individuals as well as the history of slavery in Maine.  She also provides insights on those African Americans buried in the two sections of the burial ground set aside to segregate them.  Her presentation is a virtual tour of Eastern Cemetery and covers these topics.

About Vana Carmona

A descendant of several early notable Maine families, Vana left the State after high school to indulge her wanderlust.  Her journey took her abroad and on to Sarah Lawrence College in New York, where she graduated with a BA in Italian and international studies.  Vana went on to work for the Italian press for several years.  Then, she had a “temporary” stay in Northern California that lasted 30 years.  During that time, she raised her two daughters, rode her horses, developed her business, and eventually returned to college for an advanced degree.  She holds a Masters in Medieval History from California State University Sacramento (CSUS).  Ten years ago, she returned to her hometown of Portland, bringing her Los Angeles husband with her.  They settled on Munjoy Hill, the area she most loved as a child.  Immediately she became involved in several local historic venues:  Maine Historical, Portland Observatory, and Eastern Cemetery.  During the last six years, she has pursued a major research project seeking out information on African Americans who were in Maine before 1800. They are all part of The Prince Project, her database of over 1600 free and enslaved people living here through the post-Revolutionary period. In her tours of Eastern Cemetery, Vana uses this work to help educate people about the history of slavery in Maine, a topic she believes needs greater attention.

The meeting is free and open to the public. (Donations are always welcome.)

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January Meeting Cancelled

Out of respect for the Pearson family, we are canceling the January meeting of Scarborough Historical Society.

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Added in December 2019

Main Room

Bookcase 1 – Back – Top 

Scarborough Annual Reports – Scanned, OCRed, and posted the Scarboro Annual Report for 1908 to Digital Maine and to Archive.org
I also uploaded the 1891 Annual Report to Archive.Org.


Prouts Neck Highlights – Prouts Neck, Scarborough, Maine.

Prouts Neck Historical Society Executive Director Phil von Stade speaks about the Prouts Neck Historical Society, Prouts Neck during the 17th and 18th-century conflicts, and changes in Prouts Neck between 1939 and 2019 to the Scarborough Historical Society on December 1, 2019. Available for viewing on YouTube.



A collection of seven newspaper clippings from the 1970s and 1980s from a loose file folder including “Tax Plan Hearing,” “Industrial Park Plans,” “Sewer Plan,” a Scarborough Taxpayers Association town charter change proposal, “Budget Hearing,” The Recreation committee wanting to buy the old State Police Barracks, New England Telephone erecting a tower.  Scrapbook (loose) 2019.57.01a-g.

Various clippings relating to the Scarborough Planning Board from 1972 and 1973. OCRed images are HERE – OCRed text only id HERE. Accession #2019-57.02.


Photos added


Created a new “Transportation” photo Gallery.

Includes a photo of the Trolley Tracks being removed circa 1932. 


Student Photos – Moving to Flickr.

I opened a Scarborough Historical Society account (and Photostream) on Flickr. I then created an album for Student Photos and added two photos. 

  • Olive Jefferson – Scarborough HS – Class of 1930
  • Stanley Pederson “Pite” – 1929

Photo: 30 Students c. 1946 – 2019.60.01

Students included:

Stephen Libby – Maravene Clough – Robert Moran – Patricia Lysaght – Robert Olsen
June Malloch – George Pooler – Patricia Briggs – Francis Picher – Nettie Noble
Robert Ferrelli – Jeanne Ridlon – Donald Burnham – Carole Sturgeon – James Pearson
Helen Clarke – Dewey Thompson – Edith LaRochelle – David Collins – Virginia Sampson
Rae Jones – Rickard Ganem – Clifton Temm – Ruth Mitchell – Royetta Chandler
Albert Varney – Susan Martin – Margaret Wright – James Barney – David Swanson

Student Photos – Moving to Flickr.

I opened a Scarborough Historical Society account (and Photostream) on Flickr. I then created an album for Student Photos and added two photos. 

  • Olive Jefferson – Scarborough HS – Class of 1930
  • Stanley Pederson “Pite” – 1929

Beech Ridge School Restoration Project

Digital Maine

We uploaded a photo of horses hitched to snow roller to Digital Maine.

Horses hitched to a snow roller.

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eMail Crash – Update


Due to continued problems with our @maine.rr.com email, we have shifted to GMail as our primary email address.  Please use ScarboroughHist@gmail.com for all correspondence to the Scarborough Historical Society and Museum.

Thank you

We have had problems with our email for the past couple of weeks.

eMail sent to our primary eMail address, scarboroughhist@Maine.rr.com between December 16th and December 26th went into “never-never” land and has been lost.

We still have emails prior to December 16 in backup and archive, but we’ve lost new emails. So, if you’ve sent the Historical society anything important or anything needing a response between Dec 16th and December 26th, you might want to resend your correspondence.

Thank you,

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Added to the Website in November 2019


A piece of democracy – Rodney Laughton with a Scarborough Ballot Box from the 1930s or 40s.

Maine Room

Bookcase 1 – Back – Top 

Posted the Scarborough Annual Report – 1906 to Archive.Org and Digital Maine.
Posted the Scarborough Annual Report – 1907 to Archive.Org and Digital Maine.

Middle Room

Tax Valuation Books

Added links on our Tax Valuation Books Page to access images of the 1882, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1894, 1895, 1905, 1910, and 1914 Tax Valuation Books. 

Photos added

Businesses – Hotels

Added another photo of The Danish Village showing the fountain.

Businesses – Restaurants

Added a photo of Nell and Marks Southgate Restaurant (in Dunstan)

Other Businesses

Added photos to Other Businesses Gallery: 

Beauty-Rest-CampsBeauty Rest Camps
Telephone Forest 1596-2
4 Miles from Portland – 6 Miles to Old Orchard.
Running Water – Electric Light
Located on Route One at the South Portland line. The Volvo dealership would be right across the street.

Added a photo of the Original Len Libby Candy Shop  
Added a photo of Sage: An Esoteric Shoppe, 2015

Added four photos of various Snow’s Labels. 

(Higher quality images available.)


Added a photo of the Southgate House when it was The Carriage House Restaurant (This is a scan of a photo that is museum mounted photo located in the Middle Room).

Markers of Scarborough

Added King Cemetery sign installed by the Eagle Scouts on 17 August 2019.

People Photos

Added an 1895 photo of the John Vaughn Merrick family at “The Knoll.”
Added a 1949 photo of Emma Gochie (Thurlow) as a child holding a doll. 
Added a photo of Lona A Owen Hunkins (1880-1962) who was the wife of Arthur A. Hunkins (1878-1970).
Added a photo of Rencel H. Colby (1882-1952). Ordained in Scarborough 1913; served as the minister at Black Point, drew maps. Served in Reserves as a chaplain during WWII; he lost a son in that war.

SHS Laptop Photos

Started a new Photo Image Collection based upon the scans done to the SHS Laptop from 2011 through 2015.  I began with Aviation Photos.  All photos are sized for the web, however, higher quality resolutions are available electronically for a small fee.

  • Aerial of Air Meet, Portland Airport, Scarborough Maine – 1928.
  • Aerial view of Portland Airport, Scarborough, Maine
  • Aerial View Portland Airport, Scarborough
  • Air Meet at Portland Airport, Scarborough
  • Airplanes at Grand Beach
  • Amelia Earhart, 3rd person from the left
  • Hanger – Portland Airport, Scarborough, Maine
  • Pioneer Aviator Merle Fogg & Stuntman George Sparks

Student Photos

I added the 1916 Scarborough High School Class photo. [Includes Standing: Richard Libby, Edna (Purchase) Gower, Flora “Nellie” (Hudson) Higgins, Ruth Johnson, and Raymond Sargent. Sitting: Elinor (Harmon) Wright, F. “Herbie” Wentworth, and the Teacher, Miss Litchfield.]
I added a newspaper article clipping about the 1916 Scarborough High School Class
I added a photo of the 1966 Scarborough High School Class.


I updated the Ephemera Finding Aid, both in Table Press & in Google Sheets with an 8 November 2019 version.

Beech Ridge School Restoration Project

Added 4 photos taken on 15 November as the schoolhouse was being moved onto the new foundation.


Photo by Karlene Osborne


Photo by Karlene Osborne


Photo by Karlene Osborne






Photo by Joyce Alden


Photo by Joyce Alden

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Scarborough Historical Society Meeting – December 2019

Black Point, Scarborough, ca. 1741

Black Point, Scarborough, ca. 1741

Sunday, December 1, 2019 from 2 to 3 PM.

After a short business meeting Phil von Stade will speak about “Black Point & Prout’s Neck – Some History, Highlights, and Reflections.”

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