Updates August 2022

During August, the following items were added to the website:

Education Page – Class of 1955

SHS Spring Concert Program – 1 April 1955

Education Page – Class of 1958

SHS Baccalaureate Service Program – Blue Point Church – 8 Jun 1958 – 2022.29.04

Surname Files – Tilton Page



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Thank You, Again – August Farmer’s Market

We thank Karlene Osborne, Joyce Alden, Don Taylor, and Tom Osborne for setting up, tending, and dismantling the displays at the Scarborough Farmer’s Market on the last Sunday of August. We also thank ScarboroughHelps.org for supporting nonprofit organizations and providing the tent, tables, and chairs. Finally, thanks to the many people who stopped by to learn about the Society, purchased items from the store, and became members of the Society.

(Left to right) Don Taylor, Joyce Alden, & Karlene Osborne at the August Farmer’s Market. Photo by Phil von Stade.

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Thank You!

We thank Karlene Osborne, Tom Osborne, and Bruce Larrabee for setting up, tending, and dismantling the displays and the Scarborough Historical Society tent at Scarborough Summerfest 2022. Also, we thank those who stopped by to learn about the Society,  purchased items from the store, and donated to the Beech Ridge Schoolhouse
 and the Museum.

Photo of Karlene Osborne and the Scarborough Historical Society displays at Summerfest 2022.

Karlene Osborne and the setup at Summerfest 2022.
Photo by Tom Osborne.

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Beech Ridge School Renovation Update – Aug 12, 2022

Beech Ridge School Renovation is progressing nicely. The team added a Mento membrane and strapping for the siding to be attached. The windows have been installed and framed.

Beech Ridge School – 13 Aug 2022 – Photo by Karlene Osborne.

Framed window & strapping detail.
Photo by Karlene Osborne


To donate to help this historical renovation, please see our GoFundMe page.








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Beech Ridge School Renovation

Work is continuing at the Beech Ridge School Renovation. The old siding has been removed. Some of the wall sheathings were replaced with wide boards. They are now reframing the windows and will install a Mento membrane on outside walls before nailing strapping to hold the siding. Windows will go in next.

Front outside view of Schoolhouse, July 21, 2022.
Photo by Karlene Osborne.

To donate to help this historical renovation, please see our GoFundMe page. 

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Updates July 2022

Books Available Online


I added the 1970 Scarborough Business Directory – by Scarborough Jaycees


Grammer Schools

I digitized, OCRed, and added: Class of 1953Scarborough Grammar Schools Graduation Exercises, June 11, 1953 – Oak Hill & Dunstan, “America’s Musical Heritage”

High School

I digitized, OCRed, and added: Commencement Exercises of Class of 1954 – Scarborough High School (Includes Graduation Program, Class Ode, NHS, Class Roll, & more.

I digitized, OCRed, and added: Commencement Exercises of Class of 1958 – Scarborough High School (Includes Graduation Program, Class Ode, NHS, Class Roll, & more.

Library Books

I digitized, OCRed, and added: The Historic Houses of Scarborough, compiled by Charlotte G. Stevens. It includes short descriptions and photos of 35 homes and buildings in Scarborough.


I added a category Jaycees and added the 1970 Scarborough [Jaycees]  Business Directory

Surnames Files


I posted Linda Snow-McLoon’s article, Remembering Dorothy Shaw Libbey

Tilton Letters

1826 Letter to Miss Almira Tilton.

I added: 70.14.17.e – Letter: Dated 17 May to M F Tilton from her sister in Roxbury, MA7 – Four Pages: Page 1Page 2Page 3  – Page 4.

I added: 70.14.17.f – Letter: Dated 17 May (c. 1840s) to M F Tilton ℅ James McLaughlin, Esq., Bangor ME – Four Pages: Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4.

I added: 70.14.17.h – Letter: Dated Nov – 1826 to Miss Almira Tilton – Twenty Pages – ZIP File




LibraryMiddle RoomTax Valuation Books

I scanned the 1810 Scarborough Tax Valuation Book and uploaded it to Digital Maine. This copy includes the names of the heads of households and what they paid in taxes. Originally compiled by Reuben Seavey and dated 23 July 1810. Who created this copy is unknown, but it was probably copied in the late 1800s or the early 1900s. (Note: This booklet needs indexing and/or transcribing. If you are interested in indexing this book, please contact the Scarborough Historical Society by email.)


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Remembering Dorothy Shaw Libbey

By Linda Snow McLoon

A 1963 news clipping shows Dorothy Shaw Libbey and historical society president Percy Wright inspecting a scroll presented to her by town selectmen to honor her historical work.
From the SHS collections

Over the years a number of individuals have made major contributions toward preserving Scarborough’s history, but no one has done more toward saving our past for future generations than Dorothy Shaw Libbey. Long before she and her husband Clarke Libbey helped found the Scarborough Historical Society in 1961, Dorothy was working hard to research and chronicle Scarborough’s past. She was the first to hold the title of Historian for the historical society.

Born in 1907, Dorothy could trace her Scarborough family roots to Joseph Waterhouse of Portsmouth, NH, who married Mary Libby of Kittery before they established a home in Scarborough in 1730. She became fascinated with old manuscripts and the early wills of old settlers, and she studied epitaphs on cemetery gravestones. Dorothy spent endless hours before the time of computers hand-copying early municipal, church, and cemetery records. Testimony to her dedicated work were the 40 cartons of her historical material that were brought to the historical society after her passing in 1989.

Dorothy Shaw Libbey’s crowning achievement was her book, Scarborough Becomes a Town, which was published in 1955. Covering events from 1625 to 1850, the book describes the gathering of 29 men from Black Point, Blue Point, and Stratton’s Island on July 14, 1658, to formally create a town where records would be kept, courts convened, and taxes paid under the protection of the government of Massachusetts Bay. The lives of the early settlers, their homes, the introduction of slavery, the schools, and the town’s role in the American Revolution are all covered in her book.

A valuable service Dorothy performed was transcribing the records of both the Black Point and Dunstan cemeteries. She and her husband also drew a map locating many of the smaller family burying grounds in Scarborough.

We certainly owe Dorothy Shaw Libbey a debt of thanks for the extensive efforts she put into preserving Scarborough’s history.

[Editor’s Note:] This article was originally published in the May/June 2022 issue of Owascoag Notes

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Historic Houses of Scarborough, Maine

The Historic Houses of Scarborough, compiled by Charlotte G. Stevens and donated to the Scarborough Public Library on July 17, 1953. This book includes short write-ups on 35 Scarborough buildings and homes along with photographs of the buildings and homes as they were in the early 1950s. Included are:

  1. The Parsonage, 160 Black Point Road
  2. The Church (4th church building), 167 Black Point Road
  3. Edward Libby Home (Possibly 212 Spurwink Road)
  4. Old Hastey [Hasty] House
  5. Old Edward Mitchell House (Possibly 178 Spurwink Road)
  6. The Kilbourne House (152 Spurwink Road)
  7. The Reuben Libby House 
  8. Augustus Small House (Possibly 359 Pleasant Hill Road)
  9. Part of the Robinson House
  10. Benjamin Larrabee House
  11. Alvin Larrabee House
  12. Dr. Sturdivant [Sturtevant] House
  13. The Thornton House (20 Black Point Road)
  14. The Oliver House
  15. The A I Plummer House
  16. The “Old Red House” (Hunnewell House – 81 Black Point Road)
  17. The Abraham Plummer House 
  18. The George Washington Libby House
  19. John Adams Libby House
  20. The Stanford House (194 Spurwink Road)
  21. The Library (built in 1899 – 165 Black Point Road)
  22. The Perry House (built by Alexander & Mary Prout Kirkwood – 534 Black Point Road)
  23. Cammock House
  24. The William H Googins House (built by Timothy McDanniel [McDaniel])
  25. The A I Seavey House (394 Black Point Road)
  26. The Eben Seavey House (386 Black Point Road)
  27. The Kaler-Vaill House (built by James Frank Coolbroth – 382 Black Point Road)
  28. The Atlantic House
  29. The Robert Libby House 
  30. The Jorden Larrabee House
  31. The Joseph Larrabee House
  32. The Thomas Carter Libby House (27 Black Point Road)
  33. The Freeman Libby House
  34. The Parson Thompson House 
  35. The Lancaster-Libby House

The write-up text is included in the PDF book. Higher quality images of the houses are available from the Society for a small fee. Please contact the Society using the form below for further information.

My thanks to the Scarborough Public Library for their permission to digitize and OCR this book.

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Updates June 2022

I posted an article from Owascoag Notes (May-June 2022)

From the Ephemera – “Naming the Two Rod Road” By Linda Snow McLoon

Under the Businesses Files – Hotels


Silver Sands Hotel, 1972

I added some info about the Silver Sands Hotel in Higgins Beach and I added a photo of the hotel to the Hotel’s Gallery.


Under the Surname Files

Tilton Folder

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MUSEUM OPEN – Masks Optional

The current COVID Community Risk Level is LOW for both Cumberland and York Counties. 

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