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SEDCO produced videos of how COVID affected several Scarborough businesses

SEDCO – Scarborough Economic Development Corporation produced an excellent series of videos regarding how Covid affected five Scarborough businesses. Represented are: ACE Oak Hill & Dunstan Hardware Dunstan Tap and Table Mend Health of Maine O’Relly’s Cure Perfect Fit Health … Continue reading

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October 4th Meeting – “It’s for the Birds”

The Wednesday, October 4th meeting is another not-to-miss event. Dr. Marshall Goodwin will present “It’s for the Birds,” a talk about his bird carvings. To highlight his presentation, Dr. Goodwin will have some of his work on display. He developed … Continue reading

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Coming in April

Flax Traditions: From Seed to Linen Cloth Wednesday, April 5th, Jayne Flanagan will present Flax Traditions: from Seed to Linen Cloth. Being more of a “plant” person than an “animal/wool” person, Scarborough resident Jayne Flanagan has worked with flax and … Continue reading

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Prout’s Neck: From Farm to Resort

Preface By John J. Cromie Ballston Spa, NY This work examines the gradual, early development of a summer place most noted as the home of Winslow Homer.  Yet, how does a resident of an upstate New York village become interested … Continue reading

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Knitting Needle

Equipment we used Knitting Needle The knitting needle was an important tool in every lobsterman’s household. The needle was about a foot long, made of wood or metal (my father’s was brass) and used to knit heads, or nets for lobster … Continue reading

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Lobster Gauge (Measure):

Equipment we used: Lobster Gauge (Measure): A lobster a gauge is a small brass device used to measure the length of the lobster’s carapace—from the eye socket to the beginning of the tail. The device resembles measuring calipers, except that … Continue reading

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Lobster Boats

Equipment we used: Lobster Boats: Growing up, I remember Mr. Ward Bickford building lobster boats in a large, garage-like building between his home and The Pillsbury Inn where the Hurd Annex parking lot is now. The boats were 26-feet long … Continue reading

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Wooden Cradles

Equipment we used: Wooden Cradles: In the off-season, boats were hauled from the water and stored on wooden cradles. Come spring, boats in their cradles were hauled onto the shore, usually by Jack Conroy’s tow truck, and floated out of … Continue reading

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Lobster Traps

Equipment we used: Lobster Traps: Most Pine Point lobstermen built and repaired their traps. Traps were made from oak. Bumpers were 3”x 2” oak-planked corners, the round-shaped traps had two bumpers on the bottom and three 1”x 1” oak bows … Continue reading

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Beech Ridge School

This school building is still located just west of the intersection of Holmes Road and Beech Ridge Road. It was discontinued in 1947. At that time it was sold to the Beech Ridge Association for $1.00.

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