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— BY LINDA SNOW MCLOON The social safety net that existed in earlier times in Scarborough was organized much differently than what we recognize today. Before Social Security and other ways of providing relief for people in need, a system … Continue reading

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From the Collections—Blacksmiths in Scarborough

By Linda Snow McLoon As in all towns in Maine before the advent of automobiles, local blacksmiths played a vital role in Scarborough. Not only did they shoe horses and oxen, but the smiths made and repaired metal tools such … Continue reading

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The Carter Farm & Water Wheel

PICTURES OF THE WEEK – 1.20.23 – The Pictures of the Week selections for 1.20.23 from the Scarborough Historical Society include one of the most unusual pictures in our collections. The picture is of a water wheel that was on … Continue reading

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The Pillsbury House

PICTURES OF THE WEEK – January 13, 2023 From the Scarborough Historical Society’s digital collections come these pictures of an early Pine Point tourist destination, the Pillsbury House, that opened its doors for lodging and shore dinners in 1875. Included … Continue reading

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First Scarborough Town Council – 1970

SCARBOROUGH HISTORY PICTURE OF THE WEEKJanuary 6, 2023 As we enter the new year of 2023, the Scarborough Historical Society will be providing a “Picture of the Week” on various topics and periods in Scarborough’s rich history on the Facebook … Continue reading

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HMS Pinafore Production

From the Collections By Linda Snow McLoon An interesting picture has surfaced that expands our knowledge of Scarborough’s past. From a photograph and accompanying notes, we learn about an event that must have caused some excitement in Scarborough in the … Continue reading

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Tippecanoe and Tyler Too

From the Ephemera… By Linda Snow McLoon Residents of Scarborough have always had an opportunity to have their voices heard and their votes counted when a presidential election took place in our country. A document from the historical society’s ephemera … Continue reading

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From the Ephemera: The Clams of Scarborough

By Linda McLoon with assistance from Rodney Laughton The Clams of Scarborough “You may sing of your Providence oysters, Or boast of your roasted spring lamb, But there’s no dish or compound that ever was cooked, That comes up to … Continue reading

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Remembering Dorothy Shaw Libbey

By Linda Snow McLoon Over the years a number of individuals have made major contributions toward preserving Scarborough’s history, but no one has done more toward saving our past for future generations than Dorothy Shaw Libbey. Long before she and … Continue reading

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Naming the Two Rod Road

FROM THE EPHEMERA….          By Linda Snow McLoon There are a number of ways various roadways in Scarborough got their names. In early times, roads were often named after a family who lived on the road – the Fogg Road, … Continue reading

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