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By Linda Snow McLoon Before there were big yellow school busses, school children in Scarborough for the most part walked to school. To keep the distances from their homes doable, back in the 1800s Scarborough had over a dozen one-room … Continue reading

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Historical Society Unveils Laughton History Table

By Linda Snow McLoon The doors of the Scarborough Historical Society and Museum have been closed during a long pandemic, but with so many people now vaccinated, beginning Saturday, November 13 visitors who are safely masked are once again welcome … Continue reading

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From the Ephemera. . .

By Linda Snow McLoon Early Scarborough merchants often had elaborate letterheads for their businesses. These three competing retailers did business in Dunstan, where they offered a wide range of inventory to their customers.               … Continue reading

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Coast Watch Newspaper’s News Index

                                                       By Linda Snow McLoon  Beginning in the latter part of the 19th century, a local weekly newspaper served Scarborough residents by bringing them local news from the various villages in the town. At a time before most residents … Continue reading

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From the Ephemera

By Linda Snow McLoon Pine Point School District #8 When the Boston & Maine Railroad added its new route from North Berwick to Portland in 1872, its plan was for the tracks to cross the Pine Point marshes and the … Continue reading

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General Lafayette’s Visit to Scarborough

by Linda Snow McLoon The Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) was a French aristocrat and military officer who came to the aid of the American colonies during the Revolutionary War. He developed a friendship with George Washington, who put him in … Continue reading

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A High School Comes to Scarborough

By Linda Snow McLoon Introduction It’s common knowledge that going back to early times Scarborough had over a dozen one-room district schools that offered children a grammar school education. But because no one seems to know much about when Scarborough … Continue reading

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The Wreck of the Sagamore

By Linda McLoon* It was snowing on Saturday evening, January 24, 1934, when the steel freighter, Sagamore, left Portland Harbor, bound for Boston with a hold filled mainly with large bolts of woolen material and oilcloth. The storm had intensified … Continue reading

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Fire – Jocelyn Hotel – 27 July 1909

PORTLAND EVENING EXPRESS        Tuesday, July 27, 1909                               Price Two Cents Transcription by Linda McLoon $100,000 FIRE PROUTS NECK       Joscelyn Hotel is in Ashes All Guests Escape in Safety with Their Personal Effects Googins Home and Plant Destroyed The … Continue reading

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1817 – Election Announcement

From the Ephemera….. By Linda McLoon Next year we will be celebrating the bicentennial of Maine’s separation from Massachusetts in 1820. Before Maine became a state, the town of Scarborough answered to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In this document dated … Continue reading

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