Elizabeth Fickett Shaw (1855-1901)

The museum recently received a wonderful photo of Elizabeth Fickett Shaw.

According to the information provided with the photo of Elizabeth, she:

Photo of Elizabeth Fickett Shaw
Elizabeth Fickett Shaw
  • She was born circa 1855 in Mayberry Hill, Casco.
  • She married Summer Shaw[1] – Standish, Neck.
  • She was the mother of Delmar Shaw, who was nana Dorothy Shaw’s father.
  • Her children were:     
    • Louise Shaw Graffan died in 1941.
    • Delmar Shaw died in 1953.
    • John Shaw died in 1974.
    • Margurite Shaw died in 1913.

Family Search has profile KCH5-V82 for Elizabeth A Fickett (1863-1901).

Ancestry has 37 public trees that refer to Elizabeth Ann Fickett (1855-1901).


1. Other researchers indicate that Elizabeth Fickett married Sumner Shaw, not Summer Shaw.
NOTE: This Dorothy Shaw (aka Dora Shaw) should not be confused with historian Dorothy Shaw Libbey, daughter of Oscar & Mary Shaw, who married Clark Libbey in 1926.
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