December 2022

Beech Ridge School – Dec 8, 2022 Photo by Karlene Osborne

Restoration of the 1800s one-room schoolhouse at 184 Holmes Road, Scarborough, continues.   The front portico that was removed early in the restoration process has been rebuilt, and two new entrance doors have been installed.  These are wooden doors that were paid for by a grant from the Prouts Neck Association.  The clapboard siding has been completed including the first coat of white stain.  New windows have been installed, paid for by a grant from the Prouts Neck Historical Society.  A substantial donation has been given that will pay for new roof shingles, and chimney pointing.  This will include reinforcing the roof structure in the attic area.  All this roof and chimney work is being paid for by an anonymous donation.   When the roof is completed, the exterior will be nearly done, except for the side entrance ramp. The building will be secure from the winter elements!  When the interior work begins, there will be interior walls to build then rough in the wiring, and insulation.  A soil engineer has designed a new leach field, and fortunately, we will be able to use the existing septic tank.  We feel our contractor Robbie Alden of Alden Joinery is doing an outstanding job.  He is restoring the schoolhouse with exceptional care and skill.

Interior of Schoolhouse – Dec 8, 2022 – Photo by Karlene Osborne

We have raised $163,000 toward a goal of $280,000. Please help us restore this historical site by sending your tax-deductible 501(c)(3) donation to Scarborough Historical Society and Museum, P.O. Box 156, Scarborough, ME 04070-0156. Call the museum at 207-885-9997 if you can provide in-kind services. Or donate through Thanks to all who have graciously donated to preserve this part of Scarborough’s history.

Submitted by Scarborough Building Committee

Beech Ridge Schoolhouse – Roofing System – Dec 8, 2022 – Photo by Rob Alden
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