Historical Society Unveils Laughton History Table

By Linda Snow McLoon

Rodney Laughton at the Laughton History Table.

The doors of the Scarborough Historical Society and Museum have been closed during a long pandemic, but with so many people now vaccinated, beginning Saturday, November 13 visitors who are safely masked are once again welcome at the museum.

As part of celebrating the reopening, a new Laughton History Table is now available at the museum, giving visitors the opportunity to view over 5,000 indexed images from Rodney Laughton’s extensive collection.

Rodney has been collecting all things Scarborough for a number of decades. In addition to a large number of pictures, the collection includes scanned images of paper records, newspaper articles, postcards, letters, and brochures.

A volunteer is using the index to find pictures of family members from long ago.

Using a desktop computer, visitors will be able to scroll through the many images that focus on Scarborough’s history. For anyone hoping to find pictures and/or information pertaining to a specific person, place, or event, a second computer contains an index that allows anyone to quickly find what they’re looking for.  

In addition to the Laughton History Table, there are many other exhibits and historical items to see. The Scarborough Historical Society & Museum is open to the public on Tuesday mornings and the second Saturday of the month from 9 am -12 noon. There is no charge for admission, but donations are welcomed. We hope to see you soon!

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