New Town Line Between Scarboro and Gorham [1865]

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New Town Line Between Scarboro and Gorham – 1865 (Page 1)

Agreeable to notice given by the Selectmen of the town of Scarborough to the Selectmen of the town of Gorham to meet at the House of John M. Parker in said Gorham on the 19th day of June 1865 at 9 o’clock in the forenoon for the purpose of establishing a new line between the said towns of Scarboro and Gorham in accordance with an act of the Legislature Approved March 4th 1864 setting off a part of the lower of Scarborough and annexing the same to the town of Gorham. We the undersigned Selectmen of the Towns of Scarborough and Gorham met at the time and place and for the purpose aforesaid and proceeded to name(?) and establish a new line between said towns as follows

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New Town Line Between Scarboro and Gorham – 1865 (Page 2)

Commencing at a stone on the side line of Buxton, north corner of Scarboro’ and southwest corner of Gorham – thence running S. 42 ½ ° East 178 Rods to a stone on the Buxton County road. Thence on same course 240 Rods to a stone on the Burnham Road thence on same course 209 Rods to a stone on Ai Waterhouse meadow. Thence S. 49° West to a stone 21 Rods 10 links, thence S. 44 ½° East 29 Rods 17 links to a stone in the east corner of Jonathan(?) Fogg’s meadow, and south corner of Ai Waterhouse’s meadow. Thence N. 50° East 20 Rods to a stone sitting in the South side of said meadow N. 53° East 186 Rods to the Mitchell Road to a stone. Thence north 48 ¾° East 972 Rods to a stone at the corner of Scarborough, Westbrook, and Gorham

Scarborough July 3d 1865

Richard Leavitt } Selectmen of
   Geo M. Carter } Scarborough

   James Phinney } Selectmen of
Edward Files } Gorham


New Town line
between Scarboro
and Gorham

[Transcription by Maggie Vickerson, Scarborough Historical Society, 8 May 2020]
[Ref: Encapsulated Collection 22 – New Town Line Between Scarboro and Gorham – 1865]

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