Letter dated 28 Feb 1870 re “Strip” between Scarboro & Gorham

Portland Feb. 28 1870          

Dear Jim,

Letter re. Strip Between Scarboro and Gorham – 28 Feb 1870 – Page 1

            With regard to the claim of the “strip” I am aware that there was some provision in the act setting off a part of the Town of Scarboro to Gorham that provided for returning to the “strip” a part of the same that might be reimbursed to Scarboro by the State. But what part?

            If in proposition to the valuation that was transfered by the same act from Scarboro to Gorham there would be nothing to pay, as no valuation was transferred to Gorham. Scarboro paid State & Property(?) Tax for the town of Gorham on the value of the strip 3 successive years. Finally when is was arranged by the Legislature the valuation was fixed by a meeting of the selectmen of Gorham & Scarboro and I think they made it about $36,000 and this was all the selectmen of Gorham would agree to.

            Again the war had not ended when the “strip” was set off and it was only the amount

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Letter re. Strip Between Scarboro and Gorham – 28 Feb 1870 – Page 2

reimbursed to the town on the men enlisted previous to, or up to the time that they were set off in which the strip could have any claim.

            And again Scarboro was one of the sub districts of this District and was just the same after the strip was set off to Gorham as before. An effort was made to have the men liable to draft transfered from Scarboro to Gorham but it could not be accomplished and our quota was made larger because the “strip” was enrolled with us and we furnished the quota for the strip and paid the expense after it was set off to Gorham but of course could not tax them for this expense.

            I am surprised that under these circumstances they have made any claim at all; and still more that any action should be taken on it by the Legislature without notice to the Town of Scarboro.

            There ought to be power somewhere to do justice in this case if anywhere in the Legislature. They without doubt mean justice but how can they do justice unless they hear both sides. Scarboro has not been notified in any way I am informed.

In haste,          
Horatio Hight

[Transcription by Maggie Vickerson, Scarborough Historical Society, 8 May 2020]
[Encapsulated Collection 23 – Letter re Strip Between Scarboro and Gorham – 28 Feb 1870]

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