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Photos are below this table.  Hover the individual photo to see its title. 

Title (Comment) Accession #
WWII Observers – Val Krijanovsky in center 90.45.1k
WWII Observers – Mildred McDonald 90.45.1b
WWII Observers – C. Martins, V. Krijanovsky, Marion Krijanovsky 90.45.1i
WWII Observers (Two women in tower) 90.45.1d
WWII Observers 90.45.1c
WWII Observation Post (Behind State Police Bldg 90.45.1j
WWII Observation Post 90.45.1h
WWII Observation Post 90.45.1g
WWII Observation Post 90.45.1f
WWII Ground Observers (climbing stairs) 90.45.1c
Val Krijanovsky at Ground Observer Post (where Parker Tilton Building is now – WWII 90.45.2
Ground Observation Post (behind Edgar Thurston’s Place) Marion Krijanovsk at top. 90.45.1a
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