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Due to continued problems with our email, we have shifted to GMail as our primary email address.  Please use for all correspondence to the Scarborough Historical Society and Museum.

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We have had problems with our email for the past couple of weeks.

eMail sent to our primary eMail address, between December 16th and December 26th went into “never-never” land and has been lost.

We still have emails prior to December 16 in backup and archive, but we’ve lost new emails. So, if you’ve sent the Historical society anything important or anything needing a response between Dec 16th and December 26th, you might want to resend your correspondence.

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Added to the Website in November 2019


A piece of democracy – Rodney Laughton with a Scarborough Ballot Box from the 1930s or 40s.

Maine Room

Bookcase 1 – Back – Top 

Posted the Scarborough Annual Report – 1906 to Archive.Org and Digital Maine.
Posted the Scarborough Annual Report – 1907 to Archive.Org and Digital Maine.

Middle Room

Tax Valuation Books

Added links on our Tax Valuation Books Page to access images of the 1882, 1886, 1887, 1888, 1894, 1895, 1905, 1910, and 1914 Tax Valuation Books. 

Photos added

Businesses – Hotels

Added another photo of The Danish Village showing the fountain.

Businesses – Restaurants

Added a photo of Nell and Marks Southgate Restaurant (in Dunstan)

Other Businesses

Added photos to Other Businesses Gallery: 

Beauty-Rest-CampsBeauty Rest Camps
Telephone Forest 1596-2
4 Miles from Portland – 6 Miles to Old Orchard.
Running Water – Electric Light
Located on Route One at the South Portland line. The Volvo dealership would be right across the street.

Added a photo of the Original Len Libby Candy Shop  
Added a photo of Sage: An Esoteric Shoppe, 2015

Added four photos of various Snow’s Labels.

(Gallery deleted 12 March 2020. Images now available on Flickr.)


Added a photo of the Southgate House when it was The Carriage House Restaurant (This is a scan of a photo that is museum mounted photo located in the Middle Room).

Markers of Scarborough

Added King Cemetery sign installed by the Eagle Scouts on 17 August 2019.

People Photos

Added an 1895 photo of the John Vaughn Merrick family at “The Knoll.”
Added a 1949 photo of Emma Gochie (Thurlow) as a child holding a doll. 
Added a photo of Lona A Owen Hunkins (1880-1962) who was the wife of Arthur A. Hunkins (1878-1970).
Added a photo of Rencel H. Colby (1882-1952). Ordained in Scarborough 1913; served as the minister at Black Point, drew maps. Served in Reserves as a chaplain during WWII; he lost a son in that war.

SHS Laptop Photos

Started a new Photo Image Collection based upon the scans done to the SHS Laptop from 2011 through 2015.  I began with Aviation Photos.  All photos are sized for the web, however, higher quality resolutions are available electronically for a small fee.

  • Aerial of Air Meet, Portland Airport, Scarborough Maine – 1928.
  • Aerial view of Portland Airport, Scarborough, Maine
  • Aerial View Portland Airport, Scarborough
  • Air Meet at Portland Airport, Scarborough
  • Airplanes at Grand Beach
  • Amelia Earhart, 3rd person from the left
  • Hanger – Portland Airport, Scarborough, Maine
  • Pioneer Aviator Merle Fogg & Stuntman George Sparks

Student Photos

I added the 1916 Scarborough High School Class photo. [Includes Standing: Richard Libby, Edna (Purchase) Gower, Flora “Nellie” (Hudson) Higgins, Ruth Johnson, and Raymond Sargent. Sitting: Elinor (Harmon) Wright, F. “Herbie” Wentworth, and the Teacher, Miss Litchfield.]
I added a newspaper article clipping about the 1916 Scarborough High School Class
I added a photo of the 1966 Scarborough High School Class.


I updated the Ephemera Finding Aid, both in Table Press & in Google Sheets with an 8 November 2019 version.

Beech Ridge School Restoration Project

Added 4 photos taken on 15 November as the schoolhouse was being moved onto the new foundation.


Photo by Karlene Osborne


Photo by Karlene Osborne


Photo by Karlene Osborne






Photo by Joyce Alden


Photo by Joyce Alden

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Scarborough Historical Society Meeting – December 2019

Black Point, Scarborough, ca. 1741

Black Point, Scarborough, ca. 1741

Sunday, December 1, 2019 from 2 to 3 PM.

After a short business meeting Phil von Stade will speak about “Black Point & Prout’s Neck – Some History, Highlights, and Reflections.”

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Arguments of Men of Scarboro at Augusta

[Transcription of a letter to the editor, ca. 1902]

To the Editor of the Argus:

     I was much interested in the arguments of the men of Scarboro at Augusta yesterday, as to what the electric road could and would do for that ancient town.  It is somewhat curious that a town situated so near to a populous city of 15,000 inhabitants, as Greater Portland may be considered.  Should be dwindling in population and wealth, as the town has been doing as far as regards the strictly agricultural sections.  Tumble down and abandoned farm building are to be found in every part of the upper section of the town.  There is no town in the State that is richer in stirring and romantic historical associations that Scarboro, and none that by the variety of its scenery would attract more tourists or the wealthy urbanites, who seeks more room and purer air than is afforded by the congested confines of a great city.

     The hills in upper Scarboro almost rise to the dignity of mountains, while the marshes along the coast, where once roamed the sanguinary* Squanto and his murderous myrmidons, afford a variety of scenery and land adapted for hunting and fishing that is unique and unlike other towns in the state.  To one who is familiar with the past glories Scarboro there is something pathetic in its present decay and almost desolation.

    I drove the other day through the village of Dunstan and it is hard to realize that ‘Sleepy Dunstan’ as it is sometimes referred to was once the rival of Portland in population and business, and was the birthplace of a president of Harvard College, a Senator of the United States and minister to England, a Congressman, the first Governor of the State, and judge of probate of the county for Twenty years, and other men who played an important and honorable part in the early history of the country during the colonial, revolutionary and earlier years of the last century.  The rural mail delivery system, electric roads when we shall soon have because it is right we should, will restore the ancient prestige and importance of Scarboro, and while I am second to no one in my respect for good preaching that calls sinners to repentance and good works in this present life.  I honesty believe that as a civilizer, by obliterating the distinction between the city and the country, the electric road and the Rural free delivery will do more good than all the sermons that were ever preached.

     Corbett declared more than a hundred years ago the London was a hideous wen upon the fair face of England, and our cities bid fair to rival London in kind, if not in degree, while many of our rural communities were moral, spiritual, political and intellectual decay reigns triumphant, present a picture as forbidding to the social philosopher as the abominations of city life.

     The electrics and the free delivery will hasten the time when there will be no city and no country, and who shall stand in the way of this consummation so devoutly to be wished for.  

W. H. McLaughlin

* involved in or causing much bloodshed

This is the transcription of a clipping from The Daily Eastern Argus newspaper, published in Portland.  The date is unknown. It predates the establishment of the Portland Railroad Company trolley service through Scarborough in 1903.  This editorial was written in response to those who opposed the trolley line.

Transcription by Rodney Laughton, November 2019.

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Scarborough High School Classes 1928-1931

Do you know any of these students?

Scarborough High School Classes 1928-1931.

The students in this photo are numbered. If you know the identity of any of these students, please let the historical society know so we can add their name to the list of individuals.  Currently identified individuals, my number, include:

Scarborough High School, Classes 1928-1931 – Individuals Identified

  • 1. Joseph Libby, ‘29
  • 2.
  • 3. Clayton Urquhart, ‘29
  • 4.
  • 5. Stanley Pederson, ‘29
  • 6. Kenneth Laughton, ‘31
  • 7.
  • 8.
  • 9. John Ferguson, ‘30
  • 10.
  • 11. Sidney Pooler, ‘31
  • 12. Ralph Lorfano, ‘28
  • 13.
  • 14. Ella Sawyer, ’31 (or #67?)
  • 15. Marguerite Shaw, ‘31
  • 16.
  • 17.
  • 18.
  • 19.
  • 20.
  • 21. Almeda Moulton, ‘31
  • 22. Hope Fergatto, ‘31
  • 23. Dorothy Clark, ‘31
  • 24. Helen Scamman, ‘31
  • 25.
  • 26.
  • 27.
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30. Dagna Olesen, ‘28
  • 31.
  • 32.
  • 33. Delia Smith, ‘29
  • 34.
  • 35. Ernest Bowley, ‘29
  • 36. Chester Scammon, ‘28
  • 37.George Douglas, ‘31
  • 38.
  • 39. Gerald Pillsbury, ‘28
  • 40. Norman Morse, ‘29
  • 41. Stanley Harmon, ‘28
  • 42. Thornton Woodard, ‘28
  • 43.
  • 44.
  • 45. William Faulkner, ‘29
  • 46.
  • 47.
  • 48. Walter Douglas, ‘29\
  • 49. Dan Snow, ‘31
  • 50.
  • 51. Henrietta Meserve, ‘28
  • 52.
  • 53.
  • 54. Gertrude Pooler, ‘28
  • 55. Delia Woodward, ‘28
  • 56.
  • 57.
  • 58. Rachel Shaw, ‘29
  • 59.
  • 60.
  • 61. Dagmar Nielsen, ‘31
  • 62. Marjorie Milliken, ‘31
  • 63. Barbara Harmon, ‘31
  • 64.
  • 65. Hilda Harmon, ‘30
  • 66. Esther Nielsen, ‘30
  • 67. Ella Sawyer, ’31 (or #14)
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Added Oct 19 to Oct 31, 2019

Happy Halloween!

Surname Files


New Verticle File Folder: Locales – Scarborough Beach

The Carolyn Philbrick Collection

Twenty-three photos of people of interest to Scarborough were added to the People Gallery including the following:

  • Martha Ann Aldrich
  • Ruth Bragdon
  • Louville Deering
  • Millie Dyer
  • Chester Frost, Jr.
  • Gertrude Hasty
  • Ader Harmon
  • Ralph Leon Lary
  • Daniel Libby
  • Jane Libby
  • John Augustus Libby
  • Shirley Estelle Libby
  • Bobby Lincoln
  • Leon Meserve
  • Charles Mitchell
  • Elsie Mitchell
  • George Mitchell Sherman
  • Ora Sherman
  • Bertha Storey
  • Maybel Storey
  • Jesse Tapley
  • Mary Ella Tapley

The 1927 program for the Dedication of the Scarborough High School. The school was “Dedicated to the Boys and Girls, Our Citizens in the Making.” 

There were two businesses photos, one “The Wayland” which was added to the Restaurants Gallery and one, “Prouts Neck Garage” which was added to the Businesses Gallery. 

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Hight Surname

Other Research:

Genealogical information for Amos and George Hight edge tool makers. See PDF.

George Hight Edge Tool Maker (4 Page paper with images )

Archive.ORG Book: History of Gorham, Me.
by McLellan, Hugh D. (Hugh Davis), 1805-1878Lewis, Katherine B., ed
Publication date 1903Available at Archive.Org.

The following pages specifically talk about the Hight family in Scarborough.
Page 572 –
Page 356 & 357 –
Page 358 –
Page 361 –
Page 572 –

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Locales – Scarborough Beach


Scarborough Beach Newspaper Articles in the Scarborough Beach Locale Folder.

  • Beach Property
  • Beach Property Offered To Town  For $150,000
  • History Notes
  • Safety Plays Major Role — 1984
  • Scarborough Beach Newspaper Articles. Includes:
  • Scarborough Council Votes To Buy Prout’s Neck Beach – 1972.
  • Seavey-Lindholm House (built in 1743) – 1996.
  • Small package offers big fun – 1986.
  • Sprague Corp. May Sell Choice Beach Property
  • State May Buy Scarborough Beach Area – 1971.
  • Thoughts In A Day Of Rain (Remembered Moments by Dudley Lunt)
  • Virtue Of An Idle Afternoon (Remembered Moments by Dudley Lunt)


Use the Ephemera Finding Aid to locate ephemera related to Scarborough Beach 
Additional ephemera in the Shaw Surname File include:

  • Dr. Hess Stock Food – Dr. Hess Poultry PAN-A-CE-A Receipts – July 1905 – 2017.77.15
  • There are also 3 additional receipts –
    • Dr. Hess Stock Food – Dr. Hess Poultry PAN-A-CE-Receipts – Feb 1906 – 2017.77.16
    • Dr. Hess Stock Food – Dr. Hess Poultry PAN-A-CE-Receipts- July 1906 – 2017.77.17
    • Dr. Hess Stock Food – Dr. Hess Poultry PAN-A-CE-Receipts – ca. 1904 – 2017.77.18


Scarborough Beach Image Gallery

Other Research:

An Archive.Org search finds over 600 results.

Cross-referenced items – Shaw (Blue Slip)

  • Higgins Beach - Scarboro Beach - 95.27.134Photo #95.27.134 Filed in Photo Box #2, Locales, Scarborough Beach


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Southgate House

New “Homes” Photo Gallery

There is a new “Houses” gallery which includes three photos of the Southgate house.

  1. An early photograph of the Southgate House in Dunstan (before telephone or electric service).
  2. There are two other photos of the Southgate House that are quite similar (after telephone and/or electric service).

There are higher-quality (600 dpi) images of these three photos available.

Bob White’s Carriage House

The Southgate house became the Dow Farm and later became Bob White’s Carriage House (Restaurant).  Yum, a lobster dinner with appetizer, salad two vegetables, desert with tea or coffee was $4.50. We have a copy of the menu — Bob White’s Carriage House – Menu (Southgate House).

                                        Homes Gallery

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New “Students Photo Gallery” Started

I added a new photo gallery of student group photos. Added the following Photographs

Scarborough HS Basketball Team 1939-1940
Freshman “Arrows”
Sitting: R. Grant, E. Jenkins, J. Scamman, G. Knight, D. Richardson, M. Libby, D. Sewell, D. Bradford. Standing: A. Witham, W. Beckwith, F., Winchester, Coach Austin, E. Klase, D. Witham, N. Douglass.

Higher Quality TIFF Available)

Scarborough HS Basketball Team 1940-1941
Boys Basketball
Front Row: M. Libby, ’43; E. Withee. ’32; S. Higgins, *41; W, Plowman, ’41; C Pooler, ’41; C. Reilly, ’42; E. Klase, ’43. Second Row: D. Bradford, ’43; J. Stamman, ’43; R. Grant, ’43; R. Jensen, ’43; D. Richardson, ’43; G. Knight, ’43; H. Cohen. ’43; C. Profenno, ’43; Jr. Plowman, ’44 Third Row: D. Davis, ’44; L. Stanford, ’43; L. Leary, ’42; Coach Hallett; D Sewell ’43, D. Mallory, ’43.

(Higher Quality TIFF Available)

Scarborough-HS-Graduation-Class-1943-2019.38.01c Scarborough HS Graduation Class 1943

(Higher Quality TIFF Available)

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