Coming in April

Flax Traditions: From Seed to Linen Cloth

Photo of Jane Flanagan at her loom.

Jayne at her loom.

Wednesday, April 5th, Jayne Flanagan will present Flax Traditions: from Seed to Linen Cloth. Being more of a “plant” person than an “animal/wool” person, Scarborough resident Jayne Flanagan has worked with flax and linen all the way from seed to finished cloth. Accompanied by a slide show, flax tools and samples, she’ll share the history and techniques involved in processing and spinning flax, activities common on New England farms prior to the importation of cotton thread and cloth. Jayne has grown several small crops of flax here in Scarborough since the 1980s and has been spinning and weaving since the early 1970s.

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