New Library Pages

The Scarborough Historical Museum has an incredible number of books, manuscripts, and other items available to researchers at the museum.  Over the past few weeks, I have tried several different methods to catalog the books we have in one of our bookcases. I added two pages to the website, First, Books in Bookcase 1 includes photos of the bookcase shelves along with links to a master list of books in that bookcase. Also, if a book on the shelf is available on-line, I will include a link to that page whenever possible.  That will give you the option of coming to the museum to touch and feel the actual book. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to easily access the on-line version that you can do a search for items. This is particularly useful with the books that do not have an index.

Shelves one through seven have been done and are in various states of development. I’ll be back-tracking to fill them into the new form/format. I have now begun with shelf 8

Books in Bookcase 1, Shelf 8

I have also created a new page, Books Available On-Line.  These books are not available at the museum but are known to be of genealogical interest for those researching Scarborough, Maine, ancestors.

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