Encapsulated Collection 24 – Notices

Payment to inhabitants for part of Scarboro annex to Gorham
by Act of Legislature of 1864.

Handwritten 1870 Notice regarding payment for part of town annexed to Gorham in 1864

This may certify that the
Assessors of the town of Scarboro
Have apportioned to the inhabitants
Of that part of Scarboro set off
And annexed to the town of
Gorham by act of the legislature of
1864 the sums due them under
Acts of 1868 and 1870 and
Have committed the same
to Cyrus F. Moulton Treasurer
of Scarboro who will pay
said inhabitants said sums
the 26 day of Aug 1870
Scarboro Aug. 11 1870

Seth Scammon { Assessors
{ of
Grandville McKinney { Scarboro

(Transcription by Betty McKown, Scarborough Historical Society)

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