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In October 2022, the following items were added to the website:


12th Maine Regiment (Civil War)

Twenty-seventh Reunion of the 12th  Maine Regiment – Dunstan, 10 September 1908.

I added a photo of the West Scarborough Methodist Church (circa 1928).

Under First Congregational Church, I created a sub-paragraph for the Outlook Club.

The Outlook Club

The Outlook Club was a women’s group associated with the First Congregational Church at Black Point in 1910. They worked to create the Civil War Monument on the land then known as “The Village Green,” which had once been the site of the Second Parish Church. (Now known as Dunstan.) The monument was dedicated on June 21, 1913. The Club created a Cook Book as part of its fund-raising activities.

and uploaded the cookbook to the Internet Archive and to Digital Maine

I uploaded the April 14, 1860, issue of the Sunday School Advocate (Volume XIX – Number 13 to the Internet Archive.

I uploaded the State of Maine Song by Roger Vinton Snow to Digital Maine.


I added photos of:



  • Barker’s Store & Fried Clams (Pine Point) Photo

Retail Businesses


Grammar School

High School

  • Class of 1923Senior Class: Standing—Left to Right;- Clarke A. Libbeg; F. Clayton Sargent; Frank H. Mitchell. Aubrey E. Lincoln; Clarence H. Peterson. Sitting—Left to Right:– J. Christian Andersen; Gladys L. Douglass; Martha E. Pillsbury; Mrs. Arthur Stevens; Hazel B. Merry; Agnes G. Lund; Harold W. Bennett.
  • Class of 1944 – Commencement Program – Scarborough High School.
  • Class of 1951 – 1951 Class Will – from the Rodney Laughton Collection

Surname Files


Jocelyn Internet Links of Interest


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