M.F. Tilton letter to C. T. Libby, Esq. 11 Jul 1889 – 70.14.17.k

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Bangor, July 11, 1889

C. T. Libby Esq.
Dear Sir-
I have unrolled a pal impest of more than eighty yrs. accumulation and
given you of its contents a bountiful portion – no doubt very much
of it of little use in your work – writing at various times, I
penned what came to me without any consecutive plan. if you can
glean from my labor, for it has been a tax on brain and hand, and
aid toward your purposed work, I shall be amply rewarded – my only
regret being lack of conciseness and method – but I have been fair
and set down “naught in malice or extenuation” of good or ill.
I look back with feeling of sadness on past scenes and events occurr-
ing those bygone days – that were indicative of the lower or animal
side of human nature – we are simply animals until we develop our
higher spiritual forces, latent in too many mortals – but with the
poet Gray we will let such “In trembling hope rely on the mercy
of their Father God”. 1 have tried to meet your questions in
some measure and trust you will consider it useless to draw further
on my poor brain – it is now like an empty gourd snell. There were
several quaint originals I dared not attempt to picture in person
or speech – my 2d brother could have presented you their tout
ensemble and vernacular too – both unique – Jon. Burnham, J. Shute
and sone Sam. in special form. The Graffams were singular families,
both sexes – untaught in proprietes as well as the rights of neigh-
bors to their possessions – Court records will serve yr. purpose
with the latter.

Please give my love to Miss Thompson and say if she has not read
“AGirl’s Life Eighty Yrs. Ago” I wd. commend it to her. It consists
of letters of Eliza Southgate Browne pub. by her grand dau. in N.Y.
You perhaps may gain some items from S. in those early days. Port,
library wd. have it I shd. suppose and relatives of the S. family

With Regard,

yrs. Garrulously


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