Scarboro Annual Warrant – 1821

To Joshua Libby one of the Constables of the Town of Scarboro


You are hereby required in the name of the State of Maine to summon and notify the freeholders and other inhabitants of the said town qualifyed by law to vote in town meetings to assemble at the Meetinghouse in the first Parish of said town on Monday the twelvth day of March next at ten o’Clock in the fore-noon to act on the following articles [?] –

1  First to choose a moderator to regulate said meeting
2  Secondly to choose a Clerk
3ly – to choose all town officers for the year ensuing or untill others are chosen.  School     committee laid over till the adjournment.
4th  – to choose a committee to settle with the Treasurer.
5th  – to see if town will make any alteration in the school districts and vote accordingly.
6th  – to see what method the town will take to make or [?] the highways and vote accordingly.
7th – to see what sum of money the town will excise for the support [?] and vote the same.
8th – to see if the town will accept of any return of roads that may be laid before them.
9th – to see if the town will allow any accounts that may be bid before them.
10th -to see what method the town will take to support their poor
11th -to see what sum of money the town will raise for the support of the poor and for contingencies.
12th -lastly to pass any vote or votes relative to the above –

Given under our hands & seals this Fifteenth day of February in the year of our Lord 1821.

                                                            Gideon Rice                 }           Selectmen
                                                            Joseph Fogg                }                  of
                                                            Benjamin Lombeck     }           Scarborough

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Annual Warrant

Pursuant to the Within warrant I have summoned and notified the inhabitants of said town, qualified as therein prepared to assemble at the time and place and for the purposes within mentioned.

                                                            Joshua Libby   Constable

[Transcription by Carole Plowman, Scarborough Historical Society, 12 January 2020]
[Ref: “Encapsulated Collection 51 – Warrant Annual 1821”]

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