The Villages of Scarborough

During 2011, the Scarborough Leader ran a series of articles about the various “Villages of Scarborough” which began with “Town is Rich in Village History” and was followed by 10 articles regarding various “villages” in Scarborough. These articles included the following:

  1. Pine Point – Clams were core of Pine Point community.
  2. Blue Point – Proud of their ‘Hiller’ heritage.
  3. Dunstan – Dunstan defined community.
  4. North Scarborough – Grange hall was the hub of activity in North Scarborough.
  5. Oak Hill – Oak Hill has seen some changes.
  6. Black Point – Black Point had ‘everything right there.’
  7. Prouts Neck – Prouts Neck history features big hotels.
  8. Spurwink – Farms dominated Spurwink landscape.
  9. Higgins Beach – Residents recall bonds of summer.
  10. Pleasant Hill – Plenty of work and play in Pleasant Hill.

These articles have been compiled and are available as a PDF file in: “The Villages of Scarborough.”

Additionally, all of these articles are available through the efforts of the Scarborough Public Library through “Advantage Preservation.”  The Scarborough Leader issues from 1995 thru 2018 are available through Advantage Preservation.


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