New “Students Photo Gallery” Started

I added a new photo gallery of student group photos. Added the following Photographs

Scarborough HS Basketball Team 1939-1940
Freshman “Arrows”
Sitting: R. Grant, E. Jenkins, J. Scamman, G. Knight, D. Richardson, M. Libby, D. Sewell, D. Bradford. Standing: A. Witham, W. Beckwith, F., Winchester, Coach Austin, E. Klase, D. Witham, N. Douglass.

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Scarborough HS Basketball Team 1940-1941
Boys Basketball
Front Row: M. Libby, ’43; E. Withee. ’32; S. Higgins, *41; W, Plowman, ’41; C Pooler, ’41; C. Reilly, ’42; E. Klase, ’43. Second Row: D. Bradford, ’43; J. Stamman, ’43; R. Grant, ’43; R. Jensen, ’43; D. Richardson, ’43; G. Knight, ’43; H. Cohen. ’43; C. Profenno, ’43; Jr. Plowman, ’44 Third Row: D. Davis, ’44; L. Stanford, ’43; L. Leary, ’42; Coach Hallett; D Sewell ’43, D. Mallory, ’43.

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Scarborough-HS-Graduation-Class-1943-2019.38.01c Scarborough HS Graduation Class 1943

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