Select SHS Graduation Exercises – 1895-1987 – RLC


– yh\, 0 jilomiA J’VIriiiHA.
‘ >Yaclnail ivcj $xclaM
Tf„- (?U of 1895, t.
,’j< •!• >i Wall,
’hi.l.i 1| 0 miiiiij, June 2S. iS!)j,
(’(I K
SALUTATORY, with Essay—A Description <>f Norman’s Woe.
•2. Our Country’s Progress in Civilization.
3. A Mother’s Influence.
4. * Railroads.
5. Step by Step.
(I hack E. Cook E. Pkrlev Lhiuy Ad mi- E. Kai.ek Wai.ter I1’. Larraiike Eloisk Fiske Milt.iken
6. ORATION—How 10 Make Life a Success.
S. H. Smau.
7. Advantages of Perseverance.
Annie E. Moses
8. The Humble Origin of G
John O. Lira
o. * The Distribution of Man. Edgar W Staples
ro, A Parent’s Love. Martha W. Him.
u. CLASS HISTORY. Clara E. Pillsbury
T-.\ * Wonders of Electricity. Louts A. Peterson
i t. Labor Conquers. Carrie E. Libby
14. k The Sun. William J. Robinson
15. Ancient ami Modern Modes of Travel. Ralph B. Larrabee
16. A Political Education. Walter Seavey
\y. The Power of Imagination. Mabel Gilman
iS. Hawaii. Edwin B. Snow
19. VALEDICTORY, with Essay—The Value of Decision. Ruth E. Libby
4 Excused.
Throe years have passed.
And we to-night must bid you all adieu:
To teachers, classmates, one and all,
We say farewell to you.
Though varied be the paths we tread.
However hard we strive,
We never, never can forget The class of ninety-live.
To-night the time has come at last,
When friendship’s chain must sever.
For we’ve been friends in days that’s past,
And friends we’ll be forever.
When climbing up the stairs of fame.
And at the top arrive,
With love and reverence we’ll recall The class of ninety- live.
Oh may the lessons we have learned.
As years draw on, become True Wisdom’s crown for each and all,
As through the world we roam.
And now our school-time days are o’er And gone their happy spell,
May we all meet in Heaven above No more to say farewell.
(iraimatttm ^Exercises
Gllass of 1924
jiotrboro ^d]ooI
p~ of p. plall, dDak pill
PRonbau pfennig, Jjimo 115, 1924
S P- . ■ ■■ c,:
of the.
Sunday, June 13 • 11.00 a.m.
BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Black Point Congregational Church
Thursday, June 17 • 8.00 p.m. GRADUATION EXERCISES
Town Hall • Oak Hill
Theme: Working to Win
“Measure not the work Until the day’s out and the labor done.”

Double Eagle March Wagner
High School Orchestra
Prayer Rev. Ernest Doughty
Salutatory Address Althea Marie Ahlquist

Narrators: Ruth Adell Baizley
Elizabeth Leila Milliken Carlo Profenno Karine Elizabeth Johnson
Soloists: Jean Elizabeth Littlejohn
Ruth Adell Baizley
Focal Trio: Charlene Bornheimer
Ruth Baizley Ruth Main
I Financing the War Effort with Vocal Solo
2 Food Production with the Farmerettes
3 Industry
4 Home Defense
First Aid with Vocal Solo
Defense Observation
The Home Guard
The Honor Roll with Vocal Trio
S Finale “America” Block

Selection from “William Tell” Rossini
High School Orchestra
Jean Elizabeth Littlejohn Rena Arlene Libby Shirley Estelle Libby June Irene Patnaude
Selection El Choco, Tango Villodo
High School Orchestra Class Prophecy Doris May Allen
Ellen Jean Seavey Florence Avis Withee
Selection Poet and Peasant Overture von Suppe
High School Orchestra Valedictory Address Theresa Louise Sullivan
Singing of Class Ode Written by Lee Swinburne
Class of 1943
Presentation of Alumni Awards
Ruth Moulton, President of Alumni Association Presentation of Diplomas Superintendent F. H. B. Heald Benediction Rev. Ernest Doughty
March Orchestra

Reception to Members of Class of 1943

Tune: “When Day is Done”
Four years have gone. The time has come To say good-bye.
Our hopes and fears, those happy years Will never die.
Our schoolmates, our classmates, the school we hold so dear, We’ll treasure and cherish thruout the span of all the years.
Now as we go to face the world,
A world of pain,
We pledge our strength ’till freedom’s sun Shall shine again,
And when the world has peace once more,
And hearts are high,
We’ll pledge anew our love,
Dear Scarborough High.
College Preparatory Course
Karine Elizabeth Johnson 19 Ellen Jean Seavey 17X
Jean Elizabeth Littlejohn 18K Theresa Louise Sullivan i6fg
General Course
Althea Marie Ahlquist tSH Elizabeth Leila Milliken I7*t
Doris May Allen 17 H Gloria Kathleen O’Brien 17K
Ruth Adell Baizley 18 H June Irene Patnaude 18
Donald Sawyer Bradford 16y, Carlo Profenno 17
Lorraine Faye Clark 16# Donald Merton Richardson 17
Harris Edwin Cohen 16 yt Natalie Elizabeth Rounds 17
Neil Richard Douglass 17 James Harold Scamman 17
Elizabeth Louise Fuller l6 Nason Whitten Snow 16
Ralph Herbert Grant 1 Leland Pierce Stanford 16 H
Delona Yetton Harmon 17X Virginia Patricia Sullivan 16K
Vera Clarice Hughes 16K Lee Swinburne 17X
Shirley Louise Kilby 17 Ruth Elinor Whipple 16
George Turner Knight 16^i Eunice Thelma Winslow 17K
Rena Arlene Libby 18^ Leroy Alden Witham 1673
Richard Malcolm Libby 17 Florence Avis Withee i6j< Shirley Estelle Libby 17K Mary Elizabeth Woychuck 16 H David Walter Mallory 16 Mary Elinor Wright tl'A First Second tie for Third HONORS Theresa Louise Sullivan Althea Marie Alhquist Carlo Profenno Ruth Adel! Baizley Class Motto Class Colors “The better prepared, the more powerful Maroon and Gold President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CLASS OFFICERS Donald Merton Richardson Harris Edwin Cohen Shirley Estelle Libby Elizabeth Leila Milliken SCARBOROUGH HIGH SCHOOL 9o&dd o/S.944 <^0/4
Elinor Frances Witham 17^
Service Men’s Diplomas
Leon Herbert Ahlquist l8V4 Robert Kenneth Hicks 16
Henry Willis Burnell 185/g Ambrose Gerald Lothrop 16%
Kenneth Seavey Burnham 16 Thomas Ralph Mucci 18%
Robert Earl Cott 16 George Wentworth Scam man i63/z
Richard Carr Wood i63/g
Class Honors
First Loretta Ann Larsen Second Ardeth Sunny Meserve
Class Motto “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with all thy might1 Class Colors Maroon and White Class Flower Rose
Class Officers
Herbert Lee Ridlon Ardeth Sunny Meserve Loretta Ann Larsen Virginia Mae Shaw
< < COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM Scarborough High School Class of 1948 COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES of the CLASS OF 1948 SCARBOROUGH HIGH SCHOOL June 6 - 230 P. M. Baccalaureate Services Black Point Congregational Church ]une 8 - 8.00 P. M. Graduation Exercises Town Hall - Oak Hill June 10 - 7.00 P. M. Alumni Banquet Eastland Hotel - Portland June 11 - 8.30 P. M. Senior Reception and Ball Town Hall - Oak Hill GRADUATION PROGRAM o—o—ft—ft—(t—fl—ft—ft—(KKKKKHh(KKKK>-»^
Theme: “Yesterday, and Today, and Forever”
‘Yet 1 doubt not through the ages one Increasing purpose runs,
And the thoughts of men are widened With the process of the suns.”
* * *■
On Parade Woodrow
Festival March Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
High School Orchestra
Prayer Rev. J. Nesbitt Lello
* * *
Barbara Ellen Bornheimer Edna Marilyn Lilley Leroy Arnold Ahlquist Malcolm Roland Dodge Donald Kenneth Bartlett
Piano Solo Lorraine Doris Gelinas
“Service”—Cadman Chorus
Trombone Solo Malcolm Roland Dodge
Vocal Solo Richard Granville Hayden
Class Gifts Marilyn Littlefield
Natalie Ann Richardson Kenneth Joseph Newcomb Robert Murray Ward
Class Cartoons Janice Elizabeth Bowser
Betty Constance Nielsen
Class Prophecy
Jean Elizabeth Dwyer Sylvia Ann McLaughlin Marilynn Audrey Meserve Joseph William Mathieu
“Chivalry” Edna Marilyn Lilley
“Look Up—and On!” Barbara Ellen Bomheimer
* * *
Piano Solo—“Le Papillon” Levallee
Roberta Thurston
Marita Morgan
Freshman Girls’ Glee Club * * *
Crusaders’ Hymn Martens
Class of 1948
Valedictory Edna Marilyn Lilley
Barbara Ellen Bomheimer
Singing of Class Ode Written by Sylvia Ann McLaughlin
Marilynn Audrey Meserve
Class of 1948
Presentation of Diplomas Superintendent Medill Bair
Benediction Rev. J. Nesbitt Lello
* * *
SENIOR ODE Tune: “Now is the Hour”
School days have come to an end;
Dear are the bonds we must sever.
Friends we have made through the years Mean so much more now than ever.
For now is the time when we must say good-by;
We’ll treasure fondly days at Scarborough High.
Mem’ries of her and all we hold so dear,
Shall live with us in all our future years.
A fond farewell we must say
To the kind teachers of Scarborough.
Their lore and guidance so true,
We’ll cherish always and follow.
Donald Kenneth Bartlett Barbara Ellen Bomheimer Jean Elizabeth Dwyer Richard George Gantnier
Robert Murray Ward
Lorraine Doris Gelinas Marilynn Audrey Meserve Kenneth Joseph Newcomb Floyd John Perley
Leroy Arnold Ahlquist Olaf Richard Ahlquist Janice Elizabeth Bowser Malcolm Roland Dodge Joyce Evelyn Downing Joan Doyle
Douglas Albert Goodrich Margaret Elaine Gower Lloyd Houston Hart Richard Granville Hayden Harold Clayton Hughes
Edna Marilyn Lilley Marilyn Littlefield Joseph William Mathieu Sylvia Ann McLaughlin John Edward Nelsen Betty Constance Nielsen Herbert Earl Olesen Natalie Ann Richardson Stanley Daton Robinson Earl Raymond Sargent Sylvia Joan Skillings James Sullivan
Joseph Profenno (Class of 1945)
Tie for First Honor
Third Honor Fourth Honor
scholastic honors
Barbara Ellen Bomheimer Edna Marilyn Lilley Marilynn Audrey Meserve Robert Murray Ward
Class Motto Class Flower Class Colors
“Look Up—And On!” Red Rose Blue and Gold
* *
class officers
Leroy Arnold Ahlquist Robert Murray Ward Marilynn Audrey Meserve Betty Constance Nielsen
of the
June 5 – 2:00 p. m. BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Blac\ Point Congregational Church
June 6 ■ 8:00 p. m. GRADUATION EXERCISES Toton Hall – Oak Hill
June 8 – 6:30 p. m. SENIOR BANQUET Snowberry Annex – Pine Point
June 8 ‘ 8:30 p. m.
SENIOR RECEPTION AND BALL Snowberry Annex – Pine Point
graduation program
Theme: Our Pioneer Tradition “Search for the gold which deep beneath the surface lies”’
MARCH On Parade Paul Woodrow
High School Orchestra
INVOCATION Rev. Thurber Weller
RESPONSE All Glory Be To God On High Johan S. Bach
High School Orchestra
Delbert Kenneth Pike
Patricia Lord
“WAGON WHEELS” Peter Dc Rose
“EARLY CALIFORNIA” Arr. by Choate and Isaac
The Graduating Class
Dorothy Mae Bimson Lorn a Louise Hersey Barbara Louise Noble Priscilla Jean Storey
Eleanor Ruth Tokarski
Stanley Albert Brown Edwin Francis Farwcll Robert Stanley Gardner John Albert York
Mary Jane Megquir, 1849
Adolph Junior Bowens
Jean Elaine York
The Graduating Class PROPHECY
Walt Whitman Walt Whitman H. R. Wilson
Richard Alan Buckley Barbara Phyllis Campbell
Marion Louise Deering Robert Donald Jannelle
PRESENTATION OF GIFTS Gladys Jean David Angie Louise Marshall
Eunice Marie Lilley Richard Eugene Marr
Francis Raymond Wood
“OLD FAITHFUL” Carr and Kennedy
The Graduating Class
Mary Davis
Piano Accompanist – Roberta Thurston
SELECTION Echoes from Grand Opera Arr. by Paul Herfurth GRADUATION MARCH Festival F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy High School Orchestra
CLASS ODE Written by Joyce Beverly Kimball
Mary Angela White Mary Davis
Solo by Betty Doris Frost OF AWARDS Principal Horace P. Maxcy
OF DIPLOMAS Superintendent Robert Lunt Rev. Esther Haskard
CLASS ODE Tune: Red Sails in the Sunset
Even though we cherish in our heart Our days in Scarborough High,
Time swiftly leads us to depart;
At last we must say goodbye.
Starlit the path that we may tread That leads to fortune or fame;
Along our way the white and red Will ever recall thy name.
Throughout the years of peace or strife.
Though we are near or far.
Your influence shall guide our life.
Forever like a bright star.
Before us the gateway lies open and wide,
Leading to fortune long dreamed of outside.
Years treasured and golden we’ll store in our heart Dear Scarborough High School before we depart;
Each hour is a jewel, each friendship of gold Locked in our hearts safely, their memory ever we’ll hold. Though now we are parting, loyal we’ll be,
O Scarborough High School, Forever to thee.
Dorothy Mae Bimson Adolph Junior Bowens Stanley Albert Brown Barbara Phyllis Campbell Gladys Jean David Edwin Francis Farwell Betty Doris Frost Robert Stanley Gardner Robert Donald Jannelle
Joyce Beverly Kimball Richard Cleveland Libby Gordon Parker Lord, Jr. Richard Eugene Marr Thomas William Sturgeon Eleanor Ruth Tokarski Mary Angela White Francis Raymond Wood John Albert York
Mary Davis Marion Louise Deering Loma Louise Hersey
Richard Alan Buckley
Delbert Kenneth Pike ★
Angie Louise Marshall Barbara Louise Noble Priscilla Jean Storey
Eunice Marie Lilley
First Priscilla Jean Storey
Second Delbert Kenneth Pike
Third Eunice Marie Lilley
Fourth Richard Alan Buckley ★
Class Motto The stars my camp, the Diety my light.
Class Colors Maroon and White
Class Flower White Carnation

CLASS OFFICERS President Richard Eugene Marr
Vice-President Richard Alan Buckley
Secretary Marion Louise Deering
Treasurer Angie Louise Marshall

dornnzznazmzn,t dP’ioy’iam
tdaai/jo’ioucjli cJ-ficjfz ^Safioot
(2laa± Of ig^O
of the
June 4 – 2:30 p. m. BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Black Point Congregational Church
June 5 – 8:00 p. m. GRADUATION EXERCISES Town Hall – Oak Hill
June 8 – 7:00 p. m.
Eastland Hotel – Portland
June 8 – 9:00 p. m.
Eastland Hotel
Theme: Through The Years
High School Orchestra—Directed by Ernest R. Hill
INVOCATION Rev. Gerald Miller
MEDLEY—20th Century Tunes
High School Orchestra
Scene I Birth of A Century Medley—Little Annie Rooney The Bowery Quartet—Nancy Hughes, Patricia Brinkman,
Frank Hodgdon, Darrel Archer Band—June Peterson, Elaine Lilley, David Bartlett,
Donald Larrabce, Walter Lord The Band Played On Ensemble—Class of 1950
Waltz—Norma Nielsen—Donald Bowser Gracetta Gorman—Gary Rice Carmelita Stitham—Carlcton Carter June Perley—William Barney Marie Carter—Robert Lilley Jane Libby—James Swasey Virginia Foley—Clifford MacConncll Margaret Hillock—Richard Plummer My Sweetheart’s The Man In The Moon Girls’ Chorus
Auld Lang Syne Ensemble
Scene II 1910
Merry Oldsmobile Henry Ford
In car—Ruth Brown, Jane Libby, John and Kenneth Baizley
Scene III 1920
Whispering Special Girls’ Chorus
Sweethearts of Sigma Chi
Ruth Brown, Norma Nielsen, Virginia Foley,
Robert Lilley, Harry Pearson, and Frank Hodgdon Charleston
Nancy Hughes—Donald Bowser Louise Pooler—Clifford MacConnell
Gracetta Gorman—James Swasey
Girls’ Chorus Boys’ Chorus
Scene IV 1930 I’ll Get By
Ruth Brown, Norma Nielsen, Virginia Foley,
Frank Hodgdon, Robert Lilley, Harry Pearson I Got Plenty of Nothin’ Boys’ Chorus
Cuddle Up A Little Closer Girls’ Chorus
Scene V 1940
Mood Militant Ensemble
Featuring Robert Lilley, Kenneth Baizley,
Walter Lord, and Donald Downs White Cliffs of Dover Ensemble
Missouri Waltz Girls’ Chorus
Seventeen Ensemble
Dialogue Mary Libby ’51 — Dennis Winslow ’52
Musical Director Mary Lyons
Production Director Linwood Dyer
Patricia Brinkman David Bartlett
Nancy Nelson Donald Larrabcc
Vera Temm Richard Plummer
Doris Winslow Gary Rice
CLASS ODE Written by Patricia Brinkman and Richard Plummer
PRESENTATION OF AWARDS Principal Horace P. Maxcy
PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Superintendent Robert Lunt
BENEDICTION Rev. Thurber Weller
Written by Richard Plummer and Patricia Brinkman
Tune: Let’s Go To Church Next Sunday Morning
Swift as a dream the years have vanished,
Laden with sunshine and rain.
New portals open; new paths beckon,
And no turning backward again.
Knowledge with its shining wings to guide us,
Courage, hope, and friendship still to walk beside us; Then through the years, what’er befall us,
We’ll reach our haven at last.
Dear Scarborough High, ’tis time for parting,
We bid you loving farewell;
So long to friends and mem’ries cherished,
With sadness we sever their spell.
Through the years we’ll travel o’er life’s highways, Near or far, we’ll ne’er forget our happy schooldays, Still think of us, your wand’ring children,
Goodbye to you, Scarborough High.
Darrel Glenwood Archer Donald Edward Larrabee
Kenneth Glenwood Baizley Frederica Jane Libby
William Arthur Barney Elaine Marion Lilley
David Edward Bartlett Robert Elwin Lilley
Donald Ellison Bowser Walter Harlow Lord, II
Patricia Ileen Brinkman Clifford Austin MacConnell, Jr.
Ruth Elizabeth Brown Helen Nancy Nelson
William Stewart Burnham Norma Marjorie Nielsen
Carleton Leroy Carter Harry Edward Pearson
Lulu Marie Carter June Carolyn Perley
Donald Laurence Downs June Abbie Peterson
Virginia Mary Foley Richard Ellsworth Plummer
Gracetta Theresa Gorman Louise Ella Pooler
Margaret Adrienne Hillock Gary Leavitt Rice
Frank Gilbert Hodgdon Carmelita Louise Stitham
Nancy Maud Hughes James Harding Swasey
John Elmer Jones ★ HONORS Vera Estelle Temm Doris Louise Winslow
First . Virginia Mary Foley
Second Robert Elwin Lilley
Third Helen Nancy Nelson
Fourth ★ . . Louise Ella Pooler
CLASS MOTTO Ignorance is the curse of God; knowledge is
the wings by which we soar to Heaven.
CLASS COLORS Silver and Blue
President . Donald Ellison Bowser
Vice President Donald Laurence Downs
Secretary . Patricia Ileen Brinkman
Treasurer . William Stewart Burnham
of the
– – CLASS OF 1951 – –
June i – 8:00 p. m.
CLASS DAY EXERCISES High School Auditorium
June 3 – 2:30 p. m. BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Black Point Congregational Church
June 4 – 8:00 p. m. GRADUATION EXERCISES Town Hall – Oak PI ill
June 7 – 7:00 p. in.
ALUMNI BANQUET Eastland Hotel – Portland
June 7 – 9:00 p. vi.
SENIOR RECEPTION AND BALL Eastland Hotel – Portland
June 8 – 8:00 p. in. FAREWELL BALL AND RECEPTION By the Undergraduates Town PI all
Scarborough High School
Theme: Peace On Earth
Good Will Toward Men
SELECTION—United Nations on the March
High School Orchestra—Directed by Ernest R. Hill
INVOCATION Rev- Gerlld Miller
RESPONSE—Agnus Dei Bizet
High School Orchestra
THE CONCERT ‘Written and Directed by Unwood Dyer ’42 Scene—Symphony Hall Time—The Present
The Concert Artists The Attendant The Stranger Roberta Thurston, Barbara Mitchell Ralph Lary Ted Atwood
The Guests:
Kenneth Miller Stephanie Jacqueline Ricker
Jin ska . …. Margaret White Mrs. Kramer Sarah MacConnnell
Victor Lipka Mr. Kramer Richard Gower
Sasha Patty Lord Hans . . Howard Corbeau
Carmalita Marilvn Patnaude Lita Patricia Shaw
Guiseppi . . Donald Harmon A Professor . . Bradford Roberts
Rosa Judv Russell Joe Neil Bowser
Don George Doody Betty ……. Pauline Davis
Madam Wong F.dith Lvsaght Mary
Maria Elena Latini Liska Howard Merrill
Peter Ralph Cusack A Photograplxr Albert Tcmm
Edvard Jcrrv Paradis A Husband Donald Thurlow
Helga Nancy Storey Taheta Jane Sherwood
Freddy Albert Piquctte Katty . . . . . . Myrna Bcrrv
John Stewart Harmon Gloria Hazel Pcrham
Annie Man’ Libbv Hilda . . loan Libby
Angus Richard Day Mrs. Karina Bettv Hunncwcll
Pat Miles Mallory Fritz William Pcrham
Ilka Gwendolyn Jordan fames Arthur Blanchette
Jose Thomas Ewing Children Betty Baylcy
Jeannie Tarcd Peggy Rice Courtney Sargent Stephen Baylcy, Kathy Lysaght
SELECTION—Echoes From Grand Opers
GRADUATION MARCH—Pomp and Circumstance High School Orchestra
Barbara Louise Mitchel, Mary Joyce Libby
Principal Horace P. Maxcy
PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS Superintendent Robert Lunt
Rev. Mr. Miller
Tune: Londonderry Air
O Scarborough High! the school of friendships gay and true We’ll cherish e’er the days we spent with you With loyal hearts tonight our hopes and dreams we share Inspired by you our Alma Mater fair.
Within thy walls a friendly beacon shines To guide our steps when other light declines Thy courage too will guide us, through the blackest night Thy honor keep our steps in paths of truth and right.
O red and white, you stand for purpose pure and true For loyalty we add our band of blue—
Red, white, and blue to bind our hearts in country, God, and You. To bind our hearts in country, God, and you.
O Scarborough High! we sing tonight of happy years We sing of youth, the springtime of our lives We sing Farewell—farewell we echo through our tears Farewell to Scarborough High the springtime of our lives!
Mary Libby Barbara Mitchell Ralph Lary Roberta Thurston
Class Motto Class Colors Class Flower
Class President Class Vice President Class Secretary Class Trcasurer
Edith Lysaght Kenneth Miller Patricia Lord Peggy Ann Rice
Man Is An Island—Unto Himself Rcd-White-Blue Red Rose
Ralph Cusack Stewart Harmon Pauline Davis Margery Durgin
Theodore Park Atwood Myrna Berry Arthur Blanchette, Jr.
Neil Reynolds Bowser Howard Richard Corbeau Ralph Lionel Cusack Pauline Davis Richard E. Day George Joseph Doody Margery Arlene Durgin Thomas Frederick Ewing Richard Gower Donald Melville Harmon Stewart Norwood Harmon Betty Jean Hunnewell Ethel Gwendolynn Jordan Ralph Leon Lary Elena Rose-Marie Latini Joanne Agnes Libby Mary Joyce Libby Victor William Lipka Patricia Annie Lord
Margaret Elizabeth
Edith Aileen Lysaght Sara Marie MacConnell Miles MacDonald Mallory Howard George Merrill Kenneth Allen Miller Barbara Louise Mitchell Marilyn Alice Patnaude Jerald Arthur Paradis Hazel Virginia Perham William Edward Perham Albert Joseph Piquette Jacqueline Anne Ricker Peggy Anne Rice Bradford P. Roberts Judith Gwendolyn Russell Patricia Ann Shaw Courtney Rogers Sargent Leah Jane Sherwood Nancy Marie Storey Albert Freeman Tcmm Donald Thurlow Roberta Joyce Thurston White

June 8 – 2:30 p. in, BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Black Point Congregational Church
June 10-8:00 p. m. GRADUATION EXERCISES Town Hall – Oak Hill
June 12 – 7:30 p. m. ALUMNI BANQUET Cascade Lodge – Saco
June 13 – 8:00 p. m. SENIOR RECEPTION Town Hall – Oak Hill
Theme — By Faith and Courage
Emblem of Liberty — Frank Von Suppe’ Undergraduate Choir
Invocation Reverend Esther Haskard
Response – Prayer — Humperdinck Undergraduate Choir
Salutatory Address Edmund Charles Lary
GRAND OLD FLAG Written and directed by Lynwood D. Dyer ’42
Musical Director Mary Lyon CAST OF CHARACTERS
George Cohan James Merry
Town Crier Frank Mitchell
George Washington Dennis Winslow
Betsy Ross Ernestine Selberg
Shopper Alvinia Sawyer
Newsboy Robert McLaughlin
Seamstresses’ Nancy Libby, Geraldine Hallett, Marlene Place, Pauline Ahlquist, Rosalie Picher, Mary Alice Soule
John Paul Jones Ray Gasper
Sailors Ji on Adams, Kenneth Bornheimcr, Arthur Blackington, Henry Lysaght, Ralph Lorfano, Donald Larsen
The General Konrad Chase
Francis Scott Key Clifford Grant
British seamen Robert Janice, Charles Ferguson, Stanley Libby, Robert McLaughlin
The girl who waits Virginia McLaughlin
The Bugler Kenneth Bornheimer
Abraham Lincoln Edmund Lary
Mrs. Cohan Marie Douglas
Maid Leila Mae Manter
A Soldier Jon Adams
Freedom of Worship Geraldine Hallett
People in Church Bradley Maxfield, Rebekah Whipple
Freedom of Petition Stanley Libby
Slaves Rita Young, Edith Senter
Freedom of the Press Gwendolyn Mucci
Newsboy Charles Ferguson
Right of Trial by Jury Peter Ewing
Justice Sue McMackin
Newsreaders Faye Day, Robert McLaughlin
Freedom of Speech Orator
Freedom of Occupation Freedom of Meeting Political Campaigners Stage Manager Assistant
Bette Ann Swasey Robert Janice Johan McKeen Robert McLaughlin Kenneth Bornheimer, Stanley Libby Arthur Blackington Donald Larsen
Jon Boyer Adams Kenneth Earl Bornheimer Charles Konrad Chase Clifford Hazen Grant Pomp and Circumstance Barbara Thompson, Sheila Swinburne Nancy Jean Libby Pauline Ruth Jayne Ahlquist, Ernestine Marie Selberg Principal, Horace P. Maxcy
Superintendent, Robert Lunt Reverend Esther Haskard
Written by —
CLASS ODE Tune of “Never”
Farewell to dear Scarboro High Our paths must sever You ask when metn’rys will die We tell you never.
Farewell to friendships so true Like glowing embers Though we may be far from you We’ll e’er remember.
School days may disappear Like the wave’s on a sea But wc will hold them dear Ever cherished they’ll be.
We’ll miss each pal we have had. Both old and new This makes the parting more sad They’ve been so true.
Now with tears in our eyes We all know we must part But ’till we meet again
You’ll be close to our hearts.
The time is now drawing nigh To part forever We bid each pal fond goodbye Forget you — “Never.”
Jon Boyer Adams Leila Mac Manter
Pauline Ruth-Jayne Ahlquist James Bradley Maxfield
Arthur Willis Blackington Janice Carolyn Maxfield
Kenneth Earle Bornheimer Johan Suzan McKeen
Charles Konrad Chase Robert Lowell McLaughlin
Faye Day- Virginia Rac McLaughlin
Rose Marie Douglas Carolyn Sue McMackin
Peter Newcomb Ewing James George Merry
Charles Robert Ferguson Chalice Louise Mills
Ray Vaughan Gaspar Frank Chester Mitchell Jr.
Clifford Hazen Grant Gwendolyn Mary Mucci
Geraldine Dorothea Hallctt Elizabeth Ann Olsen
Orabelle Harmon Rosalie Elise Picher
Dorothy Louise Hillock Marlene Mary Place
Reginald Erwin Huff Margaret Calista Pooler
Robert Stuart Janice Nancy Elaine Rogers
Donald Henry Larsen Alvinia Sawyer
Edmund Charles Lary Ernestine Marie Selberg
Stanley Homer Libby Edith Elizabeth Senter
Nancy Jean Libby Shirley Marie Skillin
Ralph Paul Lorfano Jr. Mary Alice Soule
Henry Joseph Lysaght Jr. Bette Ann Swasey
Joan Louise MacDonald Gloria Fay Thompson
Rita A. Young Rcbekah Janet Whipple
Bcnita Lorraine Jordan Dennis Herbert Winslow
Pauline Ahlquist Gwendolyn Mucci
Rose Marie Douglas Elizabeth Olsen
Ray Gaspar Rosalie Picher
Geraldine Hallctt Marlene Place
Edmund Lary Margaret Pooler
Nancy Libby Nancy Rogers
Janice Maxfield Alvinia Sawyer
Johan McKeen Ernestine Selberg
Virginia McLaughlin Mary Alice Soule
Carolyn McMackin Rebekah Whipple
President Dennis Winslow
Vice President Jon Adams
Secretary Elizabeth Olsen
Treasurer Bette Ann Swasey
CLASS COLORS Red, White and Blue
CLASS FLOWER Red and White Carnations
“Build today, then, strong and sure, With a firm and ample base;
And ascending and secure
Shall tomorrow find its place.”
Rev. Roland Normandeau
CLASS HISTORY…………………”So Dear to Our Hearts”
Poem: Robert Roy
Arrangement: Jane Lysaght
Robert Roy
1. School Days—
Barbara Gill Jane Lysaght Shirley Mayo Shirley Sewell Constance Small Diane Zachow
Donald Mallory Kenneth Durgin Sumner Hunnewell Robert Williamson James Knowlen Charles Clark
2, Iowa Tests—”Put Down Six and Carry Two”
Te-ac-he-r: ArdvahTa Sandra Foster Beverly Hall Barbara Temm Barbara West
no a no s
William Lorfano Arthur McLellan Luther Merry William Morse
3. Fre shman Reception–“Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy”
Peggy D’Amico Dolores Gantnier Janice Huff Cynthia Skillings
Robert Williamson Richard Meuse Lloyd Goodrich Donald Mallory
Deborah Swasey Janice Turner Mary Turner Ellen Whipple
William Gelinas William Lorfano Carroll Leavitt Rodney Hughes
Iva Baizley Muriel Googins Joan Hayes Carole Libby
Ye Thankful People, Come
Andralita Manos Rosalind McConnell Anita Ricker Constance Small
Confetti Ball—”0 Come, All Ye Faithful” “Silent Night”
Iva Baizley Peggy Clark Peggy D’Amico Carole Emmons Arlene Farrington Sandra Foster Ann Googins Muriel Googins Donna Grant Beverly Hall Carole Libby Jane Lysaght Anita Ricker Shirley Sewell Constance Small Deborah Swasey
Donald Mallory Charles Clark Arthur McLellan William Morse Lloyd Goodrich Gregory Hallett Rodney Pooler Arthur LaRochelle William Lorfano Carroll Leavitt Phillip Libby Kenneth Durgin Luther Merry Richard Meuse James Knowlen William Gelinas
Basketball—”Our Old Gym” (Words: Peggy Clark)
“Fight, Fight, Fight for Scarbcrc” “We’re Going to Win Tonight”
Team: Capt. William
Kenneth Durgin Gregory Hallett Sumner Hunnewell Donald Mallory
Arthur McLellan Luther Merry Rodney Pooler Richard Rice
Cheerleaders: Capt.
Peggy Clark Carole Emmons
Mr. Libby: Spectators:
Lloyd Goodrich
Class of 1955
Spring Fever—”Ricochet Romance”
Peggy D’Amico Sandra Foster Dolores Gantnier Shirley Mayo Anita Ricker Shirley Sewell Deborah Swasey Mary Turner Ellen Whipple
Jane Lysaght Donna Grant Deborah Swasey
Gregory Hallett Phillip Libby Kenneth Durgin Sumner Hunnewell Donald Mallory William Morse William Gelinas Carroll Leavitt Rodney Hughes
Mall Call: Arlene Farrington
Barbara West
8. Easter-—”The Palms”
“Christ the Lord Is Risen Today”
Iva Baizley Barbara Gill Ann Googins Muriel Googins Janice Huff Carole Libby
Andrallta Manos Rosalind McConnell Cynthia Skillings Barbara Temm Janice Turner Diane Zachow
9. Baseball—-“Take Me Out to the Ball Game”
Kenneth Durgin Gregory Hallett Arthur McLellan
Luther Merry Richard Rice
Umpire: Charles Goodale
Spectators: Class of 1955
Arlene Farrington Dolores Gantnier Barbara Gill Charles Goodale Lloyd Goodrich Gregory Hallett Joan Hayes Janice Huff Rodney Hughes James Knowlen
Carole Libby Jane Lysaght Luther Merry William Morse Cynthia Skillings Deborah Swasey Barbara Temm Janice Turner Ellen Whipple Diane Zachow
11. Spring Dance—”Turn Back the Hands of Time”
May Queen: Peggy D’Amico
lir’. Knowlen: James Knowlen
Dolores Gantnier Barbara Gill Joan Hayes Andralita Manos Shirley Mayo Rosalind McConnell Cynthia Skillings Barbara Temm Janice Turner Mary Turner Barbara West Ellen Whipple Diane Zachow M<-> f -f
Parting (The Signing of
William Lorfano Arthur LaRochelle Richard Meuse Arthur McLellan Sumner Hunnewell Gregory Hallett Donald Mallory Rodney Pooler Phillip Libby Carroll Leavitt William Morse Rodney Hughes Kenneth Durgin Lloy J &06 d’ric>i Yearbooks)–“May the Good >rd Bless and Keep You”
Class of 1955
Class of 1955
Peggy D’Amico Kenneth Durgin Dolores Gantnier William Gelinas
Lloyd Goodrich Beverly Hall William Lorfano Janice Turner
Gregory Hallett Carroll Leavitt Jane Lysaght Shirley Mayo
Luther Merry William Morse Deborah Swasey Ellen Whipple
CLASS ODE……………………………..Class of 1955
Music: “Melody of Love”
Words: Sandra Foster
Shirley Sewell
ALMA MATER…………………………. Class of 1955
BENEDICTION…………………….Rev, Morten Sorensen
Class Advisers: Mrs. Marguerite Lary
Miss Doris Anne Chapman
Music: Mrs, Mary Lyon
Programs produced by Miss Chapman and the Senior Commercial Students,
Commencement Exercises
Class of 1958 Scarborough High School
May 23 — 8:00 P.M. FAREWELL BALL AND RECEPTION By the Juniors High School Auditorium
June 6 — 8:00 P.M.
CLASS NIGHT High School Auditorium
June 7 — 8:00 P.M.
ALUMNI BALL High School Auditorium
June 8 —2:30 P.M. BACCALAUREATE SERVICES Blue Point Congregational Church
June 9 — 8:00 P.M. GRADUATION EXERCISES High School Auditorium
Graduation Program
Class motto: “Know the Truth”
Processional Invocation Salutatory Address Abide With Me Commencement Address Valedictory Address Class Ode
Presentation of Awards Presentation of Diplomas Alma Mater Benediction Recessional
Rev. Lloyd Jewett Jean Manderson Senior Class Rev. Wallace H. Harris Sandra Stanford Senior Class Principal Milton W. Knowlen Superintendent Robert B. Lunt
Rev. Roland Normandeau
CLASS ODE by Sally Foster and Marilyn Moulton Tune — All of Me I
Memories, oh what fond memories,
We all share while working together;
Days of work in our search for truth;
Happy days, golden with sparkling youth; Spirits high, learning to live and abide; Faithfully we’ve worked with each other; Thanks to the past, our friendships will last. Dear Scarborough, You’ve made us steadfast.
Scarborough High, our thoughts will meet in thee, Now and then, as we recall memories;
Like a star, you shine on us tonight.
From afar, you’ll guide us by your light.
As we go, ever we’ll proudly show That we know the lessons you taught us.
Fondly we sing, before we must part:
“Dear Scarborough, you’re deep in each heart.”
Tenderly, we say farewell to thee;
Loyally binding our hearts to thee;
O’er the years you’ll hold a sacred place. Through our tears, we ask your special grace; As we part to find our destiny In each heart we pledge our faith to thee.
In these fond halls we learned to be true, Dear Scarborough, we all thank you.
Judith Ahlquist George Bennett Carolyn Christy Gloria Harmon Jean Manderson
Dale Sinclair Sandra Stanford
Louise Morse Hugh Pillsbury Glenna Pooler
Judith Elva Ahlquist Gordon L. Alexander Gerald Francis Applebee Lois Erdine Bell George Duncan Bennett Carolyn Jean Christy June Louise Collins Briane Edward Coulthard William Coulthard III Lewis Vinal Crabtree Donna Marilyn Douglas Vaughn Keith Douglas Glen Alan Downs Sally Jane Foster Joan Marie Frederick Emma Ethel Gochie Janet Ann Gochie David Roswell Googins Gloria Annette Harmon Judith Harmon Charles Edwin Hill Dorothy Ann Labbe Kenneth Norman Laughton Dale Lawrence Libby Nancy Grace Lothrop Jean Jacquelyn Manderson William John Maries, Jr.
Beverly Jean McAllister Laurette Ann Menard Louise Isabelle Morse Marilyn Joyce Moulton Beverly Joan Nichols Mervyn Douglas O’Roak Donald Wayne Peterson Alice Harriet Picher Hugh Arthur Pillsbury Glenna May Pooler David Bruce Roberts Richard Elwood Roe Frances Elaine Rowbotham Virgil Phillip Seavey Peter Wayne Selberg Dale Edward Sinclair Steven Taylor Small Sandra Ann Stanford Beverly Barbara Stevenson Nancy Theresa Stilphen Alena Mae Thomason Fred Harold Thurlow Beverly Jean Waltz Paul Norris White Priscilla Jane White Raymond Wood, Jr. Robert Alfred Wood
Vice President
Mervyn O’Roak Jean McAllister Steven Small Alena Thomason
Red and White Red and White Carnations
Deborah J. Adams Barbara Jean Alward Cynthia Jean Alward Karen L. Arsenault Roxanna M. Atkinson Kathleen R. Baizley Calvin O. Bayley Joleen Mae Bell Mark Thomas Bennett Michelle M. Bostwick Jo Ann Bruns Pamela K. Butler Brenda Jean Carrier Gordon E. Carrier Joan Carter Mary Ann Chadbum Mark Alan Clark Christopher P. Collins Sue Ann Collins Wayne I. Cote Diane Ellen Davis Douglass W. Day Deborah Jane Deering Georgiana Dona Blaine W. Douglas Donna Marie Driscoll Timothy Berry Dunton Mark A- Dyer Leslie A. Eastman Beverly J. Erickson Douglas Frank Fletcher Patricia May Foster Jennie L. Fowler Nancy Lynne Fuller Michael B. Garrett Rita Ann Gava Charles F. Geyer Stephanie Goodine Clinton Albra Goodwin Wanda Ruth Gower Karen Lynn Gutter Linda Lou Harmon Diane Lynne Higgins Debra Jean Huntley Donald Jerome Jackson, Jr. Arthur James Johnston Michael Peter Kennedy Paul Johnson Kenoyer Scott A. Leavitt Valerie Ann Lee Gregory C. Leighton William J. Levandowski, Jr. Leslie Gail Libby Prudence Ann Libby Robert Leon Libby
Theresa L. Libby Dianne Logan Deborah Ann Lozier Michael Wayne Lozier Robert P. Lynch Wesley M. Martin II George Albert Maxlield Gerald Arthur McClay James I. McGuire Malcolm Douglas McIntosh Suzan Geraldine McIntyre Katherine Marie Mercier Leslie Moody Pamela Jean Moody Cenise Eileen Morrison Anita M. Moski Kenneth Howard Myers Patricia Anne Nadeau Diane L. Nappi Donna Jean Nelsen Walter Donald Nicholas Marlon Lee Nichols John Edward Nielsen George Edward Oliver Julianne Packhcm Edward R. Payson Patricia Pemberton Glen Wayne Pooler Richard J. Profcnno Donald R. Prout Wayne Edward Redmond William Raymond Robinson Deborah Joy Royer Judith Ann St. Pierre Parker Sampson LaVaughn Jean Sandberg Rebecca Jean Sanford Stephen Carl Shorey Janet E. Snow Mary Lynn Snow Geralyn Sturgeon Patricia Ann Sweatt Timothy Galen True Jane Anne Turnbull Thomas A. Varney Deborah Ruth Vose Robert Owen Waite, Jr.
Carl Everett Warren, Jr. Rebecca Irene Warren Nancy Elaine Waterhouse Wendy Lee White Wayne J. Wilson Rand Thomas Winchester Dennis H. Winslow, Jr.
Commencement Exercises of
Class of 1971 Scarborough High School
May 22 — 8:00 P. M. FAREWELL BALL AND RECEPTION By the Juniors High School Auditorium
June 10 — 7:00 P. M.
June 13 — 7:00 P. M. CONVOCATION High School Auditorium
June 15 — 8:00 P. M. GRADUATION EXERCISES High School Auditorium
Graduation Program
Invocation Rev. C. Richard Sheesley
Salutatory Address William Robinson, Sue Ann Collins
Valedictory Address Rebecca Warren, Valerie Lee
Class Ode Senior Class
Presentation of Awards Principal Alexander J. Juniewicz
Presentation of Diplomas Superintendent Carl A. Burnham
Alma Mater
Benediction Rev. C. Richard Sheesley
Class Motto: “Live for today, for tomorrow is promised to no one” Class Colors, Red and White
Class Flower, Red and White Carnations
CLASS ODE by Judith St. Pierre, Wendy White Tune: We’ve Only Just Begun We’ve only just begun — to live,
Bright dreams and promises A tearful look and we’re on our way.
We’ve only begun.
Before the adult world — we stand,
So many roads to choose
We’ll start out walking; and learn to run.
And yet we’ve just begun.
Facing horizons that are new to us,
Watching the signs along the way,
And if we look back we can see ourselves,
Working together day by day — together —
And now graduation’s come We’ll smile,
So much of life to live
There’s so much here that we’ll ne’re forget.
And yes we’ve just begun
Sharing the news of life along the way,
Watching our friends from school grow up,
And when we look back we will understand,
How we were working for this day — together, together — And now that school is done We’ll sigh
So much of life ahead
Dear Scarborough High we’ll ne’re forget
And yet we’ve just begun.
Mark Bennett Prudence Libby
Brenda Carrier Robert Libby
Sue Ann Collins Diane Nappi
Deborah Deering Wayne Redmond
Blaine Douglas William Robinson
Leslie Eastman Mary Snow
Michael Kennedy Patricia Sweatt
Valerie Lee Deborah Vose
Rebecca Warren
President Wendy White
Vice President Diane Higgins
Secretary Rebecca Sanford
Treasurer Donald Jackson
Class of 1973 Scarborough High School
May II —8:00 P. M. FAREWELL BALL AND RECEPTION By the Juniors High School Auditorium
May 30 — 6:30 P. M. SENIOR BANQUET Crescent Beach Inn
June 6 — 7:30 P. M. CONVOCATION High School Auditorium
June 8 —8:00 P. M. GRADUATION EXERCISES High School Auditorium
Graduation Exercises
Processional Invocation Graduation Readings
Class Ode
Presentation of Awards Presentation of Diplomas Alma Mater
Rev. Orris Orr
Carrie Burdwood, Elaine Chambers Diane Cooley, Darlene Jackson Thomas Merrill, Julianne Paige Cheryl Payson, Jane Snow Barbara Spencer, Elaine Sullivan Donna Tully, Mark Worthing
Senior Class Principal Alexander J. Juniewicz Superintendent Carl A. Burnham
Benediction Rev. Orris Orr
Class Motto: “Dawn, the beginning of a new life.” Class Colors, Red and White Class Flower, Red and White Roses Class Marshal, Anne S. Robinson
Organist, Mrs. Marilyn Paige
CLASS ODE by Barbara Spencer Tune: If We Try Now’s the time for us to think about our graduation.
Just the thought that we’ll be free creates anticipation.
Won’t you look our way once before we go And our eyes will say what you want to know Well we’ve been thinking about it day and night And we don’t know if things will work out right But somehow we think that it just might If we try
Lessons come and lessons go in circular rotation
But something yearns within to grow beyond our education
Won’t you look our way once before we go
And our eyes will say what you want to know
Well right now we’re standing deaf and blind
With so many questions on our mind
But who knows what it is that we might find
If we try.
We’ll be walking a different direction from one we’ve ever met We’re looking forward instead of backward without any regret Don’t ask us to pledge our future, the future’s not ours to give Just give us your understanding and help us learn how to live Now’s the time for us to think about our graduation.
Won’t you look our way once before you go And our eyes will say what you want to know Well we’ve been thinking about it day and night And we don’t know if things will work out right But somehow we think that it just might If we try.
Theresa Bennett Julianne Paige
Donald Bradford Cheryl Payson
Diane Cooley Anne Robinson
Teresa Corbeau Joan Skillings
Bruce Curley Leon Skillings
Diane Deering Sally Smith
Diane Douglass Jane Snow
Mark Dudley Barbara Spencer
Darlene Jackson Elaine Sullivan
Deborah Jordan Donna Tully
Mark Worthing
President Barbara Spencer
Vice President Mark Worthing
Secretary Jane Snow
Treasurer Elaine Sullivan
William Scott Adair Ronald Dec Ahlquist Rosemary Ahlquist Mary Ella Baylcy James Roland Bellavance Theresa Louise Bennett Katrina M. Bilodeau Scott Lance Bly David Nelson Bowser Donald S. Bradford, Jr. George E. Brooks, Jr, ♦Carrie E. Burdwood Karen E. Butler Deborah Butt ♦Elaine A. Chambers Jane E. Conley ♦Diane Elaine Cooley Teresa Lee Corbeau Roberta Coughlin Donna Erlene Cowan Timothy S. Crowell Bruce Alan Curley Jeffrey Madsen Currie Audrey Ann Davis B. Joan Davis Diane Lynn Deering Deborah Ann Densmore Stephen M. DiPalma Bernadette Ursula Doucette Diane Lee Douglass Stephen Neil Douglass Fred Edward Doody Mark Dudley Cynthia Jean Eaton William Harold Elliott Elizabeth Jean Fielding James C. Foster Douglas John Frazier Rodney Lee Gaudet Roger Keith Gower David Charles Green Douglas Leroy Greene Linda Jean Gutter Alan Stanton Haigis Donald E. Hall Victoria Louise Harmon
Marcella Ann Houy Deborah Anne Hunter ♦Darlene Joy Jackson Michael Harold Johnson Deborah Lynn Jordan Bradley E. Libby Donna L. Libby Gregory R. Libby Kendall Arthur Libby, Jr. Jayne Winonah Link Shawn Robert Looby David J, Lothrop David Lawrence Lozier Karen P. Lynch Nancy Beth MacMillan Craig G. Mattatall Cynthia Anne Matthews Dale Louise McConnell Patricia J. McDermott Cheryl McNeil ♦Thomas William Merrill Lawrence E, Moody Roland Paul Morrison Leigh Ann Murphy Jon Mark Myers Toni Marie Nappi Mary E. Neuts Vicki R. Nicholas John Mark Noonan Andaxia Mae Norton June Elaine Oates Wayne Allan O’Donal Brian Anthony Oliver Thomas Laurin Oliver ♦Julianne Lea Paige Christine Palanza Bonney Dale Pardue ♦Cheryl Marcia Payson Yvonne Arlene Peabbles James C, Peary Nancy Rac Peck Anthony Josephe Perniconi Mark Andrew Perry Robert D. Pieper Constance Plowman Sharon Marie Plummer
Wilfrid J, Provost, Jr. Cathy Lee Purvis Anne S. Robinson Susan Frances Ross Stephen Jay Rounds Linda Anne Rousseau Gregory Jay Rutherford Cynthia Sampson Francis John Sibley, Jr. Gail Elaine Skillings ♦Joan Skillings ♦Leon Herbert Skillings II Terry Scott Skillings Almcda J. Slipp Brian K. Smith Constance Elizabeth Smith Sally Ann Smith ♦Jane Marie Snow Robert Mark Snow ♦Barbara Ann Spencer Steve Ericson Sprague Deborah Jean Stanford ♦Elaine Gayle Sullivan Holly Sue Swinburne Patricia A, Thibeau Peter Neal Thibeau Cynthia Lee Thomas Duane Oliver Thomas, Jr. Dennis A. Thurlow Robert E. Tibbetts Duane Wilson Townsend ♦Donna L. V. Tully Patrick Gary Valley Susan E. Wallace Cynthia A. Waterman Gary G. Webster Paula I. Webster James Stearns Welch II Steven Arthur Welsch Brenda Faye White Robert A. Whiting, Jr. Brian Williams Venustino S. D. Wilson ♦Mark Herrick Worthing Diane Elizabeth Yackels Dawna Rae York
Class of 1975 Scarborough High School
May 29 — 6:30 P. M.
May 31 — 8:00 P. M. FAREWELL BALL AND RECEPTION By Juniors Elks Lodge
June 11 —7:30 P. M. CONVOCATION High School Auditorium
June 13 — 8:00 P. M. GRADUATION EXERCISES High School Auditorium
Graduation Program
Processional Invocation Honor Speakers
Class Ode
Presentation of Awards Presentation of Diplomas Alma Mater
Rev. Daryl Lavway
Paula Bayley, Beth Bowser, David Brown, Marcia Chambers, Debra Corb, Jane Dubowick, Barbara Fillmore, Doris Greenleaf, Stephen Kalenian, Vickie Lorfano, Julie Mansfield, Jeffrey O’Donal, Victoria Paige, Sandra Sibley
Senior Class
Principal Alexander J. Juniewicz
Superintendent Carl A. Burnham
Benediction Rev. Daryl Lavway
Class Colors, Red and White Class Flower, Red and White Roses Class Marshal, Mary E. Carolan Organist, Mrs. Marilyn Paige
CLASS ODE by Beth Bowser Tune: Annie’s Song
You filled up our senses With the knowledge you gave us. By working together And seeing us through.
By guiding us always Through all our endeavors.
You filled up our senses When we came to you.
We’ll seek out the future,
The paths set before us.
Alive in our hearts are The good times we’ve had.
We will always remember Your wisdom imparted.
Now let us thank you As we venture forth.
You filled up our senses With the knowledge you gave us. By working together And seeing us through.
By guiding us always Through all our endeavors.
You filled up our senses And now we leave you.
Deborah Babkirk Stephen Kalenian
Paula Bayley Karl Keyser
Thomas Biczak Donald Larrabee
Beth Bowser Linda LaVopa
David Brown Mary Lekousi
Marcia Chambers Vickie Lorfano
Debra Corb Donald Mitchell
Karen deDoes Wayne Mitchell
Karen Dickison Jeffrey O’Donal
Jane Dubowick Victoria Paige
Lauren Dyer James Pendergast
Doris Greenleaf Robyn Ridley
Stephen Gruber Kimberley Rounds
Ronald Hartley Stephen Rutherford
Teresa Hunnewell Sandra Sibley
Richard Huston Vicki Spencer
President David Brown
Vice President Vasilia Panagakos
Secretary Beth Bowser
T reasurer Mary Welch
Deborah Jean Babkirk Deborah Jean Bahun Bonita Lynn Baker Valerie Jane Barris Jane Elizabeth Bayley ♦Paula Jeanette Bayley Jeffrey Lynwood Bettney Charlotte Rae Bickford Thomas Joseph Biczak Shelley L. Bly ♦Beth Janice Bowser Brenda Jean Bowser John A. Brooks ♦David Alan Brown Kenneth Richard Brown, Jr. Craig Alan Canales Mary Elizabeth Carolan Marcelle Marie Carrier Lawrence Otis Carver, Jr. ♦Marcia Karen Chambers Emily Iva Clarke Shirley Anne Clarke Nita Louise Colby ♦Debra Georgette Corb Karen Marie deDoes Pamela Lee Densmore James Dibble Karen Ann Dickison Lauren Elizabeth Dombrowski Lynne Marie Dombrowski Deanne Elizabeth Downs ♦Jane Catherine Dubowick Catherine Celia Dutil Lauren Ann Dyer Steven Anthony Edmonson Charles Harmon Ellerbee Keith Ellsmore Robin Kathleen Fahey Dominic J. Fiato, Jr.
♦Barbara Carsey Fillmore Alfred Michael French, II Michael C. French Priscilla Marie Gervais Michael James Grant ♦Doris Elaine Greenleaf Carolyn Elizabeth Grizzard Michael Steven Grovo
Stephen Scott Gruber Thomas Edward Harmon Ronald P. Hartley David Carl Hews Charlene Jan Hicks Amelia A. Higgins Keith Earl Hodgdon Mark Lewis Hughes Teresa Lee Hunnewell Jeffrey D. Hunter Richard Alan Huston Carol Louise Jackson Julie A. Jarven *R. Stephen Kalenian William Sullivan Kane Karl Thomas Keyser Alden Kittredge Susan Lynn Knott George W. Lagcrstrom, Jr. William Edward Lannigan Donald Edward Larrabee, Jr. Linda Marie LaVopa David Paul Leavitt Mary Lekousi Denise Ann Libby Donna Marie Libby Michael Arthur Libby Steven James Libby Albert M. Lindholm, Jr. Michael Philip Looby *Vickie Lynn Lorfano Pauline M. Lozier ♦Julie Ann Mansfield Donald James Matthews Doreen Anne Maxfield Mark A. Maxfield Richard Hall McCormick, Jr Linda Jeanne McLellan Linda C. Meech Donna Margaret Miller Melissa Miiliken Monica Elise Minor Donald Howard Mitchell Wayne H. Mitchell Peter L. Monaghan Kevin M. Morse Robert A. Moulton
William N. C. Moulton Diane Janet Murphy Stephen R. Nickerson Richard A. Nielsen ’’‘Jeffrey Royce O’Donal David Nelson Packhem ♦Victoria L. Paige Vasilia Elizabeth Panagakos Holly A. Parduc Jean Ellen Parker Jennifer Lynn Pearson Patrick M. Pelletier Robert Gerard Pelletier, Jr. James C. Pendergast Matthew Thomas Perry Carl E. Pettersen Carylee Phillips Claire Patrice Profcnno Cheryl Lyn Purvis Cindy Lu Purvis Sharon Louise Ray Robyn Leslie Ridley Caryl Alane Rollins Kimberley Ann Rounds Stephen Lee Rutherford Jane Elizabeth St. Pierre Roger Duane Sandberg Karen Senne ♦Sandra Marie Sibley Bryce James Smith Vicki Joan Spencer Laurel Rose Spruce Brian Edxvard Sullivan Stephen James Sullivan Debra S. Tatarcyk Bethany Amy True . Daniel Richard Warren Bradford Merle Watson Robert S. Webster Mary Ann Welch Michael Joseph Welch Cathy Jean Whitcomb Wendy Ann Whiting Kristin Wfrth Scott Thomas Worthing
Robert E. Adair, Jr. Bonnie Ellen Ahlquist Stephen Carson Allen ^Deborah L. Amoroso Jeffrey S. Anderson Ronald B. Asselin William A, Baker Susan E. Barber Ralph Barrett Constance Irene Beety Valeric Ann Bishop Jerald W. Blanchard Paul Robert Bourget ‘■‘Beverly Irene Brewster Janice Marie Bryant Lisa Anne Bulger Mark Robert Buttarazzi Debra Ann Chamberlain Dianna Lynn Chapman Clifford L. Colby III Susan Gayle Colby Sondra Alice Collins Zeno H. Corbin Christine Louise Cornish Kenneth Worthcn Cornish Charles E. Deane Lorraine Ann Demmons Rosannc Jeanette DeVeau Nancy Ellen Dolloff ‘•‘’Vicki Lynn Donovan Joseph Michael Doucette *CaroI Geneva Douglass Tanice Lyn Douglass Daniel Joseph Driscoll Patricia Marie Dutil Raymond Alba Emery Tulie Ann Erickson Toseph P, Esres *Toan Margaret Fielding Lee Merriman Foster Richard Tames Fowler Stephen Frazier Richard Joseph Ganem, Jr. Dana A. Garner Mark Edward Glennie Teresa Lvnn Gower >5TueIann Gray Linda B. Greene J.’ Jeffrey Griffin Scott H. Hallowell *KathIeen E. Hastings *Brenda Tean Hews Cvnthia Higgins Debra Jean Jackson Sandra Jane Jesonis Debra Tean Jobe Donna Ann Johnson Candace Rae Tones Christopher Hcnrv Kane Glen F. King Tulie Ann Knott Catherine Marie Lamont *Honor Students
Daniel E. LeClair Patricia Ann LeClair Edward A. Libby ^Richard Michael Lord *Terri Lynn Lorfano Rosemary Jean Lyons Donna L. Mahan Steven Jay Martin Charles Anthony McDonald Katherine Amber Merrill Denise Marie Morse David J, Newcomb Brenda Lee Nielsen Cathy Marie Noel Robert Joseph Norton Elizabeth Grace Olivier Richard B. Page Cheryl Ann Parker Fayc-Lynn Patterson Deborah Elizabeth Payne Helen Peavey *Vicki Anne Pelletier Linda D. Pemberton Teresa F. Perniconi Karin Persson Brenda Louise Plummer Linda Ann Plummer Thomas L. Pooler Kelly Eileen Powers David J. Provcncher Donna Marie Purington David Theodore Raczkowrki Stanley James Raczkowski Karen C. Reusswig Paula Kay Rov Susan Lvnne Roy Jeffrey Scott Russell Tames L. Sawyer Edward Arthur Scott Kevin James Sheedy Sandra L. Singer Gary Steven Skillings Allen Vernon Smith, Jr. Jaye Ann Smith Paul B. Sova Lynn Marie Steeves Karline Jean Stevens Kathryn A. Stevens James D. Sturgeon Mary Elizabeth Sturgeon Kevin W. Temm Alan William Thurlow ‘:
?br a»baf twrss of gnia*
Bor purple aountain smjastiea A’bovft th® fr&i tad plaint toairica!! Juearica! fob shed Ei» gxana on th«t».
And crown thy good with lxroth’cbood* Aeon sea to shining s®*.?
0 beautiful £oy heroes proved In liberating *tei£«,
Who stom than **lf their country lowi, ted voray on**? than life!
Aaexieat ij&eirieai H»tjr God thy gold safln*
Bill -ill succoae be aohlisati?8s And «ff”xy gain divine*
0 beautiful fo; patriot dxw&n TCut netits beyojid. th® year»0 Thin* alabaster citi*« gle«»
Oodlaand by fcMce. teaxc?. te«M» I toeri oa *
chard Alexander Nerdon
A. AUIoujVi Sonia T. Gendrodjft Michael Stuart O’Reilly .
;. .v.Philip Anderson l.eanue El’vtab: ih Currish Kathryn L. Oak
;;:iven Mark; Bat urn Terry Lynn Geyer Patricia Ann Oliver
EJv -. -.1 William Baylcv Kober- Stuart Goodwin Tina Marie Owen
..A.; *. Belanger Richard G. Googins Joseph Rocco Pallotta
(•••.•.? Jane Bell Atlu-na-V- a vie Elaine Greene Cynthia Ann Pendleton
Sc.-A M. Billing? A-ViUmih. Thomas Greene Ginger A. Perry
R. tfairiell. Jr. “Dawn-Marie C)tibbs Kimberly D. Peterson
Louise Bromley Kristen Urn .T-iehnel Tommie Audrey Peterson
k -‘.ibr-rh A. Broun ? :•>,:i ■ ] .eagerly Jennifer Lyn Plummer
■- siu-hei!- T. Brown !\i:;i.vr Alibi: -Hrlie Michelle’ A. Prescott
• »’ . ‘ Mail i.kneen Proulx
Edward- T. Bugbee VibJuj;’;; E. Mam – Wendy M. Provost
Grant Caron • David L. Harriiivton, Jr.. Tracey .Lynn Queen
St sc Lee Carocnter .. . 1 Richard Daniel Reid
Rebecca ?. Chase ‘ R«.-n»kl \V. M l lock Marc Steven Risbara
Da rid Limvood Colby *Famc-h- Sue Hocb.rn.uth James Scott Robinson
. .: : . Co’lins Chris-*inin Ann Hopkins Cecilia Russell
C! u- ••’a {•; o i i e • Andre w Corns * oc I Michelle NVok* Donkins Michael James Shaw
W. Cole ‘vines Edward Howes Patricia Ann Shaw
. Cox -5 Kevin .Vi. Hughes. ‘Jeffrey Shockley
Lvnri Creswell xr.iujbe I Hutchins. * Wendy S. Skillings
Dobra Louise Currier 5 Chris “■ .n. .on Joseph Slow inski
: • 2. Cyphers, ]r. Pa. ■ Oanh Kim Lac •Gladys Mae Smith
J;.Helen Daley Bren Son L. Lane Robert William Sparda, Jr.
‘•‘oven M. Daniels Lis.: \nit Libby David N. Stanford
.Angela D. ‘Desrosiers Lisa Marie Libby Stacey J. Stevenson
Pan: Nicholas Dickson * • Keith Douglas Stigman
Patrick Robert Dimick •Murgartd Logan Wiiliarn T. Tanguay
‘••bra K. Doak Lisa Ann Lovell Tammy Lynn Theriault
nnifer May Donovan ; L.e: )c opb Vva’etlo Deborah A*. Thompson
‘.ephen B. Douglas ;. ;i, Rhonda Lee Twombiy
.< a Marguerite Dow ‘Stephanie Joan Vasili; ■ m lane Du;: - Kelly McKenna Daniel R. Vincent •; •;• e 1! n e I u d o. Dura n i V i ,-i ' ioTCenzie Lisa Marie Wokem Sio>vv Ann Dyer I-a’rick Henry McMil-ion Scott K. Walker
■;;!”v;iv Scott Eilit. V ink if- * ; n Mil; ole ■ oi;i.- Waterhouse
origitto C. Emmons * Bradley Kevin Mills Sandra Waterman
‘ B. Fiaheity Craig Mills Mark Bickford Webber
A. Follis Lyman A. Moffett. Ill Monica lean Wen del
.■•Aw Ann Ford “Michel Ann Morse Julie A. Whiting
Lucky Fuller ‘ -.avail ! ’ ’p M ok A on Darrell Anthony Whitney
•’ ], Gallant, ill Rhohdalyn M. Williams .
le Renee Gallant Pho ; P .% ‘ iurphy Michelle Lynn Wood
‘ N’eal Garvin Douglas Edward Neff 1
: ‘on or -Students; •
By Juniors University of Southern Maine
June 10 — 6:00 P.M. SENIOR BANQUET
Michel’s Restaurant
June 11 — 7:00 P.M.
CLASS NIGHT Starborough High School
June 14 — 3:00 P.M. GRADUATION EXERCISES Scarborough High School
Graduation Program
Salutatory address Valedictory address Class ode
Graduation address
Presentation of awards
Presentation of diplomas
Alma mater Benediction Recessional
Rev. Daniel Mercer
Patrick J. O’Reilly, President Class of 1987
Linda M. Kicnc
Robin L. Snyder
Senior Class
Gwilym R. Roberts University Historian Coordinator of Alumni Travel, UMF
Mr. Paul Malinski Principal
Dr. Shirley P. Grover Superintendent
Senior Class and Audience
Rev. Daniel Mercer
Class Colors, Red and White Class Flowers, Red and White Roses Class Marshal, Suzanne M. Shaw Organist, Mrs. Marilyn Paige
President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
Patrick James O’Reilly Bren Ellion Coffin Eric Michael Higgins Paul Connolly
Margaret V. Barthclman Judith A.Brown Monica G. Burnham Peter S. Carpenter Dawn E. Colby Donna M. Dcsrochcrs Kimberly A. Duffey Tamara L. Friedman Carolyn M. Gagne Deborah E. Go wen Eric M. Higgins Tracey M. Johnson Ralph R. Karam Linda M. Kienc Heather A. Killion
Yvonne LaHaie Pamela M. Libby Kathleen M. Marquis Corrie A. Martin Holly A. Nason Patrick J. O’Reilly Bela T. Patel Lisa A. Pease Benjamin A. Peirce Mary-Beth Plante Jeremy V. Pulsifer Shannon M. Sanborn Suzanne M. Shaw Jennifer L. Smaha Robin L. Snyder Kathleen J. White
By Heather Killion Tune: This is the Time
We walked on the beach along that old hotel They’re tearing it down now, but it’s just as well. We haven’t shown you everything that we can do But stick by us SHS, we’ll do fine by you.
This is the time to remember
‘Cause it will not last forever
These are the days to hold on to
‘Cause we won’t although we’ll want to
This is the time
But time is gonna change
You’ve given us the best of you
But now we need the rest of you
Did you know that before you came into our lives
Some kind of miracle that we survived
Someday we will all look back and have to laugh
We lived through a lifetime and the aftermath.
This is the time to remember
‘Cause it will not last forever
These arc the days to hold on to
‘Cause we won’t although we’ll want to
This is the time But time is gonna change I know we gotta move somehow But we don’t want to lose you now.
Sometimes it’s so easy to let a day slip on by Without even seeing each other at all.
But this is the time you’ll turn back to, and so will I And those will be days you can never recall.
And so we may see each other now and then
Who knows if we’ll ever be back here again
Ah, but holding you dear is like holding the summer sun.
I’m warm from the memory of days to come.
This is the time to remember ‘Cause it will not last forever These are the-days to hold on to ‘Cause we won’t although we’ll want to This is the time But time is gonna change You’ve given us the best of you.
But now we need the rest of you.
‘Round the royal purple standard The sons of Decring throng;
‘Neath the folds with hues of heaven Fair Portland sons belong But no colors how’er cherished Gleam forth with clearer light Than the banner of old Scarborough With it golorious red and white. Rah! Rah!
Red for courage, nerve, and prowess,
White for purpose pure and true,
Red and White for all that’s noblest.
Dear Scarborough, in you.
Should defeat before us threaten,
We will never yield the Fight
While above us floats the banner
Of our dear Old Red and White. Rah! Rah!
Lorraine Edna Ahlquist John Gan,- Aloom, Jr Kenneth Alan Arachikavitz David E. Aubin Sherry Lynn Bailey Robert S. Banks III Lori Jean Barnes Margaret Veaguc Barthclman April Gale Bayley Thomas Michael Beaulieu Douglas John Bennett Christopher David Berry John R. Bilodeau Raymond David Bishop, Jr. Sonya Ann Bodman Jon Mitchell Boothby Eric Mark Borduas Jerri Francis Brady Barry Scon Brewster Lisa Marie Bridgham Christopher C. Brook “Judith Ann Broun Mari lee Erica Bruner Lisa Laurinc Burnham Monica Gail Burnham Elinor Elisabeth Campbell Joseph Scot Campbell Peter Scon Carpenter # Bren Ellion Coffin Daun Ellen Colby Edward James Connolly II Paul Connolly Lee Ann Cote*
Sarah G. Coupe Lerov Paul Crockett James Anthony Culpovich Dean Durwood Currier Kimberley Daun Curry Tracey Anne Cygan Mark William Damon Renee Jo Dean Michael Allen DcCesere Daniel Douglas Delano Grant Earl Delaware Shannon Desprcs Donna Marie Desrochcrs Anne Margurite Dobriko Rebecca Lynn Dobson Sean Eduard Doody Wendy Rena Doucette Patricia Ann Douglas Kimberly Allison Duffey
William Joseph Duffy, Jr.
Tina Carlcnc Engelhardt Jocelyn Kathleen Fairbanks William James Fielding IV Donna Jean Finney Stacey Marie Fletcher Arthur Cole Follis Todd Charles Frederick Stephen Robert Freese Tamara Lyn Friedman Carolyn Mickle Gagne Laurie Beth Garvin Kenneth Wayne Gclinas Sheri Annette Gcller Carec Lynn Gcrrish * Deborah Ellen Gowcn Marycllcn Greene Ronald Alfred Hamilton Lynettc Ella Harville Nicole Aline Hcmond Robert W. Herrick, Jr.
Valerie Jeanne Hicks “Eric Michael Higgins Kellie Ann Hodgdon Jennifer Lynn Howard Monique Elizabeth Hutchins Carla E. Jensen ‘Honor Students Kristine Marie Jensen Michael Jensen Krista Carey Jewett “Tracey Marie Johnson Cynthia Jutting Paula Jutting Ralph Ramzi Karam John Joseph Patrick Kelleher III “Linda Marie Kicne Heather Anne Killion “Yvonne LaHaic Lisa Marie Lane Diane Karen Lawrence Pamela Marie Libby Matthias Christopher Link Rhonda Jean Lockwood James Haskell Lord Marc Alexander Lowell “Kathleen Marie Marquis “Corrie Anne Martin Jeanine Sara May Scan Padraic McKenzie Martin Francis Merrill Peter Lydon Michaud
Michael Joseph Morse Michael John Mort Karen Lee Murphy “Holly Ann Nason Patrick James O’Reilly Nicole Marie Palmer Linda Jane Parc “Bela Thakor Patel Kurt I. Pearson “Lisa Adeline Pease “Benjamin Allen Peirce Kathleen Jane Peterson Mary-Beth Plante Kristina Marie Potvin Frederick Thomas Pride Jeremy Vamum Pulsifer Ann marie Quatrano William James Quinn Michelle Ann Rcny Kristin Ann Ripa Stacy Robinson Mark David Roop Tammy Ellen Roy “Shannon Michelle Sanborn John C. Schneider Michael Shaw Suzanne Marie Shaw Jon Wilfred Sirois “Jennifer Lynn Smaha “Robin Leigh Snyder Merilyn Anne Sparda Rhonda Kay Springer Kimberly Anne Steele Kristin Elizabeth Strand Paul Thomas Stratis Daniel Patrick Sullivan Tracy Lynn Taton Heidi Jane Temm Charles Joseph Thompson Tamara Marie Tracy Aaron Todd Tsika Bethany Jo Varney Jessica Hope Vasile Cristina Marie Vela David M. Violette Lisa Kristy Vire Patricia Ann Whellcr Kathleen Jennifer White Kerri Ann Willette Kristie Lee Wilson Kristin Eric Withee Elizabeth Anne Word Eric Paul Wright

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