Looking Back

Besides “The Villages of Scarborough,” in 2011 the Scarborough Leader ran a series of articles titled “Looking Back” about various objects at the Scarborough Historical Society. These articles included the following:

Looking Back

Ross Road Violin

  1. Board for drying freshly spun will – 2011-08-05
  2. Bootjack – 2011-05-20
  3. Bronze Clock – 2011-06-24
  4. Early Vacuum Cleaner – 2011-05-27
  5. Edison Gould Moulded Records (cylindrical record) – 2011-06-10
  6. Looking Back – Granite Mile Markers – 2011-05-06
  7. Looking Back – Ornamental tools – 2011-06-03.jpeg
  8. Looking Back – Ross Road Violin – 2011-04-29
  9. Looking Back – Ship Model “Delia Chapin” – 2011-07-01

These articles have been compiled and are available in a PDF file: “Clippings – Looking Back – 2011

While researching these clippings, I found a 10th article regarding custom-built “bog shoes”  in the April 22, 2011, edition of the Leader. I’ve included it in the “Clippings – Looking Back – 2011” file. 

These articles are also available through the efforts of the Scarborough Public Library through “Advantage Preservation.

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