Boundry – Scarborough & Saco – 1840

Strip Application

Strip Application

To the selectmen of the Town of Scarborough.

We the undersigners, freeholders, and inhabitants of said town, respectfully request that you would call a meeting of said inhabitants of the Town aforesaid for the purpose of taking such measures as said town may see fit in relation to defending the rights of the said town against a certain partition which is to be presented to the legislature now in session, in the State of Main for the purpose of setting off what is called the strip in said Scarborough and annex it, together with its inhabitants to the town of Saco.

Scarborough Jan’y 2, 1840.

Matthias MeserveJosiah Mitchell
Ebenezer LibbyRichard Mitchell
Johnsen LibbyDavid Chute
Eliahem{?] LibbySamuel Libby
Samuel FabyanNehemiah Libbey
Daniel HolmesEzra Carter
Frienut[?] HolmesSamuel Shute
Image of 2 January 1840 petition to the Town of Scarborough regarding the annexing of property to Saco.
Request for meeting
Regarding Scarborough-Saco Line

[Transcription by Betty McKown, Scarborough Historical Society (Encapsulated Collection #25A – Strip Application in regards to Scarborough-Saco.]

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