A House for Elizabeth Moody?

Transcription by Don Taylor – 13 April 2020

Joshua Libby
May 1825


To Joshua Libby One of Constable of town of Scarborough


You are hereby required in the name of the State of main[sic] to summon and notify the inhabitants of said town qualified to vote in town affairs to assemble at the meeting house in first Parish on Monday twenty third of May at five O’clock in afternoon to out on the following Articles to wit

1st To  ??ause a Moderator to regulate said meeting

2d To see if the town will Erect Elizabeth Moody & her two daughters a house for them to live in

3d To ?? Any vote or votes relative to the Above

given under our hand this sixteen day May @ 1825

Benjamin Milliken  } Selectmen of
Moss Libby            } Scarborough

———Back ———

Pursuant to the within warrant I have summoned and notified the within named persons to appear at the time and place and for the purpose within mentioned.

Josha Libby – Constable

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