Bookcase 1

The following books are in Bookcase 1, by the front door of the Scarborough Historical Society Museum.

LocationTitleByAuthorAscession #Comments                 
BC01"Indians Binder" Tab 1 - "A Doleful Slaughter Near Black Point"ByHunnewell, Sumner98.42.193-Ring Binder (Green)
BC01"Indians Binder" Tab 2 - "Maine Indians and their Wars" - Pages 192 thru 249ByDunnack, Henry E98.42.253-Ring Binder (Green)
BC01"Indians Binder" Tab 3 - "Education on Indian Island"ByGiggey, Abby Orentine98.42.213-Ring Binder (Green) (One Page)
BC01"Indians Binder" Tab 4 - "Famous Maine Indians" Pages 20 - 169ByNeally, Rose D.3-Ring Binder (Green)
BC01Biographies & Legends of the New England Indians - Volume IBy07.107.1
BC01Biographies & Legends of the New England Indians - Volume IIBy89.9.24
BC01Biographies & Legends of the New England Indians - Volume IIIBy07.107.3
BC01Biographies & Legends of the New England Indians - Volume VBy07.107.4New England Historical Series
BC01Forts of Pemaquid, Maine: An Archaeological and Historic StudyByBradley, Robert L & Camp, Helen B.97.25.1
BC01French at Pentagoet 1635-1674ByFaulkner, Alaric & Gretchen91.49.1
BC01Indian Antiquities of the Kennebeck ValleyByWilloughby, Charles C.89.6.1
BC01Indian Place Names of the Penobscott Valley and the Maine CoastByEckstorn, Fannie Hardy95.40.194
BC01New England Indians: An Illustrated SourceBook of Authentic Details of Everyday Indian LifeByWilbur, C. Keith03.79.1
BC01Penhallow's Indian WarsBy03.84.50Tom Henley Collection
BC01The History of the Wars of New England with the Eastern IndiansBy
BC02Ancient North Yarmouth and Yarmouth, Maine - A History: 1636-1936Rowe, William Hutchinson03.84.22
BC02Early Cornish (1666-1916)Compiled byEllis, Leola C. and Millard, Kera C.03.84.17
BC02Early Families of Newfield, MaineAyers, Ruuth Bridges97.15.1
BC02Early Families of Standish, MaineSears, Albert J92.82.2
BC02Fabius M. Ray's Story of WestbrookKetover, Karen Sherman95.47.17
BC02Founding of Pearsontown (Standish), MaineSears, Albert J07.99.1
BC02Fryeburg Fair: First 150 Years 1851-2000West Oxford Agricultral Society07.114.1
BC02Great Steel Pier - Illustrated history of the Old Orchard Ocean PierBachelder, Peter Dow2001.53.1
BC02History of Ancient Sheepscot and NewcastleCushman, Rev. David Quimby91.46.4
BC02History of Bath Maine, Edward Clarence PlummerOwen, Henry Wilson, A. B.03.84.46Reprint of 1936 edition.
BC02History of Bethel, MaineLapham, William B03.84.13Faxsimile of 1891 edition
BC02History of Brunswick, Topsham, and Harpswell, MaineWheeler, George Augustus, M.D. and Wheeler, Henry Warren03.84.136
BC02History of Buckfield, Maine 1777-1900Cole, Alfred & Whitman, Charles F14.21.1
BC02History of Cape Elizabeth, MaineJordan, William B., Jr.77.1.2
BC02History of Cape PorpoiseFreeman, Melville C.03.84.21
BC02History of Hollis, Maine 1660-1976Jewett, Martin H and Hannaford, Olive W.2002.35.1
BC02Kennebec: Cradle of AmericansCoffin, Robert P. Tristram07.104.1
BC02Maine That Was Legends of Cape NeddickWinn, Ralph H.03.84.12
BC02More About Early CornishCompiled byEllis, Leola C. and Millard, Kera C.03.84.18
BC02Old Orchard - Images of AmericaScully, Jeffrey A.03.84.125
BC02Records of the Proprietors of Narraganset Township, No. 1 (now Buston, Maine)Buxton-Hollis Historical Society95.8.16
BC02Sebago Lake LandJones, Herbert G.77.15.3
BC02South Portland and Cape Elizabeth, Images of AmericaScott, Connie Porter95.55.1
BC02South Portland, Maine - An All America CityCompiledLeague of Women voters of South Portland10.643.17
BC031876 Elwell's Portland and VicinityReprinted byGreater Portland Landmarks, Inc.00.643.18Reprint of 1876 and 1881 editions with new forward.
BC03Baptisms and Admission: First Church in FalmouthCompiled byMarquis F. King93.10.4
BC03Burial Records 1811-1980 of the Western Cemetery in Portland MaineTranscribed byWilliam. B. Jordan, Jr.93.10.6
BC03Centennial Celebration 1780-1880 Portland ME2017.64.01Project
BC03Georgetown Maine Records 1607-1980Helen W. (Peacock, Snowe) Kernoul03.84.65
BC03Gorhamtown - A Pictorial History - From 1736...Compiled byGorham Historical Society14.25.1
BC03Grandpa's ScrapbookLeonard Bond Chapman02.40.1The Deering News
BC03History of Gorham MaineH. D. McLellan77.1.1
BC03History of Saco and BiddefordGeorge Folsom75.14.1Facimile of 1830 edition with new forward.
BC03Kingfield, Maine 1816-1981Kingfield History Book Association90.25.1
BC03Maine in the Civil War: The Nine-Month RegimentsJohn A Heseltine92.3.1
BC03Maine's Coastal Cemeteries: A Historic TourKaren Wentworth Batignani2016.55.01Black Point Cemetery Page 38
BC03Old Orchard and Shores of Saco BayReproduction (Historical Sketches)03.84.60Pine Point, Prout's Neck
BC03Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire 1623 to 1660Charles Henry Pope92.82.1
BC03Portland and VicinityEdward H. Ewell63.39.1
BC03Prouts Neck History Highlights - Book 1Published byProuts Neck Historical Society2016.20.01
BC03Saco Valley Settlements and FamiliesG. T. Ridlon, Sr.69.20.1McKennys of Scarborough
BC03Scarborough at 350: Linking the Past to the PresentFriends of Scarborough 350th14.24.01
BC03Scarborough, Maine 350thy Anniversary July 11-14, 2008 - Volume 2 of 2Tim ByrneXXXXX
BC03Seaglass - Volume 1, Issue 1Published byScarborough Jr. High2017.66.01Helen Perley, Janice Latham, Hunnewell House, Rick St. Croix, John Williams,
BC03Soldiers, Sailors, and Patriots of the Revolutionary War MaineCompiled byCarleton E. Fisher & Sue G. Fisher92.73.1
BC03Some People of Prouts - Book 2Published byProuts Neck Historical Society2016.49.01
BC03Westbrook, Maine CemeteriesCompiled by Karen Sherman Ketover2000.65.4
BC04A Girls Life 80 Years AgoLetters ofEliza Southgate Browne68.2.1Special
BC04Beacon Lights in the History of Prouts NeckMoses Weld Ware63.8.2Searchable on Amazon $$
BC04Dunstan Cemetery RecordsCompiled byThomas Shaw Henley & Steven J Bentley03.84.59Tom Henley Collection
BC04First Book of Records - First Church in Pepperrellborough (Now Saco, Maine)Published byYork Institute, Saco, Maine2018.02.01
BC04Gems of Prouts NeckPublished byProuts Neck Historical Society2000.12.1
BC04Grandfather Tales of ScarboroughAugustus F. Moulton2000.39.1
BC04History of Scarborough 1633 to 1783William S Southgate2000.13.1
BC04Index - Descendants of Thomas SkillinUnknown03.84.61
BC04Maine My StateMaine Writers Research Club2017.63.01Also $$
BC04Maine Wills 1640-1760 - Part 1William M. Sargent95.40.1A
BC04Maine Wills 1640-1760 - Part 2William M. Sargent95.40.1B
BC04Mistress Alice Jocelyn Her LettersEndeavoured byC. Emma Cheney89.9.9
BC04Old Maps of Ruarl Cumberland County, Maine in 1871Pub bySaco Valley Printing, Fryeburg, Maine 040372016.39.01
BC04Old Maps of Rural Cumberland County, Maine in 1871F. W. Beers & Co., New York03.15.1
BC04Old Maps of York County, Maine in 1872Samford & Everts & Co., Philadelphia94.4.1
BC04Old Prouts NeckAugustus F. Moulton87.23.1
BC04Old Prouts NeckAugustus Moulton03.84.481998 re-index of 1924
BC04Owascoag: Place of Much Grass... 1605-1800Patricia Bowden CoreyNoneAvailable for Purchase from Scarborough Museum.
BC04Prouts: Then and Now - 1888-1970Prouts Neck Association71.10.1
BC04Publishments, marriages, births and deaths from the earlier records of Gorham, MaineCompiled byMarquis F. King200.1.1
BC04ScarboroughRodney Laughton95.2.40Images of America
BC04Scarborough & Mogg HeigonAugustus Moulton03.84.141The Settlement of Scarborough - Charles Pine Hunter and Indian Fighter
BC04Scarborough Becomes A TownDorothy Shaw Libbey98.2.1
BC04Scarborough in the Twentieth CenturyRodney Laughton5000.1.1Images of America
BC04Scarborough Register 1905Mitchell & Campbell02.52.1
BC04Scarborough, Maine Vital Records From Town Reports 1892-1944Thomas Shaw Henley & Steven J Bentley95.40.103
BC04Scarborough, Maine Vital Records From Town Reports 1892-1944Thomas Shaw Henley & Steven J Bentley03.84.53
BC04Secrets of a Salt MarshJohn O. Snow08.32.1
BC04Story of Prouts NeckRupert Sargent Holland89.9.8Searchable on Amazon $$
BC04Stratton's island of Saco Bay: An Interwoven History 1605-1993Georgiana P. Chase94.38.1
BC04The 50 Year Clan of Prouts NeckIntro byPeter Coues96.11.02Comb bound copy
BC04The Naming of the Roads - Prouts Neck?63.17.1
BC05Maine Families in 1790 - Volume 1Edited byRuth Gray99.19.2Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 02
BC05Maine Families in 1790 - Volume 2Edited byRuth Gray2000.64.2Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 05
BC05Maine Families in 1790 - Volume 3Edited byRuth Gray2000.65.1Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 11
BC05Maine Families in 1790 - Volume 4Edited byJoseph Crook Anderson II & Lois Ware Thurston, C. G.2000.65.2Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 18
BC05Maine Families in 1790 - Volume 5Edited byJoseph Crook Anderson II2000.65.3 Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 18
BC05Maine Families in 1790 - Volume 6Edited byJoseph Crook Anderson II2000.96.1Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 31
BC05Maine Province and Court Records - Volume IIntroNeil W. Allen, Jr.95.27.158Maine Historical Society
BC05Maine Register - State Yearbook 1903Compiled byGrenville M. Donham89.9.1
BC05Marriage Returns of Cumberland County, Maine prior to 1892Edited byJudith Holbrook Kelley Clayton Rand Adams2000.33.1Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 29
BC05Publishments, marriages, births and deaths from the earlier records of Gorham, Maine - Second EditionEdited byRussell S. Bickford92.46.01Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 07
BC05Vital Records of Berwick, South Berwick, and North Berwick, Maine to the year 1892Edited by Edited by John Eldridge Frost and Joseph Crook Anderson II2000.64.1Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 12
BC05Vital Records of Kittery Maine to the year 1892Edited byJoseph Crook Anderson II & Lois Ware Thurston, C. G.2000.63.1Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 08
BC05Vital Records of Scarborough, MaineCompiled byJames H. Wick12.8.1Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 68
BC06York Deeds Book IpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC06York Deeds Book IIpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC06York Deeds Book IIIpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC06York Deeds Book IVpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC06York Deeds Book VpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC06York Deeds IndexCompiled byScarborough Historical Society5000.2.1Provides Listing by Surname of Last Name, First Name, Volume Index, and which index (Grantor, Grantee, Other)
BC07York Deeds Book IXpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC07York Deeds Book VIpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC07York Deeds Book VIIpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC07York Deeds Book VIIIpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XpublishedMaine Historical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XI, Part 1publishedMaine Historical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XI, Part 2publishedMaine Historical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XII, Part 1publishedMaine Genealogical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XII, Part 2publishedMaine Genealogical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XIIIpublishedMaine Genealogical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XIVpublishedMaine Genealogical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XVpublishedMaine Genealogical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XVIpublishedMaine Genealogical Society
BC07York Deeds Book XVIIpublishedState of Maine by E.C. Bowler
BC07York Deeds Book XVIIIpublishedState of Maine by E.C. Bowler
BC08Cemetery Inscriptions of Old Orchard, MaineCopied 1971 byMichaud & Sturtevant03.84.91
BC08Families of Georgetown PioneersHelen W. (Peacock)(Snowe) Kernoul
BC08First Church in Pepperrellborough (Now Saco, Maine), First Book of RecordsPublished byYork Institute, Saco, Maine03.84.52
BC08First Church of Christ, Biddeford, Maine, Records of the – Membership, Baptisms, Marriages ofTyped byLilly03.84.63
BC08Gorham & Buxton Register - 1905Compiled byMitchell, Daggett, & Bassett03.84.139
BC08History of Portland: a facsimile of the 1865 edition with a new forward by Gerald MorrisWillis, William74.16.1
BC08Maine Cemetery Inscriptions – York County – Volume 1Maine Old Cemetery Association03.84.87
BC08Maine Cemetery Inscriptions – York County – Volume 2Maine Old Cemetery Association03.84.88
BC08Maine Cemetery Inscriptions – York County – Volume 3Maine Old Cemetery Association03.84.89
BC08Maine Cemetery Inscriptions – York County – Volume 4Maine Old Cemetery Association03.84.90
BC08Old Orchard and the Shores of Saco Bay, Biddeford Pool, Old Orchard Beach, Pine Point, Prout’s Neck, Historical Sketches ofLocke, J. S.2000.1.3
BC08Portland by the SeaMoulton, Augustus F74.1.2
BC08Portland in the Past with Historical Notes of Old FalmouthGoold, William89.9.10
BC08Recollections of Old Buxton, MaineCousins & Hannaford2000.1.3
BC08Saco and Old Orchard Register - 1906Compiled byMitchell, Dagger, Hold, Lawton, and Sawyer2000.1.2
BC08Time of Men, AMacWilliams, J. Donald95.27.20
BC09Beginnings of Costal Maine: 1602-1658Henry S. Burrage, D. D.89.9.11
BC09Dictionary of Maine Place-NamesRutherford , Phillip R.71.2.1
BC09Early Wings Over MaineDavis, J. D.12.24.1a
BC09Flotsam and JetsamThomas, Miriam Stover03.84.135
BC09Gazetteer of the State of Maine with Numerous IllustrationsVarney, Geo. J.74.3.1
BC09Genealogical Guide to the Early Settlers of America: With a Brief History of those of the First GenerationWhittemore, Henry7.11.80
BC09History of Maine: From the Earliest Discovery of the Region by the Northmen Until the Present TimeAbbott, John S. C.62.83.1
BC09History of the State of Maine: From Its First Discovery, A. D. 1602 to the Separation, A. D. 1820, Inclusive - Volune IWilliamson, William D.77.1.4
BC09History of the State of Maine: From Its First Discovery, A. D. 1602 to the Separation, A. D. 1820, Inclusive - Volune IIWilliamson, William D.77.1.4
BC09Illustrated History of MaineRolde, Neil97.43.1
BC09Maine Memories: Greater Portland & Casco BayPresented by thePortland Press Herald06.3.1
BC09Maine: A Guide DowneastEdited byIsaacson, Dorria A.71.1.1
BC09Maine: A Narrative HistoryRolde, Neil07.110.1
BC09Modern Maine: Its Historic Background People and Resources - Volume 1Herbert, Richard A.66.27.1
BC09Modern Maine: Its Historic Background People and Resources - Volume 2Herbert, Richard A.66.27.2
BC09Modern Maine: Its Historic Background People and Resources - Volume 3Herbert, Richard A.66.27.3
BC09Modern Maine: Its Historic Background People and Resources - Volume 4Herbert, Richard A.66.27.4
BC10Aunt Helen's Little Herb Book: A Miramichi Woman's World of Wild HerbsPritchard, Evam, and Susan Comyns with Helen D. Perley95.31.1
BC10Beginnings of Colonial Maine 1602-1658Henry S. Burrage, D. D.99.5.1
BC10Burial Records 1717-1962 of the Eastern Cemetery Portland, MaineCompiled byJordan, William B, Jr.93.10.5
BC10Deceive to Win: The Maine - New Hampshire Border ControversyThompson, Kenneth E.00.643.15
BC10Historic Churches & Homes of MaineCompiled byMaine Writers Research Club89.9.18
BC10HomerMary A. Judge2017.22.01
BC10Look at America: New EnglandEditors of Look 99.59.1
BC10Maine Book, TheDunnack, Henry E09.59.1
BC10Maine History, Vol 34, No. 2 Fall 1994Winslow Homer Page 78
BC10Old Kittery and Her FamiliesEverett S. Stackpole2001.52.1
BC10They Preached Liberty: An anthology of timely quotations from New England ministers of the American Revolution on the subject of liberty, its source, nature, obigations, types, and blessings Cole, Franklin P.2014.16.1
BC10Winslow Home and the SeaLittle, Caro12.1.1
BC10Winslow HomerWilmerding, John14.22.1
BC10Winslow Homer - American Artist: His World and His WorkGardner, Albert Ten Eyck12.44.1
BC10Winslow Homer at Prout's NeckBeam, Philip C.92.71.1 a
BC10Winslow Homer in EnglandHarrison, Tony06.2.1
BC10Winslow Homer in the 1890s: Prout's Neck ObservedEssays byBeam, Philip C., et al09.12.1
BC111790 Census of Maine - Annotated EditionMaine Genealogical Society2016.73.01
BC11Colonial Gravestone Inscriptions in N.H.Compiled byGoss, Mrs Charles Carpenter96.55.12
BC11Descendants of Thomas Skillin of Falmough (now Portland), MaineCompiled byHenley, Thomas Shaw2000.73.1
BC11Down East December 2003Magazine04.31.28Page 60 "Face to Face with Hollywood" by Dave Snyder
BC11Down East May 1973Magazine95.62.1Page 56 "Maine's First Prima Donna"
BC11Genealogies Cataloged by the Library of Congress Since 198696.55.10
BC11George Cleeve of Casco Bay (1630-1667)Baxter, James Phinney, A. M.03.84.62
BC11Gravestone Preservation PrimerStrangstad, Lynette89.29.1
BC11Maine History, Vol 43 January 2007Magazine14.19.1
BC11New England Family HeritageWeymouth, Thelma Louise Bridges (Sanderson)91.53.1Foster, Lord, Milliken
BC11Old-Time New England Vol. LXIV, No. 2 - Fall 1973MagazineSociety for the Preservation of New England Antiquities14.10.1
BC11Tibbetts TalkCarter, Blanche T.03.76.1
BC12Ancestry of Beulah Fogg MaGuire of Sanford, MaineCompiled byMaguire, Beulah Foff02.71.2
BC12Ancestry of William Gillman Maguire of Sanford, MaineMaguire, William and Beulah02.71.1
BC12Bit of Old England in New England, APackard, Bertram E.07.102.12nd half of book
BC12Descendants of Giles Roberts of Scarborough, MaineNichols, Joann H.94.55.1
BC12Descendants of Roger and Ambrose Hunnewell (Honneywell)Hunnewell, James M.95.81.1
BC12Family Name PricePrice, Ralph A.73.23.1
BC12Family of Nada Ardelle (Libby) Henry McPherson at the Year 2000Libby, Richard Murray02.62.1
BC12General William KingSmith, Marion Jaques81.6.1
BC12Homer's Across AmericaWhitney, Inc.92.52.1Blue bound book
BC12Journals of the Rev. Thomas Smith and the Rev. Samuel Deane, Pastors of the First Chirch in Portland89.9.28
BC12Longfellow: A Rediscovered LifeCalhoun, Charles C.07.71.1
BC12Maine History - Volume 43, June 2008Magazine08.42.1William King Article 433
BC12Monograph of the Southgate Family of Scarborough, MaineChapman, Leonard B.2000.80.1
BC12Mrs. Perley's PeopleJohnson, Eleanor Noyes11.2.1
BC12Notebook of Myron E. Moulton63.80.2Biddeford, Beechers, Boyntons, Lelands, Kings, "Eastern Argus," Floods, Colby College, King, Gov. King
BC12Records of Families of the name Rawlins or Rollins in the United StatesRollins, John R.77.15.2In Two Parts
BC12Reminiscences of Neal Dow: Recollections of Eighty YearsDow, Frederick N77.31.1
BC12Rufus King: American FederalistErnst, Robert89.9.19
BC12The McKenney Story Hartwell Cole and Allied FamiliesMcKenney, O. Herbert, Jr.93.11.1
BC12Thomas Lamonts in AmericaEdited byLamont, Corliss71.15.1
BC12Thomas Rogers, Pilgrim, and some of his DescendantsCompiled and Edited byDaniel, Elizabeth S., and Sawtelle, Jeanne E.03.84.20
BC12Three Men From Maine: Sir William Pepperrell, James Sullivan, Sir William PhipsSprague, John Francis07.102.11st half of book
BC12Took Three Lives: The True Account of the John Lane Murder/Suicide of 1897 at Bonny Eagle, MaineLibby, J. D.2000.49.8
BC12Weymouth Family HistoryWeymouth, Ruth Ella99.59.9a
BC13A History of the Moulton Family: A record of the Descendents of James Multon of Salem and Wenham Massachusetts from 1629 to 1905.Augustus F. Moulton91.18.1
BC13Ancestry and Descendants of Willard Woodbury Skillins/SkillingsCompiled byDorothy M. Skillings03.84.93
BC13Carter Genealogy (Blue) - Richard Cater-Carter of Dover, New Hampshire and some of his DescendantsCompiled byGivens, Robert E.2000.51.1
BC13Cooper Family Heritage and its Allied Families: Wellington, Larrabee, Lester, Bloss, Hicks, Hunt, Keyes, Newbury, CooperCompiled byTerhune, Gloryanna Cooper2000.16.1
BC13Dr. Edmund Eugene Ellis and some of his DescendantsE. Detreville Ellis66.25.1
BC13Francis Cooke of the Mayflower: Four GenerationsWood, Ralph V.03.84.126
BC13Magazine: Haskell JournalIndex 1985-1999 & Issues 47 to 59Haskell Family Association02.58.1
BC13Meserve Genealogy (Burgandy)Compiled byCole, Mrs. Emily E, R.N.95.61.1
BC13Meserve Genealogy (Green) - The Early MeservesCompiled byCole, Mrs. Emily E, R.N.97.26.1
BC13Paul Chadbourn Family of Waterborough, Maine 1634-1990Compiled byAhlquist, Betty Demmons94.10.1
BC13Sir Ferdinando Gorges and his Provence of Maine - Volume 1EditedJames Phinney Baxter, A.M.03.84.58
BC13Treqorgy - True - Trueworthy Family of CornwallHinkley, Mabel Gould Demers03.84.92
BC14Ancestors/Descendants of John Daniel Jones and Mary Small Rand (Thirteen Generations)Reed, Colleen G.05.52.1Green Comb Bound Book
BC14Bibber - Unpublished GenealogySinnett, Rev. Charles03.84.127Blue Crimp bound
BC14Christopher Levett: Pioneer Colonist Casco Bay 1623Baxter, James Phinney2000.1.5
BC14Descendants of John Leavitt - Volume IINoyes, Emily Leavitt03.84.80
BC14Finlayson-Fenderson and other related family branches from Parsonsfield, Saco, Machias, and Scarborough, MEPrinted 3/200505.7.1
BC14John Hawks: A Founder of Hadley, MassachusettsLane, Imogene Hawks90.15.1
BC14Leavitt: Descendants of John, the Immigrant Through His Son, Moses [Vol I]Noyes, Emily Leavitt03.84.79
BC14Libby Family Heritage BookBayley, Beatrice11.14.2
BC14Libby Family in America - 1602-1881Libby, Charles T.03.84.76
BC14Libby Family: Volume II, Book 1 - 1882-1982Compiled & EditedRodgers, Wilma Libby & Trafton, David Jotham93.55.1a
BC14Libby Family: Volume II, Book 2 - 1882-1982Compiled & EditedRodgers, Wilma Libby & Trafton, David Jotham93.55.16
BC14Libby Family: Volume IIICompiled & EditedJohn Libby Association12.17.1
BC14Men and Times of PepperellPublished byPepperell Manfacturing Co.90.17.37
BC14Nathaniel Libby Patriot and Some of His DescendantsEllis, E. Detreville68.17.1
BC14Our Story: The Bryants and the Perrys98.56Spiral Boung
BC14References to the Names Honneywell/HunnewellHummewell, Sumner Gary97.90.1Comb Bound
BC14Romance of PepperellPublished byPepperell Manfacturing Co.03.84.11Tom Henley Collection
BC14Scammon Genealogy in America 1630-1970Compiled byScammon, G. Frank, Jr.03.84.55Tom Henley Collection
BC14Small Family of Deer Isle03.84.54Tom Henley Collection
BC14The Prout FamlyProut, Robert W & Virginia W. Prout87.8.1Blue 3-ring.
BC14Thomas Leavitt - Volume IVNoyes, Emily Leavitt99.34.1
BC14William BrewsterCompiled byTerry, Milton E & Harding, Anne Borden03.84.33Pink