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Annual Reports for Scarborough

Added Scarborough Town Reports for 1877 and 1879 to Archive.Org and to Digital Maine.
Added Scarborough Town Report for 1878 to Archive.Org
(It was already posted to Digital Maine.)

I added the 1880 Town Report to both Archive.Org and to Digital Maine That completes all of the reports from 1876 to 1916 are available through this website. Also, there are several reports available prior to 1876. 


To the Links Page, I added: 

A Walk With Winslow” provides a look at Scarborough, Maine, through the eyes of artist Winslow Homer. It includes a virtual cliff walk, a virtual studio tour, educational resources, and other links.  

Bookcase 1 – Back

Shelf 2 — Military


Headley, Joel Tyler, (1813-1897). Washington And His Generals – Volume 2. Chicago: Henneberry. Also available online at Hathi Trust for review and download. There appear to be no references to Scarborough, Maine in this book.

“Military Records” 3×5 card boxes. This collection of 3×5 cards indicates facts regarding various Scarborough individuals who had military service. Accession numbers, 89.9.1778a and 89.9.1778b. This collection has been scanned and is available in two parts – A through L and M through Z as downloads. 

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