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Encapsulated Scrapbook – 1884-1979

This is a collection of 42 newspaper articles that were encapsulated into a collection probably during the 1970s at the Society. It consists of articles as early as 1884 and as recent as 1979 with the majority of articles from the early 1900s. The scrapbook was uploaded to Digital Maine.


North Scarborough School

K-3 Students School Photo – 1956Includes Ruth Grant, Teacher, and
Bev Babkirk Rick Wheeler, JerryHillock, Zigfred Myers, Linda Tolman, Darlene Dyer, Suzanne Freeze, Mary Davis, Patsy Mayo, Jackie Sturgen, Linda Wheeler, Judy Kenner, Linda Field, Rodney Babkirk, Mike Griffin, Doug Babkirk, Ron Nelsen, & Dennis Dyer.

Scarborough High School Students

Class of 1912

Four Corners – 1912 – The Scarboro High School Yearbook – Archive.Org & Digital Maine

Class of 1937

Four Corners – 1937 – The Scarboro High School Yearbook – Archive.Org & Digital Maine.

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