Added Oct 19 to Oct 31, 2019

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Surname Files


New Verticle File Folder: Locales – Scarborough Beach

The Carolyn Philbrick Collection

Twenty-three photos of people of interest to Scarborough were added to the People Gallery including the following:

  • Martha Ann Aldrich
  • Ruth Bragdon
  • Louville Deering
  • Millie Dyer
  • Chester Frost, Jr.
  • Gertrude Hasty
  • Ader Harmon
  • Ralph Leon Lary
  • Daniel Libby
  • Jane Libby
  • John Augustus Libby
  • Shirley Estelle Libby
  • Bobby Lincoln
  • Leon Meserve
  • Charles Mitchell
  • Elsie Mitchell
  • George Mitchell Sherman
  • Ora Sherman
  • Bertha Storey
  • Maybel Storey
  • Jesse Tapley
  • Mary Ella Tapley

The 1927 program for the Dedication of the Scarborough High School. The school was “Dedicated to the Boys and Girls, Our Citizens in the Making.” 

There were two businesses photos, one “The Wayland” which was added to the Restaurants Gallery and one, “Prouts Neck Garage” which was added to the Businesses Gallery. 

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