The Checkley – Prouts Neck, Maine – c. 1936 – RLC


THE CHECKLEY is a beautiful and modern hotel of one hundred rooms, magnificently located at Prouts Neck, Maine. Always cool, refreshing and delightful, Prouts Neck has an un­ surpassed abundance of these beauties which attract summer visitors from the country over to the delightful Maine coastline. Surrounded by the Atlantic on three sides, it has a combina­ tion of rocky shoreline and white sandy beach, together with a quantity of the fragrant evergreen and pine woods which mingle to produce a pleasant and healthful setting for the enjoyment of ail those sports which are the attractions of the most com­ plete of modern playgrounds.
THE CHECKLEY is situated at the water’s edge in a three acre plot of well kept grounds. From the extensive porches which surround the hotel may be seen the outline of Portland about ten miles distant, Pine Point and Old Orchard Beach across the bay, a distance cf four miles, and to the west lies the expanse of open sea broken somewhat by the islands Stratton and Bluff which form a natural breakwater to the sea

This season a newer and finer CHECKLEY than ever before welcomes its many friends gained over a period of fifty years of successful operation. It is with pleasure that the manage­ ment announces the completion of a comprehensive remodeling program and dozens of new features offering entertainment at all times but still plenty of thought given to peaceful relaxation that is so necessary to an enjoyable vacation.
Of course, to our friends, who have shared the CHECKLEY’S hospitality in the past we need not mention the question of food, but to those who have never been to THE CHECKLEY we are positively proud of our culinary department and why not, as chief steward, Fred Ferrin who has been with us for the past fifteen years is again returning to us, coming from a successful season at one of Florida’s leading resorts as is also our head waiter, Mr. Stanley Jones, who yearly adds to his popularity as the head of his trim dining room force.

Directly off this spacious Lounge are various Card Rooms, Sun Porch and many secluded corners. An Open Porch extends on three sides of the Hotei.

and come to THE CHECKLEY to enjoy it.
The sporting eighteen hole course of the Prouts
Neck Country Club offers a full length course, in­ teresting on every hole and yet not too hard for the average amateur. Many holes are played along the water’s edge and the cool breezes blow­
ing across the fairways are in sharp the summer heat of the metropolitan courses. Club House facilities are the best, lockers, showers and general golf shop with caddie master. A pro is present to provide expert instruction.
Ten hard clay couris provide excellent tennis for
all. Tournaments are also held in this sport and
much really fine talent is usually attracted for the
annual event. In connection with both the golf and
tennis there is the Club House of the Prouts Neck
Country Club which provides one of the focal points of the social activity of the Neck and the general meeting place of the hotel guests and cottages.

One of the finest beaches of clear white sand on the entire Atlantic coast adds to the pleasure of a dip in the invigorating Maine waters. The hotel maintains its own bath houses with attendant al­ ways in charge. Proper life guard facilities are
maintained to insure safe bathing and during the popular hours the guard is always in the water.
Class boats are always available and every day
sees many of these small boats skimming across
the bay. Weekly races are held which culminate
in final eliminations as the season progresses.
Special instruction for youngsters is provided and
the competent sailors which many of these youths become is truly surprising.
The Yacht Club provides boats for either off shore or deep sea fishing and frequent parties are organ­ ized for these ventures to the deep which usually reap bounteous return in the heavy catch.
The best of mounts are available and there are many delightful back roads and beautiful paths away from auto traffic and other distractions.
A truly modern hotel: Every room with bath or running water and all with bath en suite. Large, comfortable, at­ tractive rooms with box spring beds throughout.
Elevator Service:
Under direct ownership and management of the hotel, a
modern fireproof garage is maintained with service man always available.
Protestant and Catholic, all with regular services through­ out the season.
An attractive city of about 70,000 is only one half hour drive. Here we have all the advantages of the Metro­ politan areas on a smaller scale — stores, movies, et cetera.
Your time can be as full as you wish, Bridge, Ping Peng, Bagatelle, Croquet, Archery, Putting, Quoits. Regular Dancing and frequeni entertainments.
Salt W ater Baths:
Salt water is piped directly from the ocean to all baths. Salt water is invigorating and a tonic to the entire nerve system.

Ownership Management:
You assure yourself of the vital interest and painstaking care that come only with such direct association.
American Plan:
THE CHECKLEY operates on the American plan basis. Rates are by day or week.
The Prouts Neck Association:
is an organization of the hotels and cottage owners of Prouts Neck, of which there are about one hundred. This has been of tremendous benefit in making Prouts Neck a well managed and up-to-date summer resort. It main­ tains the roads and paths in and about the Neck, keeps the sanctuary in the Center of the Neck and the board­ walk which leads through it. It also maintains such police protection as is necessary.
Doctor William Pierce Coues, for many years a resident
of Prouts Neck, has his cottage and office within a three minute walk from the hotel.
Address correspondence all year: THE CHECKLEY, Prouts Neck, Maine.
Railroad Station, Scarboro Beach, Boston & Maine.
Four miles from Boston and Portland Route No. 1 — Turn at Oak Hill (Six miles south of Portland).
Scarboro Airport: Five miles from Hotel.

Winslow Homer Anniversary
Winslow Homer, who is today recognized as the foremost marine artist that America has produced, was one of the first to realize and appreciate the full beauties of Prouts Neck. It was here that he established his studio and spent the greater part of his productive years and it was Prouts Neck with the beauty that Nature bestowed upon it that furnished the scene and inspiration of many of his masterpieces.
The Homer property which is adjacent tc THE CHECKLEY is still visited in the summers by members of his family and his studio still is maintained as a shrine, that the public may visit the home of this famous artist. The year 1936 is the 100th anni­ versary of the birth of Winslow Homer and Prouts Neck is this year honoring his name. Many of his works which are now located in museums throughout the country are to be returned to Prouts Neck and his Studio is to be the center of activities in recognizing the genius that was able to set down on canvas in such memorable fashion views thai are unique to Maine and more directly to Prouts Neck.
As one walks along the path running directly back of the rocks which form a natural barrier to the ocean, one is indeed taken by the striking appearance of the shore which so at­ tracted Homer. From the low rocks opposite the hotel one passes by Cannon reck which booms forth at high tide like a cannon as the sea surges in and out, on tc the higher rocks which rise sheerly out of the sea. The harshness of these same
rocks being well illustrated by the wreck of the freighter Saga­ more which still rests firmly embedded in the ledge in spite of several vain attempts to move her. It is remarkable that in this rocky shore there is found a long expanse of clean white sand which forms one of the best beaches for bathing that can be found anywhere along the Maine coast and it is here that activity centers every morning as the residents of Prouts Neck gather for their morning swim.
The attractiveness of Prouts Neck is all the more enhanced that the center of this charming peninsular is given over to a wooded sanctuary with many paths leading throughout in which may be enioyed the pine scented fragrance of a typical Maine fores: together with the bird life and natural under­ growth which makes Maine so entrancing in summer.
For those who enjoy the use of their car and wish to make some headquarters, Prouts Neck offers an ideal location as fine roads find one in Portland in less than an hour’s drive. Easy afternoon drives may be taken around beautiful Cape Eliza­ beth, to Ram Island Farms with its beautiful gardens and to the Portland Light House and Forts. Within an afternoon’s drive are also Biddeford, Kennebunk and other points to Ports­ mouth as well as Salmon Falls and Sebago Lake.
Another beauty of nature which is witnessed most advan­ tageously from the hotel are the magnificent sunsets as seen from the hotel across the water as the evening sun gradually recedes behind distant hills.

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