SHS Senior Drama – 1940


Mrs. Denny, “Ma” – Ella Hillock
Mr. Denny, “PA” – Warren Ewing
“Dick” Denny,
The head ??? pf the family – John Snow
“Babs” Denny
Just one of the younger set – Gertrude Perry
Edith, A friend of “Babs” – Gloria Bailey

Wayne Carleton,
too good-looking too be overlooked – Richard Pence
Grace Denny,
too lively to be comfortable – Alice Purington

Lee Denny,
an absent-minded poet – William Cott
Dora Denny,
not absent-minded – Marion Stanford
Miss Atwood,
practical and professional- Jeannette Douglass
“Fixer” Phipps, A Reporter – Millard Gower
Magoon, Just himself – Richard Royal

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