Select Scarborough Grammar School Graduation Exercises – 1953-1964 – from Rodney Laughton Collection


Text of OCR of “Select Scarborough Grammar School Graduation Exercises – 1953-1964” from the Rodney Laughton Collection.

Scarborough Grammar Scliools

List of pupils who have grade in one of three specified
Virginia M. Andrews
Irene M. Breil
William E. Burnell
Malcolm A. Connor
Imogene M. Douglass
Pauline V. Fogg
Richard C. Frederick
Lawrence E. Googins
Cora E. Jenkins
Marjorie W. Lang
Steven E. Libby
Maurice A. Libby
Janet Littlefield
R. Leon Littlefield
Dorothy J. Lothrop
John S. Marfosky
Georgia P. Merrill
Irving N. Meserve
finished the work of the eighth divisions:
Henry A. Moulton Everett G. Moulton Frederick M. Newcomb Vernon W. Paulsen Howard H. Pence Charles F. Plummer Harold W. Prout Arthur B. Purington Arthur E. Ray Donald H. Rawson Virginia N. Sanford Robert J. Sanford Frances M. Skillings Matthew J. Solok William N. Thibeau Ruth E. Thompson Vesta E. Washburn
“Music is the universal language of mankind.”
—Henry IV. Longfellow
Song—There’s Music in the Air, Class
Prayer, Rev. G. Elmer Mossman
/-a c i Pupils of Blue Point, Libby
Group of Quotations, j and Qak Hjix Schoqls
Piano Solo—Vacation Pranks, Steven E. Libby
The Opening of the Piano, Frances M. Skillings
Goddess of Music, Goddess of Liberty, Old Hundred, Yankee Doodle, America,
Indian Music,
Georgia P. Merrill Dorothy J. Lothrop Irene M. Breil Malcolm A. Connor Irving N. Meserve Vesta E. Washburn Lawrence E. Googins
Matthew J. Solok
Battle Hymn of Republic, Frederick M. Newcomb
Starry Flag, Girls of Oak Hill School
Harmonica Solo, Howard H. Pence
“I Am Music,” Virginia M. Andrews
Father Time,
Eighth Grade Graduates,
Wealthy Business Man, A Poor Man,
Successful Artist,
A Contented Mother,
Arthur E. Ray
Frank, Donald H. Rawson Jean, Virginia N. Sanford Bess, Pauline V. Fogg
Vernon W. Paulsen
Arthur B. Purington
Janet Littlefield
Virginia M. Andrews
Violin and Piano,
j Madeline Wormwood ( June Field
Presentation of Certificates,
Supt. F. H. B. Heald
Graduating Exercises
Scarborough Grammar Schools
Friday, June Twelfth, at Two p. m.
Daylight Saving Time
List of pupils who have finished the work of the eighth grade in one of three specified divisions:
Clarence M. Ahlquist Oliver Hamlin
Florence L. Ahlquist H. Hartley Hicks
Frances I. Ahlquist Ella F. Hillock
Austin V. Allen Virginia L. Laird
Loretta Archambault Kenneth J. Libby
Ida F. Burnham William J. Littlejohn
Amy K. Brink worth Evelyn P. Meserve
Ellen L. Chase Martin H. Michelson
Mary Chase Edith M. Nichols
Selma F. Cohen Richard W. Pence
Virginia P. Collins Gertrude R. Perry
William M. Cott Guy H. Pillsbury
Kenneth H. Dolloff Dana F. Plummer
Jeannette Douglass George W. Pooler
Joyce I. Downs Wilmer G. Rogerson
Nilsen H. Fielding Richard A. Royal
Millard L. Gower Douglas Stevens
C. Theodore Glover Marion L. Stanford
A. Eleanor Green Carleton G. Sullivan
J. Lucy Hall John FI. Snow
Commencement Day ■ . Orchestra
Prayer ….. Rev. G. Elmer Mossman
All American, by R. O. Siitcr . . Orchestra
Piano Solo, Valsc in E Flat Gertrude R. Perry
Play, The Winding Road
Life ….. . Richard A. Royal
Youth ….. . Guy H. Pillsbury
Happiness …. Joyce I. Downs
Sorrow …. Richard W. Pence
Profession …. . Dana F. Plummer
Home Making C Jeannette Douglass 7 WlLMER G. ROGERSON
Service . Virginia P. Collins
Civic Work . ( Ella F. FIillock ) William M. Cott
Education ….. . Virginia L. Laird
Morality Code, led by Class Song, The Liberty Bell H. Hartley Hicks
Grammar School Orchestra

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