Pine (Pyne)

The Pine (Pyne) Family – Genealogy starting with John Pine (c. 1500-___) – See Surname File – 07.137.12.

Charles (Pyne) Pine (1675-1753) [& Descendants] – See Surname File – 07.137.13.

Charles Pine in York Deeds – Six pages of transcriptions from York Deeds, Books XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XVI, XVII, & XVIII – See Surname File – 89.9.397 or Internet Archive for digital copies. 

Charles Pine’s Will – 17 Oct 1752 – See pages 707-708 of Maine Wills: 1640-1760.

Charles Pine: The Hunter and Indian Fighter of Scarborough” by Hon. A. F. Moulton – The 1895 Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Pages 207-213

Newspaper Clipping “Charles Pine Was a Famous Indian Fighter” – Unknown Paper, Unknown date. See Surname File – 89.9.586. [Note: Very poor condition]

Newspaper Clipping “Old Tales of an Old Maine Town – Forgotten Adventures of Old Scarboro Settlers” by Chandler Briggs Allen – Unknown Paper, Unknown Date. See Surname File – No Acc # [Note: Poor condition – page cut off at top, bottom, and right column.

Index Card – 89.9.1830.
Pine, Charles — Mr. Case of Pa. told me June 1, 1956, that Charles Pine was one of his ancestors, that he came to Marblehead in 1717, then to Scarborough 1720, he died in 1753.”

Cross References [pink slip]

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