Books available online of interest when researching Maine/Scarborough Genealogy & History. These books are not available at the museum but are known to be important for genealogical research of Scarborough ancestors.

At the Museum

Town Register – Scarborough – 1905 – Includes early Scarborough history, businesses, “military matters” (French & Indian, Revolutionary, & Civil wars), school, church, landmarks, and the 1905 Town Census. This town census is particularly interesting because it includes many non-residents and where they live when the individual’s parents still live in Scarborough. Married daughters are also identified and include their married surname. Available at Digital Maine, as a local download, and as a searchable book at Internet Archive.  

Town Reports – Provide a wealth of information including school business, road building, information about the poor, and Birth, Marriage, and Death information (1893-1944) Many have been scanned and are available online. 

Finding Aids

Bill Tolman Memorial Database

The “Coast Watch” binders include an index of over 2200 names mentioned in the collection of clippings. The collection is located on Shelf K-3). 

Deeds – File Cabinet #17

Ephemera Finding Aid – A searchable database that lists various ephemera and their location in the museum. 

Rodney Laughton Collection Index – Index to over 6,000 digital images of various Scarborough categories available for viewing on a dedicated computer at the museum.

Obituary Index – An index of Scarborough individuals who have passed. Many have a location identifier to an online file containing an image of the obituary. 







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