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Images of Government offices and services, including Fire Department Ground Observer Posts of WW2 and the Cold War, Town Hall and the State Police.

Baptist - Eight Corners Catholic - Prouts Neck, St. Judes, Spurwink Congregational - Black Point Free Church - North Scarborough Methodist - Dunstan Universalist - Scarborough, Lower Buxton

Scarborough organizations

Government – Fire Department Images

Accession # Description
89.9.1860 Pleasant Hill Hose | C. Libbey
2017.56.02 Pine Point Volunteer Fire Co., Pine Point, ME, August 1938
2017.51.05 Rescue Unit | Doctor Philip Haigis, Frank Slipp, Clayton Urquhart, Percey Gower, Leon Lary, Ross Sherwood | 1952 Chevrolet
2017.51.07 Rescue Unit | Doctor Philip Haigis, Frank Slipp, Clayton Urquhart, Percey Gower, Leon Lary, Ross Sherwood | 1952 Chevrolet
2017.51.04 Rescue Unit | In front of High School – 1952 Chevrolet (with equipment on a lawn)
2017.51.01 Rescue and Fire Dept. | 1-28 unnamed | 29. Stan Payson | 30. Henry Gould | 31-32 unnamed.
2017.51.09 Scarborough Rescue Unit – 1952 Chevrolet – Also at Maine State Library #13
2017.51.08 1936 Ford – Engine 7 at Scarborough Downs (Oak Hill Engine 7) – Also at Maine State Library #14
84.4.35 Scarborough Fire Dept. Equipment | Taken at Scarborough Downs | Early 1950
84.4.33 Engine 7 – Oak Hill – Nov. 1954 | Wentworth place across Rt. 1. Also at Maine State Library #15
09.29.18 Program Cover which includes an image of the first engine at Pleasant Hill Hose Company  
84.04.30 a Scarborough Mobil Canteen | left to right || 1. Dr. Philip Haigis | 2. Shirley Libby | 3. Unk | 4. (Bunny) Maureen Worthing | 5. Unk | 6. Ruth Douglas? | 7. Eleanor Higgins | 8. Geraldine Sprague | 9. Christine D’Amico | 10. Unk | 11. Eleanor Lorfano | 12. Laurine Libby Webber | 13. Margaret Hall | 14. Unk | 15. Stoney Haigis | Photo Printed – Jun 1959.
84.4.31 Scarborough New Mobile Canteen Unit | Eleanor Higgins – Eleanor Lorfano – Shirley Libby – Also at the Maine State Library.

Government – Town Hall Photos

95.27.46 Oldest Town Hall
93.50.1b Old Town Hall
88.26.3a Scarborough Town Hall – Located at Oak Hill, Built about 1883 – Housed High School for several years.
93.50.1d  Old Town Hall
93.50.2b New Town Hall (Note old town hall to right)
93.50.2a New Town Hall


Accession # Description
02.69.02 1st Row:  Barbara Gill, Ann Ferguson, Rebecca Hughes, Franklyn Keehlivetter, Janice Huff, Julia Ferguson, Florence Nielsen
2nd Row: Eleanor Nielsen, Abbie Libby, David Bartlett, John Pooler, George Pooler, John Ferguson, Shirley Nielsen, Ethel Dodge, Barbara Bartlett
Scarborough Free Baptist Church – Early 50’s?
00.120A 8 Corners Church – Buggy Meeting – Gorham Road | In 1841, the Free Will Baptist House of Cape Elizabeth was at the corner of Mussey and Gorham Roads. In 1883 the name was changed to Scarborough Free Baptist Church. The Church was replaced in 1971.
91.14.2 Catholic Church – Prouts Neck, Me. – Postcard Published by F. M. Newcomb & Son.
89.9. Spurwink Church (Catholic)
10.9.9 St. Jude’s Roman Catholic Church, Pine Point, ME
95.27.66 Black Point Congregational Church
95.27.174 Black Point Church (1920s – 1930s ?) (Congregational)
Donated by Esther (Bowley) Murphy. The Old Church on Black Pt. Rd. Built 1844 – Discontinued 1893. | Old Church (The Causeway Church) built in 1844 of wood from the previous church at Oak Hill, now the Black Point Variety. | (NOTE:) This does not appear to be either the Causeway or present church. (The trees don’t coincide) R.A. Delaware 11/93. (Congregational)
69.36.1 Interior of Black Point (Congregational) Church Erected 1844 – Abandoned 1893 | The frescos on walls were considered among the finest in New England.
97.32.11 Blue Point Congregational Church – 1957 – Pine Point Beach, Maine
69.10.1 Rev. Henry Storer -Donated by Miss Pauline Huston – Congregational Minister
Donated by Mrs. Clark A. Libbey First Congregational Church | Black Point Road
02.44.1 Wendell Whitten (House)
05.49.27 Dunstan Methodist Church (side entrance)
05.49.3 Dunstan Methodist Church (Sanctuary) 1976
05.49.26 Dunstan Methodist Church (Interior) c. 1907
05.49.25 Dunstan Methodist Church (and house next door) before Steeple
93.13.9 Dunstan Methodist Church (and house next door) after Steeple
05.49.18 Dunstan Methodist Church (after addition) c. 1976
95.11.5 Dunstan Methodist Church (exterior) No bell railing.
80.5.1 North Scarborough Free Church (Beech Ridge & County Roads) – c. 1870
64.37.1 Scarborough & Buxton Corner Church
95.52.1 Street scene. North Scarborough Free Church, 1907 — looking west along the County Road, at the junction of Saco Street. The was erected 1871-72; dismantled 1936), is shown on the left, at the southwest corner of the intersection. The O. E. Sherman store is visible on the right, along the north side of the County Road.
The building in the distance (left of center) and along the south side of the County Road is the residence of Harry L. Sherman, brother of the store’s proprietor, Orra E. Sherman. The home of a third brother, William Sherman, for many years Scarborough’s tax collector, can partially be seen through the trees, beyond the store.


Posted to the Maine State Library

Scarborough Civil Defense Mobile Canteen Unit – 1959
Scarborough Fire Engine #7 – 1936
Scarborough Fire Engine #7 (1954)
Scarborough Rescue Unit – 1952