October 2018 SHS Website Activity

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I added a Fickett Surname post, scanned and OCRed 89.9.720 – Fickett – Libby Notes,


I recorded the October 2018 presentation of the Scarborough Historical Society’s monthly meeting, “Podcasts: Digging Up our Forgotten Past and Breathing New Life into History” by Crystal Ponti, edited it and posted it to YouTube with a link from the Video page.  There now 8 SHS videos available for viewing on YouTube.


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Scanned and transcribed 03.83.29 – Lindquist Collection – Letter dated 8 July 1835.

Updated the EphemeraFinding Aid with the 16 Oct 2018 database.

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Posted Linda Snow McLoon article “Homer Studio EphemeraImage of Winslow Homer's painting "Fog Warning"
I created a category for Ephemera.

Annual Reports

I scanned, cropped, OCRed, and uploaded the Annual Reports of the Town of Scarborough to Digital Maine – Scarborough Books.  These reports are from the personal collection of Rodney Laughton. They typically include information regarding the support of the poor, almshouse expenses,  various town bills, costs of town roads and bridges, school costs, & teacher salaries.

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From the Ephemera …. 

Homer Studio Ephemera

By Linda Snow McLoon

With much-appreciated input from Phil von Stade & Ann Googins

Ephemera refers to written or printed material that is typically expected to have only short-term usefulness and, therefore, not usually saved. I have been sorting and indexing materials related to town business in the 1800s, adding names noted to the society’s extensive index. Most documents concern routine town business, but occasionally something pops up that is particularly significant to Scarborough history.

Early Rufus Deering delivery truck

I have found two documents related to the building of Winslow Homer’s cottage and studio at Prouts Neck. The first is the 1882 list of building materials purchased from the Rufus Deering Lumber Company of Portland for use in the construction of a frame dwelling house and stable to be built on Libby’s Neck (the earlier name of Prouts Neck) for Charles S. Homer, Winslow Homer’s father.

The list of materials included lumber, shingles, and clapboards purchased over several months. (After 162 years of business on Commercial Street, the company was recently sold and will soon be replaced by a hotel and condos.)

Rufus Deering & Co., Lumber Dealers Letterhead, c. 1882It’s not surprising that Charles Homer chose Alonzo Googins to build his house and stable, since Googins was a popular carpenter/builder who built many homes and hotels at Prouts Neck. It was Googins who purchased the building materials from the lumber company, and the name Alonzo was penciled in after the letter A. on the letterhead receipt.

Deering bill of materials

Deering bill of materials

The cost of the 1882 order of building supplies totaled $675.37, toward which Alonzo Googins initially paid $165 in cash. Alonzo Googins was reputed to be an excellent carpenter but a bad businessman, and it appears he had difficulty paying the balance due for the building materials. Rufus Deering became impatient to receive further payment, and on February 13, 1883, he initiated a lien on the buildings and land on which they stood.

The second document describes the frame dwelling house and stable owned by Charles S. Homer of Brooklyn, Kings County, New York, located on land conveyed to said Homer by Hannah Louise Googins by deed dated January 22, 1883.

Deering Lein on Homer Property.

The listed seller of the land, Hannah Louise Googins (1843-1910), was Alonzo Googins’ wife. She was from the Libby family which at one time owned most of the Prouts Neck peninsula and pioneered the early tourist establishments there. Her grandfather, Thomas Libby, operated the first summer boarding business, the Prouts Neck House. Her father, Silas Libby, was the proprietor of the Cammock House, and her brother, Thomas J. Libby, built and ran the West Point House. Another family member associated with early tourism at Prouts Neck was Hannah’s younger sister, Anna Maria Libby, who married Ira Foss, owner of the prominent summer hotel, the Checkley House. Hannah’s cousin, Elmira Coolbroth, married John Kaler, proprietor of the Southgate House, and their daughter was Addie Kaler Vaill, whose home on the Black Point Road became the senior women’s residence that remains in operation today, Kaler Vaill.

Photo of the Jocelyn Hotel

The Jocelyn Hotel

In 1909 Alonzo Googins’ entire Prouts Neck complex, which consisted of his residence, garage, machine shop, carpenter shop, blacksmith shop, and stable located next to the Jocelyn Hotel burned to the ground. The flames also demolished the Jocelyn and the nearby home of Lemuel Lane. Alonzo Googins lost everything in the fire. He had only $1,000 worth of insurance on his residence; his losses in 1909 dollars exceeded $15,000.

Photo of Winslow Homer as a young man

Winslow Homer as a young man

Charles S. Homer purchased more land than needed for his home and stable, as Homer eventually owned about one-third of the peninsula now known as Prouts Neck. We can assume he paid off the remaining debt owed to Rufus Deering Lumber and had the building project completed. He christened it The Ark. At some point, the stable was moved and significant alterations made to it by the noted architect, John Calvin Stevens. It became the home and studio of Charles Homer’s son, the noted artist, Winslow Homer. It was in this place that many of the numerous masterpieces of Winslow Homer were created. The building is now owned by the Portland Museum of Art. The Scarborough Historical Society is pleased to have in its collections the ephemera documents that relate to the Homer cottage and stable’s construction.

Photo of the Homer Studio

Homer Studio

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Fickett Surname

Researched by Don Taylor
As of 9 October 2018

Fickett Surname File:

The Fickett Surname File has two items in it.

  1. Short Fickett note regarding Johnathan Fickett. 89.9.720 – Fickett – Libby Notes
  2. “Pink Pointer” slip with two items.
    1. See 03.83.29 Lindquist Collection, Vol. I; Agreement; re colt. Daniel Larrabee and Amos F. Fickett. [Rear Room cupboard, Black three-ring binder]
    2. John 89.9.190 – Scarborough People (Gray Notebook) – I was unable to locate this book at this time.


A website search identified a “Fickett/Dyer Notebook” genealogical 3-ring binder, 2003.84.08 in Lateral File 1. The Notebook is over an inch thick and has many items pertaining to the Fickett family including the following.

  1. Several pages from a Geocities webpage which are available through the WayBack Machine.
  2. Grandpa’s Scrapbook, Pages 65 through 71 – Available at Amazon.Com.
  3. The Descendants of Zebulon Fickett – 4 Pages.
  4. The Descendants of John Fickett.
  5. The Fickett Family – 8 Pages.
    1. Some of the text clearly came from Genealogical and family history of the state of Maine by George Thomas Little.
    2. Some from The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Volumes 4-5, Page 141 (John ffecket [sic])
    3. Some from Three Systems John, III Fickett
  6. FICKETT File – Author Unknown – 10 Pages.
  7. “First Ocean Steamer” – Roots Web printout clearly taken from Sprague’s journal of Maine history. Volume 7 (1919/20), Page 244. Online at Hathi Trust.
  8. Ficketts of Cape Elizabeth – (Ficketts.txt at rootsweb.com)
  9. “Petition of New Hampshire Settlers” taken from the The New England historical and genealogical register by Henry F. Waters, page 233.
  10. Because John Fickett served in the Revolutionary War, the DAR Genealogy Database may be of great genealogical use.

Surname Database:

The Bill Toland Memorial Database includes 314 entries for Ficket, Fickets, Fickett, and Ficketts. Contact the Scarborough Historical Society for further information.

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September 2018 Website Activity

Main Room

Surname Files – I added an Alger Family Page, Scanned and OCRed 5 files, Linked 3 Known Internet Resources.

I added a Walker Surname Page. Added a letter from Maynard E. Walker to Miss Libby dated 7 Mar 1959 – Surnames mentioned include Alger, Plummer, Roberts, & Walker.

Maps – I improved the contrast and moved the image of Plat – Pillsbury Shores – Pine Point, Maine. Moved image from SHS to Digital Maine.

I scanned, stitched, and uploaded “Scarborough, Maine – Past and Present” map to Digital Maine. I created a link to it from the Maps Page. I also added a pointer to it from the Alger Surname Post.


I added the Obituary Index & Finding Aid.

Rear Room

I added:

Ephemera Finding Aid

Display Room


Archive (Upstairs)



On the Books Available Online page, I added links to Records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts and York Deeds, Volume XIII

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Surname – Walker

Surname File – Walker






LettersMaynard E. Walker to Miss Libby 89-9-465a 7 Mar 1959 – Alger, Plummer, Roberts, Walker




Known Internet Resources

The pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire, 1623 to 1660; a descriptive list, drawn from records of the colonies, towns, churches, courts and other contemporary sources
by Pope, Charles Henry, 1841-1918

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Surname – Alger

Alger Family of Dunstan, Scarborough Town, Cumberland County, Maine.


Surname File – Alger




Descendancy Chart: Descendants of Arthur Alger 03.59.2 (8 Jun 2005)
Family History:
Alger Angle, The – 1618-1754
Family History: Alger Family 95.40.19B
LettersAuthor Unk, Date Unk Unk.
LettersLibbey to Milliken 89.9.195 (1976)

See Maps: Scarborough Maine – Past & Present for Alger homestead locations.


Known Internet Resources

Records and files of the Quarterly Courts of Essex County, Massachusetts.
Author: Essex County (Mass.). Quarterly Courts, Essex Institute, Dow, George Francis, 1868-1936.
See: https://archive.org/stream/recordsfilesofqu06esse#page/182/search/Alger

History of the Families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken, and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907; containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on intermarried and collateral families, and abstracts of early land grants, wills, and other documents.
Author: Ridlon, G. T. (Gideon Tibbetts), 1841-
See: https://archive.org/stream/historyoffamilie00ridl#page/n5/search/Alger

York deeds [ Volume XIII ]
Author: Maine Historical Society, Maine Genealogical Society (1884-), York County (Me.). Register of Deeds.
See: https://archive.org/stream/yorkdeeds13main#page/142/search/Alger 

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August 2018 Website Activity

Main Room

Created a new Main Room Page and reorganized the links appropriate to the Main Room Page.

Created a new “Surname Files” page.

I created a product page for “Dear Mrs. Libbey” book sales.

I updated the Shop Page to highlight the “Dear Mrs. Libbey” book.

I added a scanned, OCRed, Whitten file to the Surname Files Page.


The 1841 Scarborough Tax Valuation Record Book was scanned at the Maine State Library, a PDF was created then uploaded to the Scarborough Books Collection at Digital Maine. A blog post was created to highlight the new material available online.

The 1875 Scarborough Tax Valuation Record Book was scanned at the Maine State Library, a PDF was created then uploaded to the Scarborough Books Collection at Digital Maine. A blog post was created to highlight the new material available online.

Back Room

Photo Box 1 – Businesses – Hotels

Be Witch Inn, West Scarborough


On the Books Available Online page, I added links to The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder.

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1875 Scarborough Tax Valuation Book

1875 Scarborough Tax Valuation Book

The 1875 Tax Valuation Record was scanned at the Maine State Library using their Zeutschel OS 12002 multi-camera book scanner that creates high-resolution images. The scanned images were then combined and compressed into a PDF file. The resulting file was uploaded to Digital Maine along with some metadata information.

The 1875 Valuation Books provide information about property owners in two major sections.

Pages 1-28 (as numbered at the top left corner of a page) are 1875 Scarborough residents and are generally arranged alphabetically by surname. That is to say, all people whose surname begins with a “C” are together, etc.

In the second section are non-residents who owned property in Scarborough. These pages are unnumbered and are organized by the towns the individual lived in and then semi-alphabetically by surname. The towns include:

  • Buxton
  • Cape Elizabeth
  • Deering
  • Gorham
  • Portland
  • Saco
  • Westbrook
  • Miscellaneous [All other locations]

A third, unnumbered, section indicates residents and non-residents that live in Scarborough but do not own property.

If you have ancestors who lived in Scarborough in 1875, this book may provide information of great interest. It includes information on real estate values, personal property (horses, oxen, cows, swine, sheep, carriages, and furniture.  Also included are stocks and bonds, money lent at interest, and logs and timber held.

The 1875 Scarborough Tax Valuation Book is a great resource to add texture to your family history and genealogical research.

The download from Digital Maine is here.

Also available: The 1841 Scarborough Tax Valuation Book.

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1841 Scarborough Tax Valuation Book

If you have ancestors who lived in Scarborough in 1841, the 1841 Scarborough Tax Valuation Book is a great resource to add texture to your family history and genealogical research.

The online version was scanned on the Maine State Library’s (MSL) Zeutschel OS 12002 multi-camera book scanner, which creates high-resolution images. The original book is held at the Scarborough Historical Museum and is approximately 14 inches tall and 9.25 inches wide. Many thanks to Adam Fisher of the MSL for his assistance in this project.

The book is divided into two sections. First are persons who reside in Scarborough. The names are arranged in somewhat alphabetically. That is to say, all the surnames of a particular letter are together, but they are in not alphabetical within a letter, so Burnham, Berry, and Brown are on the same group of pages before the first person with the surname beginning “C.”

The second section is for people who owned property in Scarborough but lived elsewhere.

The information provided can be amazing. For example, Theodore Libby was taxed on 2 buildings and 88 acres of land in production (tilled, or mowed for hay). He also had 114 acres that were unimproved, 10 acres of which was woodland and 5 acres was salt marsh. He was taxed on 1 horse, 4 oxen, 8 cows or cattle and one swine. There are 70 Libby’s in the book. 68 were residents and two non-resident Libby’s lived elsewhere (Gorham and Saco).

Information provided for Scarborough Residents:

  • Names of Persons
  • Number of Poles
  • Number of Buildings and Value
  • Number of acres Mowing and Tillage and Value
  • Number of acres fresh Mowing and Value
  • Number of acres Pasturing and Value
  • Number acres unimproved Land and Value
  • Woodland and Value
  • Salt Marsh and Value
  • Tannery and Value
  • Number Horses and Value
  • Number of Horses under 4 years old and Value
  • Number Oxen and Value
  • No. Cows & Cattle 3 years old and Value
  • No. Cattle 2 years old and Value
  • No. Cattle 1 years old and Value
  • Number Swine
  • Number Chaise
  • Stock in Trade
  • Money at Interest
  • Sum Total

Information provided for Scarborough Non-residents:

  • Names of Non-resident Property Owners
  • Their Residence.
  • Number of Buildings and Value
  • Number of acres Mowing and Tillage and Value
  • Number of acres fresh Mowing and Value
  • Number of acres Pasturing and Value
  • Number acres unimproved Land and Value
  • Woodland and Value
  • Salt Marsh and Value
  • Sum Total

The 1841 Tax Valuation Records are available for download from the Maine State Library site, Digital Archives (https://digitalmaine.com/scarborough_books/1/).

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July 2018 Website Activity


Maine Egg Producers

Maine Egg Producers

I published the following photographs from Photo Box 1, “Miscellaneous Businesses” to Digital Maine at the Maine State Library:

Maine Egg Producers
Candling Room at Maine Egg Producers

I published the following photographs from Photo Box 1, “Miscellaneous Businesses” to this site.

[No Number] – Park’s Home Bakery – Luncheonette – Route 1 – West Scarboro, Maine
64.35.2 – Googins Blacksmith Shop – Highland Ave.
79.7.1 – Dunscroft Inn, Dunstan, ME.
87.3.1 – The Original Len Libby’s Candy Shops
95.27.19 – Prouts Neck Garage (Cliff Googins’ Garage)
95.27.178 – State Trailer Sales & Hillcrest Trailer Park
95.27.178 – Scarborough Beach Railroad Station (with truck)
95.27.194 – Scarborough Beach Railroad Station (with station master)
95.27.194 – Donald Hall Miniature Golf – Route 1 at Heigis Pky
2016.57.01 – Lobster Fisherman (with traps)

On the Bookcase 1 Page
I added First Census of the United States 1790 – Maine and a link to download from CENSUS.GOV.

On the Education Page,
I added the Class of 1926 with three names and links to photos.
I added the Class of 1927 with one name and link to photo.

On Lateral File 1 Page.
I added 2018.29.01-LARRABEE_Genealogy_NH
and 2018.29.01-Larrabee_Generations_1_to_4



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