Scarborough Historical Society & Museum Videos

SHS Videos are available at three locations:

You Tube – Newer society videos have been uploaded to YouTube and are available to the public on the Scarborough Historical Society Channel.  

Video Binder – Several years ago many of our videos, which were on VHS Tape, were converted to DVD format. Here is a listing of those videos. They are available for viewing at the Scarborough Historical Museum.

Video Rack – All of the videos are available for viewing at the museum. 

Videos currently available online (YouTube.Com)

The Scarborough Historical Society Channel allows you to play many of the Scarborough Historical Society videos at home or on your mobile device. 

Mapping Maine with the Osher Map Library by Dr, Matthew Edney
Voting Down the Rose
by Anne B. Gass*

Past and Present Perspectives in Maine Statehood by Dr. Liam Riordan
(March 1, 2020)

The Prince Project: Enslavement in Maine 1600-1800″ by Vana Carmona (February 2, 2020)

Prouts Neck Highlights
by Phil von Stade*

Voting Down the Rose
by Anne B. Gass*
The King Trunk
by Becky Delaware
Sept. 2019 – Inventing Vacationland
by Scott Andrews*
May 2019 – From Volcanoes to Glaciers by Steve Pinette *
April 2019 – Maine’s Early Tourism
by Linda McLoon *
Mar 2019 – Scarborough Stories at MHS by Kathleen Neumann*
Feb 2019 – Maine in the Civil War by Ashley Towle, Ph.D.*

Jan 2019 – Scarborough’s Black Point – A Century of Conflict by Michael Davis*
 Dec 2018 – Maine Barns by Don Perkins

Nov 2018 – I Feel Your Pain:
19th Century Patent Medicines
by Roberta Ransley-Matteau

Oct 2018 – Podcasts by Crystal Ponti

Sep 2018 – Tide Mills by Bud Warren
Maine in World War I by Jason Libby
April 2018 – Longfellow House March 2018 – “Trolleys…”

Feb. 2018 – Scarborough Cemeteries
March 2017 – Wooly Mammoth January 2017 – “What’s it”

2017 – Thank You for your Support

1996 – Preserving the Past for the Future

* = This Video is also available for viewing at the Museum.

Also of interest: 

SEDCO – Scarborough Economic Development Corporation produced an excellent series of videos regarding how Covid affected five Scarborough businesses. Represented are:

For more information on this project and “The Road to Recovery 2020 & Beyond,” please see the SEDCOMAINE.COM website.