Pine Point

Pillsbury Shores – 1961


Scarborough Maine – Past & Present – Map at Digital Maine.

This map shows the approximate locations of some of the homes of early inhabitants of Scarborough are shown superimposed over a present-day roadmap. Two maps entitled “Black Point in the Province of Maine” and “Blue Point and Dunstan” from the History of Scarborough from 1633 to 1783 by William S. Southgate were used as a basis for plotting the locations of these home:

Homesteads identified include: Alger, Arthur; Alger, Andrew; Alger, John; Boaden, Ambrose; Collins, C.; Fogg, Lt. D.; Foxwell, R.; Harmon’s Landing; Jocelyn, A.; Jocelyn, H.; Libby, John; Moore’s Brook; Moulton, John; Roberts, Giles; Sheldon, Godfrey; Small, Dea.; & Winnock, John.