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Naming the Two Rod Road

FROM THE EPHEMERA….          By Linda Snow McLoon There are a number of ways various roadways in Scarborough got their names. In early times, roads were often named after a family who lived on the road – the Fogg Road, … Continue reading

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M.F. Tilton letter to C. T. Libby, Esq. 11 Jul 1889 – 70.14.17.k

Click to access a 1970s typed transcription. Unformatted Transcription Text Below Bangor, July 11, 1889 C. T. Libby Esq. Dear Sir- I have unrolled a pal impest of more than eighty yrs. accumulation and given you of its contents a … Continue reading

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From the Ephemera. . .

By Linda Snow McLoon Early Scarborough merchants often had elaborate letterheads for their businesses. These three competing retailers did business in Dunstan, where they offered a wide range of inventory to their customers.               … Continue reading

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From the Ephemera

By Linda Snow McLoon Pine Point School District #8 When the Boston & Maine Railroad added its new route from North Berwick to Portland in 1872, its plan was for the tracks to cross the Pine Point marshes and the … Continue reading

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70.14.17 A1 – Letter – McLaughlin to McLaughlin

70.14.17 A1 – Letter – Almira McLaughlin to her nephew (W.H. McLaughlin), 29 July 1898 [I recently received a package “Tilton Papers” which contains letters, family notes and other materials regarding the Tilton family in Scarborough. The material was originally … Continue reading

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A High School Comes to Scarborough

By Linda Snow McLoon Introduction It’s common knowledge that going back to early times Scarborough had over a dozen one-room district schools that offered children a grammar school education. But because no one seems to know much about when Scarborough … Continue reading

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A House for Elizabeth Moody?

Transcription by Don Taylor – 13 April 2020 Warrant Joshua Libby May 1825 Recorded —————— To Joshua Libby One of Constable of town of Scarborough Greeting You are hereby required in the name of the State of main[sic] to summon … Continue reading

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Locales – Scarborough Beach

Articles: Scarborough Beach Newspaper Articles in the Scarborough Beach Locale Folder. Beach Property Beach Property Offered To Town  For $150,000 History Notes Safety Plays Major Role — 1984 Scarborough Beach Newspaper Articles. Includes: Scarborough Council Votes To Buy Prout’s Neck … Continue reading

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Surname – Shaw

Surname File – Shaw Articles: Shaw newspaper articles in the Shaw Surname File.    Dora Shaw was there    Roses and cane (Dorothy M. Shaw)    Scarborough’s Oldest Citizen (Dorothy M. Shaw)    He Misses Cracker Barrel (Velorus T. Shaw) … Continue reading

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1817 – Election Announcement

From the Ephemera….. By Linda McLoon Next year we will be celebrating the bicentennial of Maine’s separation from Massachusetts in 1820. Before Maine became a state, the town of Scarborough answered to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. In this document dated … Continue reading

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