Francis Neale – Jocelyn’s Nephew – 89-9388

Mr. Francis Neale — Jocelyn’s Nephew.

Mr.Francis Neale must have been a nephew of Esquire Jocelyn, whose half-sister Elizabeth married Francis Neile of London, gent., 25 May 1625, and had children Francis, John, and Mary. Francis Neale, gent. about 30 years since (circa 1653) went to live near Casco Bay”-presumably came to his uncle’s house at Scarborough-according to his own deposition given at Boston 17 Nov. 1683. he was about 27 years old when he came. In a letter dated 9 Aug. 1686, Rev.John Higginson, in endorsing him for appointment as clerk to record vital records at Salem, classed him a gentleman born and bred and referred to his experience as clerk of courts at Casco. The young man soon found a wife, Jane Andrews, stepdaughter of Mr.Arthur Mackworth of Falmouth Foreside, where he settled. Despite his affiliations by blood he seems to have adhered at times to his uncle’s opponents. Much inclined to politics and clerical employment, his course would be hard to analyze. Fe served as Secretary under the younger Gorges’ first movement, yet apparently opposed his second attempt, although included in the commission. His petitions to Mass. are extant. When Massachusetts came in in 1668 he was made an Associate; in 1670 he was Deputy from Falmouth.

He was a refugee to Salem, in Philip’s War, and perhaps by the aid of his uncle’s influence was given a land grant in New York; he did not return to Maine but continued at Salem, employed as conveyance, schoolmaster, and otherwise. His will dated 1 Aug.1695 was not proved, but administration was granted on his estate 2 Jan.1696-7.

(Page xvi, Maine Province and Court Records Vol. I, State Lib.)

[Probably written by Dorothy Shaw Libby.]

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