Warrant to Jon Donnell Constable – 1835

Transcription of a 16 April 1835 warrant to inform individuals they had been elected to office. The warrant was completed 28 April 1835.

To John Donnell          Constable of the Town of Scarborough

The Persons names in the ensuing list were chosen into office at a meeting of the inhabitants of said town held on the second day of March in 1835 with [?] Waterhouse, George Ward, David Libby, James Larrabee, Jonathan Fogg, Simon Milliken, Sam Coolbroth, Surveyors Lumber.

Daniel Bragdon             John Jones                    Woodbury Libby                       Silas Libby

Seward Merrill              Jacob Libby                  
John Jofs                                   Stephen Waterhouse

Benjamin Milliken         James Larrabee             Thomas Fenderson                    Lok Libby

Collins Moulton            Gene Deering Jr.           Joseph Foss                              John M. Foss

James Small Jr               Timothy Libby               John Hearn                               Jonothan Fogg

[?] Milliken                   John Hunnewell Jr.        Nathl Boothby


William Plummer          Daniel Moulton             John Jofo                                  James Larrabee

William Jones Jr            [?] Harmon                   John D. Fabyant                        Luthern Libby

Moses Chase                Osgood Libby                Joshua M. Kenny                 John Hunnewell Jr

William Moses              Joseph Larrabee


Simon Milliken Sealer of Weights & measures

Moses Graffam   Town Keeper                           Reuben S. Moulton   Fish warden


You are hereby organized in the name of the State of Maine within this day from this night of this warrant to notify and summon each of the said Persons to appear before me within seven days from that time you shall give such notice to take the oath by law prescribed to the office unto which they are soundly chosen.

There of fail not and make return of this warrant with your doings thereon at or before the expiration of ten days from the time of your receiving the same.

Given under my hand this 16th day of Apr 1835

Abraham Millihemp    Town Clerk

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Warrant to Jon O/II Donnell
Constable to notify
Town officers

Scarboro         Apr 28 1835

Pursuant to the within
I have notified the
Persons within named
Of there election
to there respective
offices & for there
time to appear &
take the oath

John Donnell/Constable



[Transcription by Carole Plowman, Scarborough Historical Society, 3 February  2021]
[Ref: “Encapsulated Collection 56 – Warrant to Jon Dommell Constable – 1835”]

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