Warrant for 1829 Election

To John M. Parker Constable of the Town of Scarborough


You are hereby required in the name of the State of Maine to notify and warn the inhabitants of the Town of Scarborough qualified to vote in the town affairs to assemble at the meeting house in the 1st parish in sd town on Monday the ninth day of March next at ten o,Clock A.M. to vote on the following articles

1st To choose a Moderator to regulate said Meeting
2nd To choose a Clerk for sd town
3rd To Choose Selectmen [?] and Overseers of the poor
4th To Choose a Superintending School Committee agent
5th To Choose all town officers [?] treasurer Collection, Constable & Surveyors of highways [?] Fence Reviewers, Field Drivers, fish wardens if necessary.  Tythingmen & Sealers of other measures and [?] of other Weights and measures.  Se.
6th To raise such sums of money as they shall judge necessary for the support of schools, for the support of the poor and for other necessary contingent charges.
7th To see what sum of money the town will raise to make and repair the highway of said town pass any vote or votes relative to the same
8th To see what method the town will take to procure dwellings and dispose of the poor of said town.
9th To pass any vote or votes which the town may judge necessary for the directing, managing, and ordering, the presumptive officers of sd town as they shall judge most conducive to the peace, welfare and good order thereof.

Given under our hands this 20th of February AD 1829.

                                                                                    John M. Kenny            {           Selectmen
                                                                                                                            {                  of
                                                                                    Joseph Fogg                {           Scarborough

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Warrant Annual

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Scarborough Feby 28th = 1829

Pursuant to the within warrant I have warned the Inhabitants of said town qualified as therein [?] to meet at the time and place and for the purposes therein mentioned.

                                                John M. Parker }   Constable

[Transcription by Carole Plowman, Scarborough Historical Society, 3 February  2021]
[Ref: “Encapsulated Collection 70 – Warrant Annual – 1829.jpg”]

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