A New Road – Saco Line to Pains Road – 1822

Persuant to a request of a number of inhabitance freeholders of the town of Scarborough to lay out a road from the town line betw said Scarb & Saco to go into Pains road at or near Enoch Libbys road so cald.  We the subscribers select men of said town have lain out the road as follows [?] Began at the town line between Scarb & Saco about forty rods south east of Nonesuch Millpond on land belonging to the heirs of Richard Burnham Deceased, and run N 65 E 120 rods to land of Samuel Rice Theme on the same coars 4 rods to Nonesuch road.  Thence on the same cours 24 rods across land of Ephraim Holmes to land of Joseph S. Jewett.  Thence 14 rods across one corner of said Jewetts land to an old town road.  Thence N 69 E 55 rods to one other piece of land belonging to said Ephraim Holmes partly on land of said Jewett, John Andrews & Robert McLaughlin & part by an old town road.  Thence N 63 E 111 rods across said Eph Holmes land to land of Daniel Holmes.  Thence N 58 E 96 rods to land formaly owned by Samuel Richards one half of the two last mentioned measurements is on old town road.  Thence on the same coars 410 rods to the great sand gully so cald to land formaly owned by Jonathan Richards.  Thence N 65 E 91 rods to Broadturn Road.  Thence on the same coars 76 rods to the head of the gulley in the plain between Broadturn road & the Western beach [?] of road.  Thence N 73 E 222 rods to the edg of Canada Swamp.  Thence N 412 E 26 rods to B&D Harmons land.  Thence 70 rods to Daniel Harmons land.  Thence 60 rods to Robt McLaughlins land.  Thence 36 rods to the eastern ridg road.  Thence on the same coars 1416 ½ rods across land of Daniel Harmon to land of Jacob Mills.  Thence 150 rods to land of Benj & Daniel Harmon.  Thence 124 rods to Enoch Libbys road where it enters the swamp.  Thence about S 73 E 214 rods to Pains road.  Said road is to be four rods wide in every part, the line to be the middle of the road, said road is staked out & trees marked the whole distance.

Laid out Decem 12th 1822                              Gideon Rich                }           Select
                                                                           Joseph Fogg                 }         men

                                                                        John Andrews                }           Surveyor

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A return of a road from the town line to Pains road

[Transcription by Carole Plowman, Scarborough Historical Society, 19 February  2021]
[Ref: “Encapsulated Collection 52 – A return of a road from the town line to Paine Road – 12 Dec 1822.jpg”]


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