Road – Saco Line to James Parker’s – 1823

Pursuant to a request of the freeholders of the town of Scarborough to us directed to lay out a road from the County line between Scarborough & Saco near David Burnhams Bark Hous to the County road near James Parker. We the subscribers, Selectmen of said town have lain the road as follows      N [?] = begun at the County Line in the old road near the above mentioned bark hous and run North [?] E 26 rods = Thence North by 20 rods cutting of a small piece of John McKenney’s share = Thence N 35 degrees E [?] = Thence N 45 E in the old road 160 rods to the [?] Line = Thence N 49o E 122 rods across D Moultons land – same cours 24 rods on Joseph Moultons land – same cours 10 rods on Jonathan McKenneys land. Thence N 64 E 400 rods on said McKenney’s land, same cours 45 rods on Joseph Foggs land = same cours 12 ½  rods on the before mentioned McKenney to the School Hous near Moses Libbys = N 50o E 53 rods on Elisha Collins land = same cours 58 rods on Nathaniel Joss Jr land = N 45E 56 rods between said Collins & Jonathan Joss to between Mitchel and said Joss 312 rods = to between Capt Joshua Moulton & said Joss 25 rods = to between Jonathan Moulton #3 and land owned by the Widow Meserve 54 rods to between Isaac Harmon & John Meserve 59 rods – N 75 E 43 rods on Theophilus Waterhous land = to on Ephraim Libby 104 rods, to on Jeremiah Deering 32 rods = N 46 and 64 rods in the old road N 51 E 75½ rods on John Meserves Land = to on Wm B Larrabees land 72 rods – to 55 rods on Jacob Staples Land, to 27 rods on Joshua Freemans land to 69 rods on John Meserves Land to old road = N 45 E of the road in old road to 19 rods on James Harmons land to the county road leading from Buxton to Portland – said line is to be the senter of said road and said road is to be three rods wide in every part, which is staked out the whole distance.

Laid out by us the subscribers August 15th1823

                                                                                                John [???]  }  Selectmen of
                                                                                                Moses Libby}  Scarborough

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A return of the road laid out from the line between Saco & Scarbo to James Parkers

                                                                                                            August 15, 1823

[Transcription by Pam Ridley Keenan, Scarborough Historical Society, 17 January 2021]
[Transcriber Note: The author used “hous” instead of the more common “house.”]
[Ref: “Encapsulated collection 55B – Return of a road laid out from town line”]


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