Election Warrant – 21 Oct 1820

To Joshua Libby one of the Constables of the town of Scarborough



You are hereby required in the name of the State of Maine to notify and warn the inhabitants of the said town of Scarborough duly qualified by the Constitution to vote for representatives to assemble at the meeting house in the first parish of said town on Monday the Sixth day of November next at one o’Clock afternoon to give in their votes for two Electors of President & Vice-President of the United States (at Large) and one Elector for the Second Eastern district of said state.

Given under our hands & seals this twenty-first day of October 1820

                                                                                         Gideon Rice } Selectmen of Scarborough
                                                  Benjamin Larrabee

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Warrant Election 1820

Capt Joshua
Scarbo  ——–

Pursuant to the written Warrant I have duly notified the inhabitants of said town, qualified to meet at the time and place and purposes within mentioned.         

                                                                                                Joshua Libby    Constable

[Transcription by Pam Ridley Keenan, Scarborough Historical Society, 14 January 2020]

[Ref: “Encapsulated Collection 53 – Warrant Election 1820 – 21 Oct 1820”]

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