A Message from the President

Mark Matteau – Stock Photo

COVID-19 has affected everyone and everything in some way in recent months, including our museum. We have had to cancel a variety of events and programs in response to the necessity for social distancing. We are monitoring the possibility of resuming our regular activities following state, national, and local guidelines and the museum and historical societies community at large.

The work of our museum continues being done by individual members pursuing further research, attending to online and telephone queries, and continuing our presence in outreach via our webpage and Facebook.

The work of digitizing our collections to make these items available to our larger communities continues. Also, work on the schoolhouse continues to be an ongoing project; and to that end, we have formalized a committee to oversee the project to move it forward into the future.

I would like to express my own personal thanks to our dedicated members and friends for their ongoing work and help, including the maintenance of our grounds, building, and collections.

I know we all look forward to the time when we shall be able to resume our programming, outreach, and the reopening of our building and be able to meet and interact in person again with our members, friends, and visitors.

Mark A. Matteau

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