Added Week of June 23rd thru 29th, 2020



Prouts Neck

I added: Black Point Inn Pamphlet – (ca. 1924-2928) – S.F. Boyd, Mgr.**

I added: The Checkley Pamphlet – (between 1907 and 1919) ($3.00-$5.00 per day)

I added: Jocelyn House – Pamphlet (before 1908) – Frank B. Libby, Proprietor. 
and added: Jocelyn Dinner Menu19 Aug 1900 (Mr. George W. Smith, steward, on cover).

I added: West Point House – 5×7″ Brochure – R. R. Jordan, Proprietor

I added:  The Willows – State of Maine, Publicy Bureau pamphletInside text (Mr.
   and Mrs. H. C. Larrabee Owners and Managers)
and: The Willows5″x7″ one-fold brochure – (Mr. & Mrs. Howard C. Larrabee, Managers and Owners)
and: The Willows5×7″ brochure – Mrs. Howard C. Larrabee [Post 1940].


Prouts Neck Association (Prouts Neck)

I added the Prouts Neck Association Pamphlet – April 1960


High Schools

Class of 1939

I added: Four Corners – 1939 – The Scarboro High School Yearbook – Archive.Org & Digital Maine.


Annual Reports Page 

I added the following reports:

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